"Who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor and money... "
"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Trans] He was spotted in Cheongdam-dong on 6/26 (Sat) and 6/29 (Wed).

source: suehan's blog

I saw Yonsama at a café in Cheongdam-dong on Saturday.
He was very handsome.



A short meeting with Bae Yong Joon ssi.
2011/06/30 10:59

A short meeting with Bae Yong Joon ssi.
Yesterday, I met Bae Yong Joon ssi in an elevator in Cheongdam-dong.
His voice was very friendly. “Have a nice day.”
Mayor Oh Se Hoon’s voice, Ji Hyeon Woo’s voice, and Neo’s voice are my favorite voices.
It seems that I have to add one more voice. Bae Yong Joon’s voice.
It’s really nice to hear it!
He is a world star, but there was no one escorting him.
A short, comfortable and quiet meeting with him made me very happy.
His voice lingers on.
It was a memorable day.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[News] 2PM, TVXQ, Kim Hyun Joong, and Super Junior get together for UAM Grand Opening

Repost from: xiaoyi's blog

Source: by GONI @allkpop

Top male idol groups, TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, along with SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and many others came together to attend a launching event.
On a rainy afternoon on June 24th at ‘Banyan Tree Club and Spa‘ in Seoul, these top artists gathered for the UAM (United Asia Management) Launching Party’.
UAM is a newly formed collaboration management agency of top Korean entertainment companies, composed of KeyEast, AMENT, StarJ Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, andJYP Entertainment.
Reaching further than the Hallyu movement, UAM was founded together by the 6 agencies this past April, setting base on Asia as a whole. UAM plans to set their core focuses on online mediums, managing networking, and promoting through movies, dramas, and video footage production, as well as acting as a global agency for the artists in all 6 companies.
On this day, UAM started things off with a bright beginning as J.Y. Park, Soo Ae, Kim Min Jong, Lee So Yeon, Joo Ji Hoon, Ahn Sung Ki, Lee Young Ah, Bong Tae Gyu, Joo, Kwon Ri Sae, Kim Hyun Joong, Soo Ae, Kim Soo Hyun, TVXQ, Super Junior, 2PM, Lee Yeon Hee, Go Ara, Miss A, Yoo In Na, along with other artists, actor/actresses, directors, staff, and producers affiliated with UAM and its related companies appeared at the event.
Check out SSTV’s footage in front of the Step n Repeat below:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

[news] Bae Yong Joon Loses Battle Over Income Tax

Repost from lovebaeyongjoon

source: The Chosun Ilbo
Jun. 23, 2011 11:14 KST

A district court has rejected a request by Korean Wave star Bae Yong-joon to cancel part of his hefty income tax. The Suwon District Court on Wednesday dismissed a suit by Bae (39) to cancel around W2.1 billion out of W2.3 billion (US$1=W1,074) in income tax imposed on his 2005 earnings. 

The court said most of the expenses incurred during the filming of commercials, TV dramas or movies are normally covered by advertisers and production companies, and Bae shouldered barely any costs of his own. As a result, the court ruled the W7.4 billion in expenses Bae deducted in his income tax filing were largely non-deductible. 

In his 2006 income tax filing for earnings the previous year, Bae deducted W7.4 billion out of the total W23.9 billion as expenses and paid only W6.9 billion in income tax. But a tax probe in 2008 recognized only W247 million in credit card spending and W20 million paid to his personal stylist as expenses and slapped him with W2.33 billion in arrears, prompting the actor to sue.

[News] How much did Bae Yong Joon make from 2003 to 2007?

Repost from xiaoyi's blog

by MountainMadman @allkpop

The famous Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon was found to have earned over 53 billion won (approx. 50 million dollars) during a period of five years from 2003 to 2007!
According to a report filed on June 22nd, nearly half of his five-year income – 23.8 billion won – was earned in 2005 alone, the year that KBS’s ”Winter Sonata” became a hard-hitting sensation across Asia.
The majority of his income was found to have come from royalties, product endorsements, CF deals, and his position as a part-owner of Key East Entertainment.
With this new piece of information, it’s hard to rebuke the idea that Bae Yong Joon is at the forefront of the Hallyu Wave.
Source: Asiae News

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[Trans] Yonsama visited us

 source: suehan's blog

Original in Korean: Jeon So Hyun
Date/Time: 2011.06.17 15:42
Translated into English: suehan

[Yonsama visited us.]

Today, Yonsama visited our company.
After he had a secret meal at the VIP room, he left with his sunglasses on and wore his hat covering part of his face. But who wouldn’t recognize him.. hahaha

Everyone furiously fought each other to serve him since a week ago, but unexpectedly I was chosen to serve him..

I’m not interested in entertainers and it’s hard to serve the customers in the VIP room, because the VIP room is on the second floor. I refused to do it, but..

Today, all of the female employees were excited. hahaha

*suehan: I heard that YJ showed up at Gorilla on June 20th, and about 15 fans greeted him. He had dinner with Mr. Yang and left around 9:30 pm.

Monday, June 20, 2011

[Trans] This review of BYJ’s book was unique and impressive.

source: suehan's blog

Original in Korean: di rosa
Date/Time: 2011.06.19 17:03
Translated into English: suehan

A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty, Bae Yong Joon

Bae Yong Joon.
Today I found a new book.
It made me think that we could not hurt BYJ’s heart.
Ah… “A different view from what I had thought,..” as I flipped past another page.
Opening his closed heart,
He has achieved a lot early considering his age.
Because he did not get experience parts of his youth,
it made me hope that he can find different happiness later.
Like his appearance, his soft and kind character stands out.
With everything that he has achieved so early in his life,
it also tells the story of how he lost a lot as well.
After achieving so much fame and fortune through his work,
I hope that now he can take the time to find at least find one special relationship...
After encountering yet another book, I was able to confront a new welcoming face...


[Trans] YJ was spotted (June 19th, 2011)

source: suehan's blog
suehan: It seems like he came to Seoul.
Right now, Bae Yong Joon is in front of me and
Ko So Young is behind of me.
I can’t concentrate on my patbingsu,
(adzuki-bean ice dessert)

Now I can boast too. While I was drinking coffee,
Bae Yong Joon was in front of me and
Ko So Young was behind of me.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

[News] Kim HyunJoong, 'I want to help Bae Yongjoon hyung on his wedding'

 repost from liezle's blog /suehan's blog

Source: Nate
Translated by: Stephanie (@Stephiie4SS501/ 東方5AS1)
Please leave the credits remain intact when repost. TQ! :)
[Note from Stephanie : There might be inaccuracy in translation, if spotted any, feel free to correct me]
Kim HyunJoong said he wanted to help out in Bae YongJoon's wedding.

On 18th of June, we met Kim HyunJoong who came back with his solo album in Guerilla Date on 'Entertainment Weekly' which was broadcast in KBS2.

When he was asked what type of topics he would usually talk about when meeting with Bae Yongjoon, he told us frankly, 'It's usually what men would be talking about, and sometimes about women.'

Kim HyunJoong also urged Bae YongJoon should get married soon. He said, 'It's okay if I'm still a virgin but YongJoon hyung shouldn't be'.

He added, 'It's okay I'm still a single because I'm still young, YongJoon hyung should get married. I want to help out.'

Additionally, he said he is the No.1 'Shenyang Star of the Country' (bringing glory to the country), he thanked his fans saying, 'I wanted to help more people, hoping so that to be loved by more people, not only at this moment only.'

Saturday, June 18, 2011

[News] Miss A, 2PM, Bae Yong Joon, and JYP to Appear at the "Dream High Premium Event 2011"

source: soompi
by: jaychieh0208 on Jun 11, 2011 

While KBS is planning on producing the second season of highly-rated drama “Dream High”, the DVD of the first season will be released in Japan on September 28th. And a special event gathering drama’s main cast will be held in Saitama Super Arena on September 4th.

The story of six art high school students working to achieve their dreams of becoming superstars on stage made “Dream High” extremely popular among Korean teenagers; the show garnered the highest rating in the Monday-Tuesday prime time with an average TV rating of 15.7%.

It has just been announced that the drama will be aired on DATV in Japan starting from July 19th, and the DVD will be released soon after the airing on September 28th. DVD will contain footage of the making of the drama, as well as the “Dream High Concert” that was held in Korea.

Along with the DVD, a special event, “Dream High Premium Event 2011”, will be held in Saitama Super Arena on September 4th. The line-up includes most of the main cast: miss A, Kim Soo Hyun, Taecyeon (2PM), Wooyoung (2PM), Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young. Members have discussed their excitement about meeting Japanese fans.

“Haven’t be able to meet my Japanese fans for a while, I’m really looking forward to it. Please look forward to the world of Dream High.” – Bae Yong Joon

“I’m excited about meeting Japanese fans. Let’s have some fun time together taking, dancing, and singing! ” – JYP

“I feel hindered to come to Japan to meet everyone through my new work. I’ll show you my best not only as a member of 2PM, also as an actor. Please give Dream High much love!” -- Taecyeon (2PM)

“I’m nervous about meeting Japanese fans as actor Wooyoung, not just the Wooyoung in 2PM. Please give actor Wooyoung much love as well. See you at the event on September 4th.” – Wooyoung (2PM)

“I’m really happy to meet you guys through Dream High. I’m also nervous about meeting lots of people in person at the event on September 4th. Please give Dream High much love.” – Suzy (miss A)

“I am really nervous since it’s going to be my first event in Japan, also really looking forward to. Hope to enjoy Dream High with everyone.” – Kim Soo Hyun

What will take place during the event is still unknown, yet with the cast, it is going to be epic for sure! For more information on tickets and DVD, check out the official website here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

[Trans]YJ gave his autograph to someone who works at the golf course (June 15th, 2011)

repost from suehan's blog
source: http://blog.naver.com/winyhee?Redirect=Log&logNo=20130690543


Bae Yong Joon ssi’s autograph.



On a random day,
Somewhere in a remote area in Gyeongsangnam-do,
The way that we could get Bae Yong Joon’s autograph is,

Yonsama came to play golf where my wife, Mrs. Park Tae Soon, goes to work everyday (she works at the restaurant in the golf course).
A few days ago, he came to play golf as well, but he didn’t give her an autograph because he said that he didn’t have paper.

He came back yesterday, and brought lots of pictures of him.
Suddenly, a signing session was held. Haha..
She wanted to take a picture of him, but wasn’t allowed to do so.

In her words,
“His complex is fair, his face is as small as a fist, and he has a big body.”

I envied Gong Hyeong Jin when he came, but not Yonsama.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[News] Bae Yong Joon to debut his own male idol group next year

Hallyu actor Bae Yong Joon has announced that he’ll be debuting his own male idol group under Key East Entertainment. Representatives of Key East revealed, “We are currently in the process of picking the members. We have yet to finalize the exact number of members, as well as what their musical style will be.”

[Trans]Kim Hyun Joong talked about Bae Yong Joon on Choi Gang Hee's radio show, "Volume Up."

Original in Korean: coffeesarang (byjintoronto)
Date/Time: 2011.06.13. 20:52
Translated into English: suehan

A while ago on Radio 89.1,
Kim Hyun Joong came on the radio program hosted by Choi Gang Hee and spoke a lot about our Bae Yong Joon.

 He spoke quite a bit about BYJ with Choi Gang Hee. ^ ^ 
I heard that when Choi Gang Hee went to BYJ's hospital room when he was sick, BYJ laughed while telling her stories about Hyun Joong. 

He said that Hyun Joong was cute, and it made him laugh just thinking about Hyun Joong.

The way that Hyun Joong met BYJ was...

A lot of people said that him and BYJ looked very similar. 
So he jokingly replied saying that he was interested in meeting BYJ. 
Hwang Ryong ssi and Hyun Joong's manager arranged for the two stars to meet. 

He said that he was starstruck when he met BYJ for the first time... Hehehe.
But now he said that BYJ is just like any other person~

Even Choi Gang Hee also said that she became starstruck looking at BYJ and Hyun Joong siting together at the "Jjejje Love" movie premiere. 
She says that now, she sees him like any other person as well. 

Hyun Joong asked BYJ if he would dance once while they were around meeting fans at the Tokyo Dome. 
BYJ agreed to do it. 
KHJ even said that he picked the song for BYJ, but BYJ couldn't dance because of his herniated cervical disc. 

They also talked about "Strong Heart." 

The audience sent in letters commenting on how BYJ found Hyun Joong to be cute and cared for him. 
Anyways, they spoke for quite some time. 
(This interview came on between 8:20 to 8:40pm) 

**Also, Hyun Joong... 
He never knows what will come out of his mouth when he speaks. 
His agency advised him not to speak. Hehe... 

Anyways, it was very funny~~

suehan: I am posting some images of Hyun Joong in the recording studio for his appearance. Here is the source:http://www.cyworld.com/hyunjoongnara/3650290

[News]Kim Hyun Joong debuted as a solo artist and said, “CEO Bae Yong Joon studied music a lot.”

source: suehan's blog
[2011-06-13 09:45:49]

On June 13th, SBS’s “Good Morning from Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, and Cho Hyung Gi” reported Kim Hyun Joong’s showcase, “BREAK DOWN,” his first solo mini album.


In the interview, Kim Hyun Joong expressed his appreciation for Bae Yong Joon, an actor and the CEO of his agency, by saying, “He supported me and advised me about choreography and acting while monitoring me.”


Thursday, June 9, 2011

[News]Bae Yong Joon visits Japan in September, his first visit after the earthquake.

Source : suehan's blog
Sports Seoul, last edited 2011-06-09 11:36

Yonsama Bae Yong Joon (39) will visit Japan for the first time after the earthquake and it makes his Japanese fans excited.

On the 9th, Nikkan Sports and Oricon News in Japan reported that “Bae Yong Joon will visit Japan with Taeck Yeon and Woo Young of 2PM this coming September.”

This visit is to promote the Japanese DVD Box of KBS 2’s drama “Dream High,” which aired in Korea last January and received good responses. Bae Yong Joon produced a music drama with Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment and it became a topic. Including Taeck Yeon and Woo Young, mammoth idol stars like IU, Suzy of Miss A, and Eun Jeong of Tiara appeared in “Dream High” and it drew lots of attention not only in Korea, but to the Hallyu fans in Asia. It aired at the end of January in Japan via satellite broadcasting, DATV. Nikkan Sports also reported that “It will be an unforgettable moment for K-POP fans as well as Bae Yong Joon’s fans”.

Last March, after the Japanese earthquake, Bae Yong Joon sent a comforting letter to the disappointed Japanese citizens and donated one billion won.

Reporter Park Hyo Sil, gag11@sportsseoul.com


[Update] BYJ & JYP to be attending the Dream High Premium Release Party in Japan on Sept 4th

source: fuyuka's blog / yasai's blog




日刊スポーツより / nikkansport

[VOD] BYJ & KHJ cuts on SBS Strong Heart 7.6.2011

source: YouTube by Littlecayita (Thanks) / xiaoyi's blog

[Trans] BYJ’s Voice Appearance in “Strong Heart”

source: suehan's blog
courtesy of gaulyeoja (KOB)/conan/yasai

Lee Seung Gi: Well, It looks likes you two are closer than I thought, did you call him or get some advice from him before you came here?

Kim Hyun Joong: The writers of this show asked me if I can call him. This could be my first request to him. I said, “Hyeong, May I ask you a favor? I’m going to appear in “Strong Heart”, in the show, will a telephone call with you be possible?” He responded, “Sure, It’s your first request, of course I’ll grant you a favor.”

KHJ: But, I think he was confused with “Three Wheels”. He sent me a text message like this,
“I’m nervous about the quiz”. So, I said, “Hyeong! (bro), just do it comfortably.”, and he said, “I’m nervous about the quiz” and drew emotions for crying like this, ㅜ. ㅜ.

Kang Ho Dong: Is a telephone call with Bae Yong Joon possible?
KHJ: Do you want to try?
Lee Seung Gi: We’ll greatly appreciate it.
Kang Ho Dong: If Bae Yong Joon answers the phone, then we will do a 1 minute speed quiz right away.

(ring ring)
BYJ: Ah.. yes..
KHJ: o~hooo
BYJ: Hello, Hello.

KHJ: Hyeong, you have only one minute. What is the name of the band to which I belonged before?
BYJ: SS501.

KHJ: Who is the national emcee? (Correct answer: Yu Jae Seok)..
BYJ: Kang Ho Dong.
KHJ: No.

KHJ: what are you called in Japan?
BYJ: Me? Haha Yonsama.

KHJ: Who is the most handsome guy of Super Junior?
BYJ: Ah.. Shindong.

KHJ: Who is Chotongryong? (Correct answer: Pororo)
BYJ: Hyun Joong, is this a quiz show?

Lee Seung Gi: Correct Answer.

Lee Seung Gi: How are you, senior Bae Yong Joon? I’m from Strong Heart.
Bae Yong Joon: Annyeonghaseyo.

Kang Ho Dong: Would you please say a few words to the viewers?

BYJ: Sure. Nice to meet you everyone, I’m Bae Yong Joon.

Lee Seung Gi: The voice we heard on TV.
Lee Seung Gi: Hyun Joong said that you were nervous about the quiz.

BYJ: Oh, I thought I had to solve the problems, but I researched and found out that I was wrong. 

Kang Ho Dong: Were you confused with “Three Wheels”?
BYJ: Yes, I think so.

Kang Ho Dong: How can you describe him?
BYJ: He has so many talents. It seems that those who have many talents don’t work hard, but he works hard, always considers, develops himself, and more than anything else, he has good manners and is modest, because of that, not only me, but everyone likes him.

Kang Ho Dong: Why did you go to Busan alone?
BYJ: Busan? Because I don’t have place to stay in Seoul.

Jeong Ju Ri: Come to my house.
BYJ: Ah.. Who is this?

Jeong Ju Ri: I’m Jeong Ju Ri.
BYJ: Ah.. Annyeonghaeseyo.
Jeong Ju Ri: Ah.. Emperor, please come to my house. I live in Hapjeong.

Kang Ho Dong: Are you sensitive to colds?
BYJ: Yes, a lot.
Kang Ho Dong: I see.

BYJ: How did you know about it?
Lee Seung Gi: Hyun Joong gave us a tip.

Kim Young Chul: You will be very surprised if you watch the show.
BYJ: Okay.

Lee Seung Gi: When you answered the quiz, without any hesitation, you said, the national emcee is Kang Ho Dong.
BYJ: Haha, because he is there now..

Kim Young Chul: Then, if you appear in “Happy Together”, are you going to say, Yu Jae Seok? (laugh)

Kang Ho Dong: What were you doing?
BYJ: I was waiting for a call. Haha

Lee Seung Gi: and studying..
Kim Young Chul: I didn’t expect him giving us a simple answer.

Lee Seung Gi: We are in the battle today, senior. It’s the King of Kings battle. In the first round, Kim Hyun Joong and Yun Ho did a talk battle. Whom do you expect to win?
BYJ: It looks like Hyun Joong will win, but it will be good seeing him lose.

Kang Ho Dong: Why is that?
BYJ: Because the viewers might be pleased seeing him get hit by the wind.


Kang Ho Dong: Please say a few words for a final goodbye.

BYJ: Yes. I’m glad to meet you, Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi, even though it was over the phone. I enjoyed it a lot. Please love “Strong Heart”, viewers, and I wish you all health.

Lee Seung Gi: Thank you, senior.

 Hong Seok Cheong: I love you, Bae Yong Joon ssi.. (Phone got disconnected?)

Bae Yong Joon. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

[News] Kim Hyun Joong: Bae Yong-joon 2 minutes on the beach, “It’s cold”

source: suehan's blog
courtesy of rainaftershine/liezle
Translated by: www.hancienma.net

Kim Hyun-joong spoke about Bae Yong-joon who is weak against the cold.

SBS TV program “Kang Heart” on the 7th was carried out under the title “King of Kings”. Kim Hyun-joong spoke about an episode that happened in Busan.

When he was asked when he met Bae Yong-joong, he replied, “I saw him recently in Busan. We hung out together”.

When the MC’s asked, “What did he do in Busan?” Kim Hyun-joong shortly replied, “He spent a moment of solitude”.

He then spoke about drinking beer with him on the beach. He caused laughter in the studio as he said, “Two minutes after sitting on the beach with a beer, he said it was too cold and we went back inside”.

Meanwhile, Bae Yong-joon was connected on the phone live by Kim Hyun-joong. He complimented Kim Hyun-joong saying, “This guy has a lot of talent and is always working hard trying to develop more and always being modest”.

Kim Hyun Joong mistaken as Bae Yong Joon by a Chinese fan

by phenom @allkpop / xiaoyi's blog

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong revealed an incident where he was mistaken to be actor Bae Yong Joonbecause he couldn’t speak Chinese.

On the June 7th broadcast of SBS’s “Strong Heart,” Kim Hyun Joong was a guest as a part of the‘Special Strong Heart King of Kings’ episode.

During the broadcast, he revealed that people call him a “Bae Yong Joon look-alike” and “2nd generation Bae Yong Joon.” Because of the similarities, he was once mistaken as Bae Yong Joon by Chinese fans during the Asian Games. Kim Hyun Joong stated, “A Chinese fan asked for my autograph but handed me a picture of Yong Joon hyung.”

At that time, Kim Hyun Joong repeatedly stated in English, “No! No Bae Yong Joon,” because he couldn’t communicate with the Chinese fan. However, the Chinese fan misunderstood him and thought ‘Bae Yong Joon’ wouldn’t sign the autograph for him because he was annoyed by him. The fan persistently followed Kim Hyun Joong around until finally swearing at him and leaving his side.

Kim Hyun Joong stated, “Well, that’s how I got rid of one Bae Yong Joon fan” – drawing much laughter from the guests and audience.

Source: Newsen via Nate