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Monday, November 19, 2012

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 1/8 - My leg is bandaged with the plaster cast

"If you've read my previous post 'flash back' - written by sis BB and sis pricilla back then, then maybe some of the stories that I will post this time you've already read before.  
But the stories that I would post this time, was written by Bae Yong Joon himself about his life, and has been published by the 'Daily Sport Newspaper' in 1997. And has been repost by sis Chiligoyo in soompiWell, enjoy reading everyone!!" ^__^
Link source: soompi / moments
reposted by chilligoyo / soompi
original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

[Chili : This is one of the price-less article that I have kept in my collection and hopefully won't lose it as the link to the article has long been gone. Mind you, the story was from 1997, when Yong Joon was only in his 20s!! Not sure if anyone has read it before. In total, there are 8 stories of our dear Yong Joon and it is really really long. Do read it, u may know him even better after this.. I did~ image ]

[1] My leg is bandaged with the plaster cast.

Now, I, who have only lived for 25 years, was proposed by Daily Sports newspaper to write "Star Story" serially. The first feeling coming to my mind was at a loss. "Am I qualified to tell the numerous readers about my life story? What do I know about life? And how much I can tell them about my life?" However, I decided to write the story with my bashful mind at last. Although my life history is not long, lots of people are curious about it. In order to repay for your excessive concerns and satisfy your curiosity, my conclusion is to tell you about my life story, which is nothing special. Though I set up my mind, I still could not start to write. "What kind of story should I start with?"

I look in the mirror, and there are so many thoughts coming up suddenly. In the mirror, a pitiable appearance with a plaster cast on my right leg wearing knee trousers and undershirt is reflected. A sigh, "Puyu", comes out. Unexpectedly, I feel itches coming from my hip to my back. Damn the heat rashes!! The resentment against myself happens hundreds of times like the resentment against the heat rashes. If I ever achieve what I want to do, it is enough, and I should stop. However, it is too late to say anything now.

Let's start from the story why I got the heavy plaster cast on my leg. It was on July 18th. I practiced the baseball with my manager, Choi Young-Chan, in the Han riverside in the morning. I was interested in the baseball and thinking about making an amateur baseball club since I was fascinated by Park Chan-Ho, the star in Major Leagues. And I went to the martial arts training center like the previous day. In the training center, the performers of martial arts who worked with me in the drama
were practicing already. When I practiced with the performers of martial arts, I learned a lot from them.

The accident happened after I had almost finished practicing. All of a sudden, I wanted to turn a somersault that is still unskilled after finishing practicing. "Hey, Mr. Young Chan~ take a look of my somersault, will you?", 

I did a jump with a turn in the air and came down on my feet nicely after I called Young-Chan. Everything seemed to be fine. People around were complimenting by saying "you are quite good" and applauding.

The feeling of getting the praise from specialists who have played the martial arts for 20 years was wonderful. "One more time?" Young-Chan tried to stop my impulse but I thought I could do better this time. With high spirit, I did a nice turn but I heard a sound, "Bak". The pain that I had never experienced before hit me really hard. My mouth was open but not even a small sound came out of it. Because of the pain, I was rolling on the ground, and Seo Dae-hyun came running to me. "Mr. YJ, please bear with the pain." I didn't know how Dae-hyun did it. I heard the setting bone sound twice.

After finishing a first-aid treatment, I was taken into a hospital. Both X-ray and CT photographing showed that my right foot was broken and came out of the joint. The doctor asked, "Who fixed you up so skillfully? If you did not have the treatment in time, we had no choice but had an operation on your foot." After the swell of my feet went away, and it was about one week, I wore a cast. The above-mentioned is the whole story of the accident, and now I can stay in my room only in the hottest day of the mid-summer.

Hmm~ Later, I recall there were premonitions indicating this accident ...It was a very ominous dream and lasted for a week. In the dream, no one told me that I was dead but I just knew it myself. On the first day, I didn't pay attention to the nightmare after I awoke from it. On the next day, I had the same nightmare again and felt a shiver running through my limb.

I didn't want to be troubled all alone from the 3rd day. I didn't tell my parents about it since they would worry about me but I disclosed the truth to my managers, Dae-ok and Young-Chan. I spoke it as a joke so those two took it as joke, too. " What if I die, Dae-ok?" "Jun, write down your last will and remember to leave me something." However, the teasingly mood vanished when I rode in a car. 'Slowly down and drive carefully' often came out from them. Strangely, I had the same nightmare for a week and it disappeared after the accident.

Whenever I ruminated the terrible dream and looked at my right leg with the plaster cast, I felt rather comfort. I think perhaps that the nightmare and accident are as the revelation to have me to take a hard look of myself, who makes more efforts to train the body than to fulfill the mental need. Recently, the most important matter is to read a book and to watch video in my daily work. Among all videos, what impresses me most is , which describes the formation, activity and process of Beatles. Also, I'm reading a book called that Tae-woo, who acted the role of my senior in the drama , brought it for me when he visited me in the hospital.

Speaking of Tae-Woo, I would like to tell you about First Love  

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