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Monday, November 5, 2012

[News] 'School' class of 2013 holds its first script recital session

'School'  - 'Content K'  2nd production drama after 'Ooh La La Couple'..." 
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Upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama 'School' had its first script recital session on November 1st which saw the attendance of directors Lee Min Hong and Lee Eung Bok, screenwriters Lee Hyun Joo and Go Jung Won, and main cast members like Jang Nara, Choi Daniel, Park Hae Mi, Lee Jong Suk, Park Sae Young, Kim Woo Bin, Hyoyoung and others.

Under the lead of director Lee Min Hong, over 40 of the cast members sat together to recite their lines. Jang Nara plays the role of relief teacher Jung In Jae who is full of passion towards her job. Choi Daniel plays a teacher and delivered his line solidly. Veterans like Park Hae Mi, Uhm Hyo Sup, and others showed their experience and impressed with their acting abilities.

Lee Jong Suk, Park Sae Young, Kim Woo Bin, Hyoyoung also immersed into their roles as students and showed their own unique charisma. Each and every line delivered by the cast members showed their sincerity, and everyone stood up to give each other a round of applause for a job well done after the script recital session ended. This also preludes that the national teen idol drama 'School' is finally reborn. Veteran actor Lee Han Wie also graciously imparted a piece of advice for his juniors, "The more you understand your script by consistently reading it over and over again, the more you can display out the actual meaning behind each line."

The production company expressed, "The chemistry between the teachers and students were great. Time went by quickly during the session, and we believe that the combination of the veterans together with the rookie actors will move the hearts of viewers. Please wait in anticipation for our 'School'."

'School' will be helmed by director Lee Min Hong who previously directed 'School 1' and director Lee Eung Bok who directed 'Dream High' season 1 and 2. The combination of the 2 directors will allow viewers to see what goes on behind an actual day in school.

The drama will make its debut on December 3rd.


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