"Who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor and money... "
"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

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[MV] byj- Memory of "Damdeok & Sujini" | TWSSG

For those who love this drama couple 'Damdeok & Sujini' in 'The Legend', this video for you. Please enjoy it! ^__^
source: YouTube/Shinara17

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[VOD] BYJ 幻のtour .Handshake with eye contact♡

"OHH!!! i'm so touched!!!!!!! I've never seen this before... Thank you so much for sharing!! He is truly a great Star with a great heart...!!!" *loveee* ^__^
 source: YouTube/byjtamayon

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[VOD] History BYJ season 3

source: YouTube/byjtamayon (thankssss!!!) ^__^

[Info] 2013 Keyeast Calendar

source: lovebaeyongjoon (thanks!!)

Original source: ilovekart.com

bits of information on next year’s keyeast calendar,
sorry my korean is poor and cannot tell if you can purchase calendars to ship outside korea or not.

2013 KEYEAST calendar (with 26 artists)
price: krw 10,000
size: 18cm x 24cm
contents: total 15 pages (incl. cover)

[News] Kwon O-joong's friendship with Bae Yong-joon, "I was embarrassed at my friend's success"

"For those who are interested with the story of their friendship in the past, you may read in my previous post titled '[Flash Back] BYJ Storys Part 5/8'. In there you can find that BYJ had mentioned about their friendship at that time." ^__^
source: soompi/dam-su (thanks!!)
Original Source : tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read... ( English ) / Hancinema

Actor Kwon O-joong shared his friendship with Bae Yong-joon.

The MBC TV program "Nollowa- Two Men Show" aired the second round of Baek Ji-yeong on the 19th.

Kwon O-joong said, "Bae Yong-joon has been a friend since before our debut and we went to acting school together. We took trips to Busan and even made a promise to succeed and meet again with foreign cars. But like a fool, I couldn't contact him as often when I was younger".

He said, "We debuted with "Love Greetings" together and were about the same but soon he became a top star. I was embarrassed at myself for not being like him and I didn't contact him".
Kwon also sent Bae a video message expressing his apologies.

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[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 8/8 (End) - My dream is to produce the movies

Link source: soompi / moments
reposted by chilligoyo / soompi
original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

 [8] My dream is to produce the movies

I'm very interested in the movies. Being an actor is also fascinated me, but my ultimate goal is to produce my movie with undertaking the charge of a film director. This temper is already inherent in my introvert character. Expressing me through another media suits my taste than expressing my body. This is why I participated in a movie company with an obscure idea.

When I entered a joint movie company, I should stay at the office about 2 months, contracting my expectations. Finally, I gained an opportunity, while spending an idle life without filming. I got an order, which was carrying a radio. To see a shooting place made my hear beat; moreover I could carry a nice radio. It served a double purpose. At that time, the movie was in 'A woman who want to love, a woman who want to marry'', starred by Son Chang-Min and Shim Hye-Jin. The shooting place was at the office tel dense area neighboring the Walker Hill Hotel. In conclusion I couldn't see performance scenes at all.

What I got to do was traffic control at the front site 100m of the shooting place. When 'Shot' was given, I was controlling traffic, although I was still full of hope. People at the shooting place were in commotion. It seemed to that a scene was finished. Reminding 'An opportunity is a chance', I ran to the shooting place in order to see by any means. While running with being out of my senses, suddenly 'shoot' was given from my left hand. 'Oops!' I run to my post but traffic was out of control.

Of course it was NG and impetuous order. What was a meaningful event that day is that I could introduce myself to Son Chang-Min. "How are you doing?" "Fine, are you one of staffs?" "Yes, I'm trying to be an actor" "OK, do your best." I still think my last dialog was too ridiculous. The experiences that come from the producing dept. of a movie company are still very useful to me. Because I have new ways of thinking such as the military expressions 'If it doesn't work, make it out' and Napoleon's proverb 'There is no the word 'impossible' in my dictionary'

One of episodes at that time. It was also happened during taking the soap drama, 'A woman who want to love, a woman who want to marry'. Filming in winter annoys both staffs and actors. Someone said 'a cop of hot coffee', and then everyone became eager for coffee. But there were no vending machines around. It was beyond my capacity. Anyway, I had to make coffee I had no choices. I run into a neighboring house near the shooting place. "Excuse me, I came from the shooting place, can I have some coffee, please?" The lady didn't fortunately turn down my solicitation. I could borrow cups and a kettle of coffee. I couldn't image, if I were my former self. Through those experiences, I could get over parts of my introvert and negative characters.

Staffs in a movie company used to be picked up as extras. Lately, people remarkably asked me 'whether I was cast before or not. When I first got that kind of questions, I felt confused. After finding out the inside of the matter, it was because my face was on the poster, starred by Lee Min-Woo and Lee Se-Chang, among numerous ones those who were in a row based on Lee Min-Woo. I can't remember when I took that poster. But I appeared on the screen a couple time as one of Lee Min-Woo's friends among 1, 2, 3. As I said before, I was a picked-up extra so I didn't appear on the screen as an actor. It may be worrying unnecessarily; I make that clear herein for the people who are wondering about the poster.

My favorite director is Martin Scorsese. In terms of actors, I respect Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, and especially the most impressive movie is Once upon a time in America, directed by director Sergio Leone. In the last May, I went to the U.S to take Hite Beer CF. I could get this film, the running time is 3 hours and 45 minutes, and I watched this three times so far. This film is against the Brooklyn in the economic panic, in the 1920s. Even the story of this film is gloomy; we can find humor and wit in various parts of the film, this is why I am fascinated with it.

When I meet that kind of excellent movies, I am enviable and dream of making an excellent movie with undertaking the charge of a film director. Therefore I ask PDs including director Jeon many questions about the movies that I watched. This is because I want their feedback as experts. This is the way of my studying. Actually I planned to find my way into the screen after finishing ' First love'. I received several scenarios and I liked one of them very much. But I concluded that it was untimely, so I gave it up. I will remove the case in the end of October, and then participate in a mini-series soap drama. In the next year I will find my way into the movie and concentrate my efforts on the screen activities, from now on.

I cleared up my future plans, so this is all I got. Because not only my life is not long but my experiences are short, I'm worrying about whether readers are uncomfortable with this article, although I brought up my story. Thank I lgan Sports devoted readers for your reading this uninteresting story, and I, form now on, make a promise to pay your encouragements with better performance.

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 7/8 - Scenes of Dangerous Incidents

Link source: soompi / moments
reposted by chilligoyo / soompi
original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

 [7] Scenes of Dangerous Incidents

I have a pain in my heart when I see air incidents such as the KAL tragic incident in Guam and Vietnam Air plane crash. It would be more painful for me, because I have a similar experience. In July, last year, I went to Canada for taking CF, Nasan Maypole and it was a trip of five days and four nights. After finishing picture-taking, we moved to Detroit and take Northwest Airlines for Seoul. 20~30 minutes might pass, I stated playing a card game with Dae-Eok. About 10 minutes passed, the plane was heavily shaking. It dramatically wend down and was shaking to left and right, I had no idea how other passengers felt rather than I and Dae-Eok was exited.

A crew wanted us to stay in calm, but I suddenly heard that the plane would be brought back. I realized 'it wasn't a joke.' for the first time. However I, until then, didn't think in connection with an air crash. What I worried was the CF schedule. Because I was supposed to take Maypole CF on the next day of arriving in Seoul, I thought that we had to go back Detroit; we probably got in a big trouble.

And finally the plane arrived at Detroit Airport. The arriving procedure was more dynamic than a normal one. At least, I thought that until getting out off the plane. After getting out off the plane, I was like 'oh, my god!' because the front of the cockpit was gone. For the first time, I felt a cold chill pass through me. While I was laughing and making a noise with playing a card game, I had been the edge of dead. I have another experience the same as that kind of, it was not a plane but a car. During taking the soap drama, 'A greeting of love', I was in accidents twice times, and I had to pay for that. But it was not that horrible.

And the 3rd accident. When I was participated in 'A sunny place of the Youth', I changed my old Elantra to a Grandeur. After finishing picture-taking, on my way home, I was on the edge of the Olympic Road. Seok Kwang-Ryeol had been died in an accident there. Perhaps I had a snatch of sleep at the wheel. When I opened my eyes, the rear side of a taxi was running to me. I reflexively cut the steering wheel to the right. My car was scratched a guardrail with flying half of its body, with metallic sound 'Grrr' My car slid to the car that was stopped to watch what was going on. When my car was spinning to the rear, it suddenly moved out forward.

After spinning several times, my car was stopped the spot where the taxi was. I reflectively turned around, and fortunately there were no cars. Only hazy smoke covered my sight with rubber-burned smell. I had my life shortened by ten years. When I stared at the front, the taxi driver was showed up. I got to say something. I opened the window and made an apology with saying "I'm so sorry" and then ran away suddenly.

From the present standpoint, it was an incoherent idea. I didn't have any room for solving the problem logically. A battle fought in pursuit at midnight for 5 minutes. I would pursuit someone who makes me to be shocked and ran away. I had to stop the car. Fortunately the taxi driver couldn't recognize me. "You're driving while intoxicated, aren't you?. I had better call the police." I persuaded him that I wasn't. "What kind of young man you are? Driving father's car. Tut, tut!" Although I gave 70 thousands won, that were all I got, to him, however I make an apology again.

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 6/8 - 'Greeting of love' and 'A sunny place of the Youth'

Link source: soompi / moments
reposted by chilligoyo / soompi
original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

[6] 'Greeting of love' and 'A sunny place of the Youth'

All actors and actresses won't forget their first filming, so do I. I'm sure they must remember it vividly than any others

My first filming was at Hongik Univ. in the rain, I was supposed to wait for Seong Hyeon-A, and, when she showed up, awkwardly give a CD. It wasn't rainy so two fire engine trucks were waiting to spout out. At the beginning of 'A greeting of love', two directors, Jeon Gi-Sang and Yoon Seok-Ho (actors call PD as a director) filmed in turns, Director Yoon was in charge on that day. After receiving a playbook, I learned by heart as possible as I could, but my heart continuously beat quick and words seemed like a new one Finally, a 'Q' sign was given. I did my best. I really eagerly memorized the words. Actually, I just memorized not to be wrong. I had worked at the movie industry, but I didn't recognize that such plenty of NGs can be made at one scene by then.

Director Yoon hurled words of thunder at me, saying "I don't believe, who did pick you up? Are you going to screw up this soaper?" I was so embarrassed that I wished the earth would swallow me up. Seeing surrounding people that was watching me with pity or vexation, I accused myself, "You, idiot. How could you be an actor, even though you were not ready?" Finally, spouting up water in two trucks and taking 5 hours, we could complete the filming. Trembling 5 hours in the rain in November was nothing. I took granted that many people blamed me. The matter was 'the best'. I was too nervous to do my best on that day. That kind of nervousness, it had not to do with my performance. The first filming on that worked as an important stimulant throughout my performance.

After finishing the first filming of 'Greeting of love', I couldn't put playbooks down, eating, smoking, sleeping or going to a bathroom, no matter where I am, playbooks became a part of mime. I was not only trying to learn by heart, but also to load up my emotion on each situation.

When I was taking my third filming, director Yoon, who'd blamed me, allowed that my performance was developed, saying, "Are you attending an performance school?" At that time, I recognized that "if do my best, I can make it out." After that, 'eagerly' and 'do my best' became my favorite mottos through my performance as well as my life. In all of cases, if I bet a penny on something, it means value just as a penny to me but bet millions of dollars on something, it means millions of values to me, without no matter how tiny it is. During making the film, 'Greeting of love', I was nearly drowned to death. It was at the end of February, when Park June-Hui threw shoes to the river then I, was supposed to pick those up with pawing the air to get out of the water for fun.

How strong she was, she threw the shoes to the middle of the river. I was good at swimming, so I jumped into the river. But the river in February was not a joke. Moreover I was in blue jeans. I could approach the shoes. However after grapping the shoes, I was very depressed. In the playbook, I was supposed to paw the air to get out of the water but I was almost dead at that time. The camera was still rolling. I was picked up to a boat, after drinking a couple of drafts of water. I, after having coughs, got exhausted then I told director Jeon that "I was almost dead" And he said, "Yes, you were, anyway it was great." I couldn't help smiling instead of laughing out loud, because I was too tired.

I was within an inch of being drowned during making 'Greeting of love', but another drowning danger was reserved for me on 'A sunny place of the Youth', my second soap drama. It was a sailboat scene in Chungmu with Lee Jong-Won and Park Sang-A. The sailboat moved to the middle of the sea; I and Lee were supposed to jump into the sea, however I felt unwell on that day. Despite I had learned swimming in the sea, but it gave me strange fear. By the way, I was supposed to jump into, so I didn't have any other choices. But my sixth sense didn't fail me; I was hard to float on the sea. To film necessary scenes, I should stay in the sea a long time, by doing so, I faced my limitation. Even I could hardly say a word, but I sent a signal to ask staffs on the sailboat for survival equipment. One of them quickly threw a web-fingered hand. It was ridiculous. What was I supposed to do with it? Finally I could get off the boat alive, I was stupefied. But it is remained in my memory as a very interesting story.

Let me talk about 'A sunny place of the Youth'. When I finished 'Greeting of love', I weighted 64kg. Actually I'd weighted 77kg before casting, which means that I lost 14kg. Apart from results, I did my best on my first soap drama. Guess 1m90 with 64kg ; I was a mere skeleton with care. Anyway I was cast in 'A sunny place of the Youth', before ending 'Greeting of love'. Then I was physically and mentally exhausted. Moreover this soap drama was totally different with 'Greeting of love' that had largely cast new face actors. Including me, most of 'Greeting of love's main characters were new faces. Director Jeon was very kind; therefore he devoted to teach us by filming and filming to make us true actors.

'A sunny place of the Youth', however, was completely different. I was the only new face, and most of performers were veterans with fully ripened performance experiences. I should have too many things on my hands. If I made a mistake, it would affect galaxy seniors. I was nervous from the beginning. Director Jeon was famous for his minute and very careful dramaturgy, so I should newly make my mind. Just at that time, I met Lee Jong-Won, older than me. Even we were friends in the soap drama, but he taught me performance like my real elder brother. He is very reasonable and hot-tempered. I really hate that someone touches my head but I can allow Lee to do that at any time. Actually, someone hit my heat then I turn around with an angry cast of countenance, there is most likely Lee with smiling.

Lee is very frugal. Nowadays, I often smile to watch the MBC TV weekend soap drama, 'Yesterday'. Because he is still wearing the clothes that he also wore in 'A sunny place of the Youth', both of us were cast. He was my shelter from the wind and supporter as well. I could learn not only performance but the attitude as an actor. Because I don't have real elder brothers, I follow him like a real one. Even I, following him, used to attend drinking parties with someone whom I'd never met before, being entertained with beers and pork hocks. I might be irksome to him at that time.

I can remember that I was got in a big trouble. When in the midst of 'A sunny place of the Youth', I held a ceremony to sign my name for my fans at Tongdo Temple somewhere. Just at that time, I had a desire to urinate due to tight schedule but I decided to hold and we passed a resting place. I thought there would be a bathroom in an event hall. When I got the event hall, there were a lot of fans, most of them were students. I could penetrate those crowds with much effort.

I suddenly asked the persons concerned in the event about the location of a bathroom. He said 'there wasn't.' I tried to get out off the event hall, but the crowed was getting lager, actually the police were dispatched to control. One of the persons concerned in the event gave me a basket with recommending passing water in a corner somewhere. But, considering that even a corner was partially disclosed to the crowd, I decided to put up with. As time went by, my desire to urinate became larger, after passing 30 minutes from the beginning of the ceremony, it turned to pain like needling. I had to make sings and take to them. Moreover, the most painful thing was the fact that I should smile. It was such a terrible situation.

The ceremony was lasted about 2 hours. When I was trying to stand up, I wasn't able to unfold my waist. Being helped, I moved a step ahead, and then I felt like I was walking on the firing coal. On getting in the car, we drove away suddenly. Five minutes driving took us a hillock. When I chose a beautiful tree, my party followed me. And they lighted a cigarette, when I started passing water. I could finish my job after they finished their smoking.

Since then I got a new habit. I must go to a bathroom before attending an event. It probably will take a couple of minutes, but it doesn't matters. At the same time, on getting an event hall, I secure a location of a bathroom. Positively it is true that the more pain, the more maturity.

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 5/8 - My friend, Kwon Oh-Jung

Link source: soompi / moments
reposted by chilligoyo / soompi
original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

 [5] My friend, Kwon Oh-Jung

When I applied a university at first, I chose the department of Architecture in Hanyang Univ. But, I failed because I wasted too much time. As such, I just loaded around all day in Gnagwon-do, selling mung-bean pancakes. After wandering a couple of months, I entered the Jinwi Temple, located in middle of Ohsan and Pyeongtack, in order to study. I tried to study hard, reminding what I used to study in my middle school-days. At that time, I met a senior, preparing the judicial examination; he helped me out to study. Then I applied a law department. But, I flunked in that examination again.

So I made my mind that way was not mine. I should find another way. I used to be heard, 'why don't you be an actor?' I, at that time, thought it was my destiny. When I decided to be an actor, my mother kept me back from being an actor but my father supported me, saying 'your life is on you, you must assume the responsibility. What was popped into my head was a movie. First of all, I thought I needed to know what was going on the cinema quarters at that time.

To accumulate my experiences, I entered a joint movie company. After that I did all sorts of jobs, including planning, directing and producing departments. In those days, I participated in , starred by Son Chang-Min and Shim Hye-Jin. But my ultimate goal was an actor, so I decided to quit the job in order to being an actor. And then I joined a Management Y, but it didn't last a long time. I heard someone whom I used to know when I was wandering is going to open a performer training school at CineHouse 8th floor, Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. Because of those persons' help, I could attend a training school, even I paid about one millions won. There was another 'free-charged trainee' he is Kwon Oh-Jung, playing as cartoonist at the MBCTV weekend soap opera,

Although the school didn't go a long time, a practice room was still empty so I and Kwon used to go to the performance school about two months. Kwon was good at Kung fu, so we practiced the martial arts as well as evaluated our impromptu performance. We also used to videotape our performance and analyzed it. As such, I am still on friendly terms with him indeed. In those days, my favorite motto was 'Be a person like a convenient store', I was trying to ready to respond with no matter what a director needs to.

Let me take about my friend, Kwon Oh-Jung. He is the only one whom I can use abusive language without affectation. Namely, even we are always trying to get into an altercation but we can part good friends in the last. When a night filming is finished, I often call Kwon's house. When the bell rings over dozen times, I'm getting excited. How is he trying not to pick up the phone? OK. Try it. I got plenty of times. Finally, when I can hear his voice, I'm saying, "You're sleeping? Yes, you are, I just got off a filming. OK, good night." and he often do the same way I do. His weakness is a car. He is still driving an Elantra, and he, if circumstance permitting, is trying to buy a new one.

"Hey man, you can get a Sonata at 9.1 millions won"
"Are you sure?"
"Of course, but you got a tiny option."
"What's that?"
"Not that important, it's only for a taxi"

I knew that the friendship between men can be warm-heartedly through Kwon. From my point of view, Kwon has an all-around capability. He is very good at sports, including Fung fu, and dancing, moreover ridiculously he is also good at writing. Especially, when he chants an impromptu poem, gently closing his big bright eyes, I feel a chill to my marrow of my bones.

The gooseflesh herein is kind of complex, first of all, it means 'unmatchable' and it is also due to the lyric and beautiful poem. He is famous for his writing, so he participated in the scenario work of , directed by Bae Chang-Ho. At a likely time, our debut on a screen was . , it is deeply moved by me. At that time, I was trying to learn anything and everything so as to be a qualified actor. When I saw the audition notification of The Young Man , I thought I wasn't ready but made up my mind with 'let's do it first!'

On the audition day, I parked my Elantra at a roadside parking lot in front of KBS, and then I moved to the audition place. After the audition for 8 hours, when PD Jeon Gi-Sang told me that I made it, I was too impressed to be surprised. I was the last successful candidate. PD Jeon gave me a rough map, saying 'tonight, we're going to have a rally to strengthen a unity in Gangwon-do Donenae somewhere, so be concentrated at the Log cabin.' I moved to get my car with a state of apathy, the parking rates was totally 28 thousands won. On my way home, I shouted for joy in my car.

I used to stay up all night without making money; my mother was always irritated against that. When I entered home, I said, "Mother, I became an actor." my mother said, "It's really great!" "I'm the hero" then my mother shouted for joy too. I moved to Dunnae with a couple of clothes. Because I often moved around all over Gangwon-do, selling mung-bean pancakes, when I was preparing myself for the college entrance exams for the next chance, I could easily find the Log cabin. PD Jeon was surprised of my early appearance. When I got there, a drinking party was already held; they asked me a song without allowing for taking breath.

No sooner had finished my song than everybody laughed. is too ridiculous to sing to a 22 years-old young man like me.

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 4/8 - The memorries of my childhood and first love

Link source: soompi / moments
reposted by chilligoyo / soompi
original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

[4]The memorries of my childhood and first love.

I was born and grew up in Seoul, but I have ever had an experience of a country in my childhood. It has been my good memory till now. When I was in the 3rd grade at Pung-il elementary school, my dad began to run a ranch after leaving his company. At that time, my dad bred pigs and cattle with three laborers. I remember that was run on a pretty large scale. My dad was in Chun-An, my sister and me used to visit there with my mom on weekend or vacation. We looked calves and litters were bred, and ate a sparrow with roasting.

Above all, I had fun with gun. My dad taught me how to shoot a air gun, who was quite openhearted at that time. I was really interested at shooting gun. Since I was seemed to have a quite talent for shooting, my dad once had a plan to bring me up a gunshot player. Every time I visited my dad's ranch, I have spent all day long in visiting here and there with a gun and shovel though I was a small boy. After finishing firing all shots my dad gave me, my interests moved a shovel. I imagined that a great treasure might be hidden somewhere in our ranch, so I had a thrill and fun with digging up the ground in order to search for a treasure, because I was especially fascinated by < A treasure island > & <15 boys drifts on the island> among the 50-volumes of fairy tale series published by Kemongsa.

My happy life in the ranch should end in a short time. I had no confidential facts, my dad failed in the running of the ranch. Maybe he had much trouble that time. Finally, we had to move to Myungil-dong after selling our house in Yongdu-dong I thought it was only one in the world. Naturally, I transferred to Myung-il elementary school and in addition I would be more shrunk cause of my introspective nature. According to my dad's opinion "Man should be strong", I had begun to learn Tae-kwon-do & Ju-do since 6 years old. I could wear a high belt in Tae-kwon-do when I was in the 2nd grade at elementary school. It was never my own will to go to training center for Tae-kwon-do at that time. It would be my taste to read books in the room more than to exercise at the training center. Though I began to exercise at an early age, but my introspective nature hasn't changed.

After transferring to the Myung-il elementary school, I really felt actually that they lorded it over a newcomer. After a few days since I transferred, a girl spoke to me. I had a good time with her. But, after finishing the class, three boys in my class called me to have something to do. I guessed one of them had a good feeling with the girl who spoke to me. I sensed that it wasn't the matter to fall simply. I thought that I could not encounter one-sidedly since I had the high belt in Tae-Kwon-do worthy of the name. I kicked a neck of one boy who walked up to me with clenching his fists. Though he tumbled, but it brought to their anger instead. Beating from them. That was a kind of moving-in notification ceremony.

I got into Bae-jae middle school after graduating the elementary school as still new comer. My greatest concern was the study in the middle school days. But I did not study for any goal. That was a kind of game. I felt the numerous questions in exam books were like the fabricated toys I was absorbed in my childhood. I wrestled with the exam books in the spirit as I did paint a bond in the attic without knowing sunset. I stayed all night several times solving the problem which didn't solve. That time I was recognized nicely about study as my teacher put his clothes over sleeping me during a class.

When I was in the 3rd-grade in my middle school, I lost the interests in study since I fell in one-side love for the first time. She has a long hair. I didn't know her full name as lyrics of a song. The first time I saw her, she wore deep blue sportswear in my memory. We went to same reading room in the neighborhood. Because of my introspective & bashful personality, I only looked at her in the distance. Her image kept flitting around my mind instead of words of a text book in school and my eyes always followed her radius in the reading room. Although I always planed to do "Tomorrow I will..." on my way, but I should regret I still hung around her even though tomorrow came

While I wrote a love letter alone, the monster 'Fancy' which has been familiar with me from my childhood, appeared bit by bit and made her the actress of movie One-side love for some monthes. She disappeared. She did not come to the reading room any more which was the only root I could meet her. Then I was troubled enough with my own feeling of incompetence, I came to realize 'Study is not the whole of my life. I should be strong and manliness'.

While my first love passed like a fever, I already went into Han-young high school. I tried to make my introspective nature to extrovert like 'Hypocrisy' consciously. I enjoyed soccer with friends than read books and began to exercise in my friend's house which run a hap-ki-do training center just in time. It differed from the Tae-kwon-do I learned from my father's forcible demand.

To exercise with friends & to travel in vacation, and so on. It was my schooldays that they could assume me as a trouble maker in older's sight. Although some people fixed their eyes on me with anxiety, but I thought that I acted on the basic and direction of my own way during 3 years in high school. I thought it was not only way that we walked 'Good way' which older people showed according to their experience and there is no change in such thinking till now. I began to live with the ideas 'I decide and take the responsibility by myself' since the short stray of my adolescence. Nowadays, I would be often surprised at myself because I confirmed that my sense of values came to resemble those of older generation which taught me a mode of life.

Because of such experiences, I want to talk very much with teenagers. That was why I planed most members would not be co-actors, but teenagers when I thought about making an amateur baseball club since I was fascinated by Chan-Ho Park, the star in USA Major Leagues. Although it has been delayed due to bandage the plaster cast in my foot, but as soon as I get well, I'll go on with an amateur baseball club again

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 3/8 - I was full of curiosity in my childhood.

Link source: soompi / moments
reposted by chilligoyo / soompi
original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

[3] I was full of curiosity in my childhood.

I tell you about my childhood. I was born in Back Hospital in Seoul on August 29th, 1972. At that time I had lived the traditional Korean-style in Yongdu-dong near the East Gate in Seoul until fifth-grade in my elementary school.

I made the older people very tiredly when I was a child. Although most children have a surprising curious in those time, I seemed to be excess. Beginning to talk, those were my most using words 'what is that?' 'Why?'. Whether I had prosperous curiosity such that, every toy did not resist in my hand for a day. Having played only for one or two hours, I was curious about the operation principle of the toy

Next, I took the toys to pieces. The attic was my workroom. Since I entered the attic with a screwdriver and hammer never knowing the method of using, I attempted to lose myself. When I went out of her sight, my mother always opened the door of attic. And there were always same scenes, same words. The toys she generously bought me lay scattered in here and there, I asked to my mom awkwardly "Mom, why does it move to be so?" with holding the driver and hammer

Since I lost interest in disjointing of toy, I began to be interested in assembling and naturally looked away my eyes to set up toys such as tank or airplane. Instead of driver, there were a bond and an assembling drawing newly in my hands. As I was so, I grew up without playing with earth or glass bead differently with most children. Playing alone, I could not help being introspective. If I had liked to play together, I might not have been excess the curiosity which filled up my infancy. However, it was natural for me to be happened unexpected doings as I was curious and liked to know by myself

There were some remembered episodes. I had much curiosity and experiment mind when I was 6-years-old, especially then I made unexpected troubles. One day, beans were put in the floor. My younger sister was playing in the courtyard. Beans and my younger sister. Suddenly, I was curious how many the beans could be put in her nose. I tempted her. I put a bean nut in her nose. She complained of suffocation. I was worried about her pain than my curiosity. Though I tried to extract it, but it went into inside her nose more and more. Then I heard my parent's voice. "I will let it go out of your nose tomorrow, please never tell papa or mom about it." I asked her not to say earnestly and there was no anything until I fell asleep. The big trouble occurred in the next morning. When I waked by my sister's crying and my parent's confused voice, her nose was swollen plumply. Finally, the bean was out of her nose in the hospital. Every time she slanders against me, she has never omitted this story till now

I did watch TV hard at that time. By the way, in some dramas, people usually spoke a word "It is a credit" after buying the goods and they went out without any trouble. As I watched it constantly, I thought the words "It is a credit" meant like a treasure chest. There was a small store in front of my house. After picking up my favorite cookies, I exultingly shouted to the master of the store "It is a credit" and came home. Nothing happened until my mom came back from a market It may be sure that he told my mom about the whole story because of shocking too much. I should understand the lesson with tears if we follow the TV entirely, we could fire on our palm.

I have a shameful criminal memory even if I think now. That time also I was six years old. I said before, I would be absorbed in fabricated toys at that time. There was a toy catching my eyes in a stationery. But, my parents did not buy it for me. One day I passed the stationery, the very toy was exhibited out of the shop. For a moment, I was in discord myself. I came home simply after picking up it. Suddenly some idea was occurred to me in front of my house's gate. 'If I come in like this way, I'll burn my mom's fingers surely'. Therefore, I should made some scenario. A good idea was occurred to me. First, I left the toy in front of the gate and entered my house. After confirming to mom that I came in with empty hands, as if a visitor came the gate, I went out with saying " Who is it?", then I entered in with picking up it. If she asked me about it, I was trying to explain that I went out and I found a toy someone left. However, she just glared at me with a terrible expression without any words. Her strict voice to shrinking me. "How did you get that?" My first scenario I made difficultly was useless like bubble. After telling the truth, I was whipped.

My mom made honeyed water frequently. It was very tasty. I thought it was sugared water. When my mom wasn't at home, I got into kitchen quietly. I put much and stirred the thing which was similar with sugar into a cup of water. After swallowing spittle, I drank it with a high spirit. But it tasted awful... I vomited losing control of myself. That is the reason I don't like a synthetic flavoring matter. After that, whenever I took sugar with any drink, I'm looking at sugar particles or not. Since I grew up, that experience became my lesson 'Be careful with everything'

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 2/8 - I felt so much repentance for the drama, First Love

Link source: soompi / moments
reposted by chilligoyo / soompi
original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

[2] I felt so much repentance for the drama, First Love

The rating of the program was unprecedented and the popularity I gained was more than I should deserve. Nevertheless, this drama also generated so much regret to me, actor BYJ.

During those 8 months for shooting 66 episodes of First Love, I experienced a great frustration from my lack of acting ability. After finishing the filming, although all the staffs and other performers had left the shooting spots, I still often sit alone absentmindedly at the scenes. "Why didn't I perform well just like this for those scenes..." "I could perform better under those circumstances if..... "

I always spent one or two hours to recall the scenes that had already done. Then I would feel regretful because I could do better and then blamed myself for not performing better. Luckily, there was not only remorse left. When I recollect the passion I put into , I can smile now. Coming out safely from the breathtaking event has become a pleasant memory now.

The first day shooting was in Chun-chon. It was the scene that I was on a motorcycle to outrun a jeep but I fell down when I tried to avoid a head-on crash with a truck. Right at the moment, I came running after the jeep and was ready to fall down, I found I was too close to the central line of the highway. The truck ran without putting a stop. If I fell down as I supposed to, the truck would have run over my head directly without a pause.

With all my strength, I slowed down my motorcycle and fell down as I should be. I felt that there was only a scant distance at that time. The running sound of the truck wheels brushed against me as a blast of wind and then I was thrown on the road. When I got up on my feet, I felt the pain from my left wrist, and the surroundings were noisy. People were frightened out of their wits and came running to me from opposite direction. Also, Lee Yeung-Jin PD shouted "Stop filming". They thought I must have got hit. Luckily, the camera man had caught that scene at the critical moment which he was astonished by it with himself.

Accidents didn't come to an end because of this incidence. It happened again on the next day..... After the accident happened on the previous day, I was rather calm. However, according to the fluster of the surrounding people, I recalled the situation and felt nothing but dizzy. 'What would happen if I fell down a little bit early', the thought made me feel a chill creep along my spine and gave me goose bumps. However, giving me the goose bumps was not problem. The ligament of my left wrist had not been itself since the accident.

There were still many motorcycle scenes left but my whole strength wouldn't come out through my wrist when my hands hold the handles of the motorcycle. With anxious feeling, I went for the next shooting. This time, I had to ride the motorcycle and go up the stairs in the scenes. Although I could ask for a stunt man, PD would like me to do it but also I wanted to accomplish it myself. With the bandage, I tightened my left wrist fully and then rode on the motorcycle. I kept telling myself, "I can do it", and received the "Cue" sign as well. With a roaring sound, the motorcycle rose quickly...it was about in the mid-air. It might be the possibility of my left wrist could not function normally that I dropped the handle all of a sudden. It seemed that the front wheel of the motorcycle went up to the sky, and on the other hand I felt I was thrown with enervation down to the ground.

Suddenly, Someone grabbed the back of my neck with his hands. And then my body was already rolled onto the lawn beside the stairs. Thanks to the PD of martial arts who had suspected about my condition in advance and thus kept a very close eye on me. As a result, he could catch and throw me into the lawn the minute he saw I fell backward. With this always in mind, I thanked for what he had done for me and his marvelous skills till now.

Then, I challenged again. There was no need for self-inspiration this time. The pride within was far more than enough. The insufferable feeling against my left wrist, stairs and motorcycle inspired me to make it this time. The price for the success was numerous remaining of JuJuBa (Korean ice cream-it's not soft ice cream but frozen ice cream). The best treatment for sprain of the wrist ligament is to apply an ice-pack. Because of continuous filming, I did not have the chance to receive proper treatment and what I needed most back then was ice. However, how could we obtain ice at the filming spot? Therefore, we came with the alternative, Jujuba. My managers, Young-chan and Dae-ok, bought the Jujuba from a local store again and again. Repeatedly, the Jujuba melted, and someone would eat it till no one wanted to eat it ever again, and there were about 40 ~ 50 vinyl bags of Jujuba left.

I got injured again during my filming of but it was too feeble to compare with previous 2 occasions. The scene would be taken place in a warehouse, and I would come across a lynching of the gang. Actually, all action scenes including dodging and striking had been pre-arranged according to the script. Nevertheless, a fist was coming toward me unexpectedly. ‘Puck' was definitely not a sound effect but a burst came from my lips. The sting shuddered an instant spasm throughout my body. As we have known, a boxer would feel like hell when he got a punch in the abdomen and feel like heaven when he got hit on the face. I had never understood the refreshment like it until I was given a punch on my face.

When I wiped the blood off, I found an awfully sorry face in front of me. It belonged to Mr. Yun Jin-ho. Although I explained to Mr. Jinho many times that there was nothing to feel sorry about, I still could not wipe out his sorry look throughout the all filming. Because my lips got torn and swollen up, I had to postpone my scheduled CF photographing as a result. From the next day, it became my turn to feel sorry. I withheld for his intention to take extra care of me but he still bought me this and that, and made me feel nothing but awe-struck. To make the matter worse, the protested phone calls against Mr. Jinho from my fans flooded in after my injury news was reported on the newspapers. I was so embarrassed that I wished to hide in a rathole.

This drama had taught me one thing, tears, as being a performer. As I had lived, I did not cry particularly. However, this drama taught the method about how to cry. There was the scene that Mr. Kim In-Moon, who played the role as my father, screamed "there is no need for everything" toward me as he laid in a sickbed due to lynching. I was supposed to tear and run out from the sickroom. I suspected "Can I really succeed?" before the filming. However, the instant I ran out from the sickroom, my tears waited impatiently and came down from my eyes. After finishing the scene, I took a rest in my VAN, and my tears were still running as before. Because of joy, my mouth was having a smile but my eyes were still full of tears. After Young-Chan, who was in the Van beforehand, saw me in such way, he felt puzzled but couldn't help himself from laughing. Anyway, I didn't care. I'm still wondering how I got those tears.

It's probably because of the previous experience, I could be tearing freely without getting nervous when I saw Choi Su-Jong, my elder brother in the drama, lying down in a ward due to a traffic accident. I could not understand that I, who was never a cry baby, could cry just for performance. After lots of thinking, I drew a conclusion that I was influenced by the surrounding people, Mr. Kim In-Moon, Mr. Choi Su-Jong and Miss Song Che-Hwan, my elder sister in the drama. They treated me as one of the family not only in the real life but also in the filming which helped me to devote myself into the role smoothly.

At that time, Mr. Kim In-Moon and I were always the first to arrive at the shooting spot on every filming day. When I greeted Mr. Kim in the waiting room while no one else was there, he would always give me a hug and a pat on my hip. Such way of greeting had became the beginning of our daily task since then. In addition, I changed the addressing from 'Sir' to 'Father'. To me, Mr. Kim was really a father rather than a senior performer. Chan-Woo's family in coordinated with the reality. During the meal time, other team would eat individually but our family always ate together. Mr. Kim used to take out the previously prepared medicine from his pocket if someone looked tired due to the filming. Mr. Su-Jong gave me clothes, shoes, etc. and treated me as his younger-brother. Moreover, Miss. Chae-Hwan always served us warm coffee that was made by herself.

Team were having the first dining get-together. It was normal to have many toasts but Mr.Kim, who was not at good health, had a hard time to refuse younger men's toasts. As Mr. Su-Jong and I sat beside Mr. Kim's, we announced, "Father, accept all. we'll handle", and Mr. Kim received all toasts without hesitation. Of course, it was us brothers to get drunk.

Lee Yeung-Jin PD had taught me a great lesson that I would never forget. Once I wore trousers that should be tied up at the ankle. In order to be more dandy, I didn't tie them up as I was supposed, and Lee PD called me by name. He pointed at the ankle of my trousers and scolded "what you say and what you wear are the models among all teenagers. Fans view the performers as their teachers. How can you appear in such way? ". The scold was so unexpected. At that time, I was so embarrassed that my face turned red. I am still keeping the lesson in my mind, 'Performer is a public person'.

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 1/8 - My leg is bandaged with the plaster cast

"If you've read my previous post 'flash back' - written by sis BB and sis pricilla back then, then maybe some of the stories that I will post this time you've already read before.  
But the stories that I would post this time, was written by Bae Yong Joon himself about his life, and has been published by the 'Daily Sport Newspaper' in 1997. And has been repost by sis Chiligoyo in soompiWell, enjoy reading everyone!!" ^__^
Link source: soompi / moments
reposted by chilligoyo / soompi
original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

[Chili : This is one of the price-less article that I have kept in my collection and hopefully won't lose it as the link to the article has long been gone. Mind you, the story was from 1997, when Yong Joon was only in his 20s!! Not sure if anyone has read it before. In total, there are 8 stories of our dear Yong Joon and it is really really long. Do read it, u may know him even better after this.. I did~ image ]

[1] My leg is bandaged with the plaster cast.

Now, I, who have only lived for 25 years, was proposed by Daily Sports newspaper to write "Star Story" serially. The first feeling coming to my mind was at a loss. "Am I qualified to tell the numerous readers about my life story? What do I know about life? And how much I can tell them about my life?" However, I decided to write the story with my bashful mind at last. Although my life history is not long, lots of people are curious about it. In order to repay for your excessive concerns and satisfy your curiosity, my conclusion is to tell you about my life story, which is nothing special. Though I set up my mind, I still could not start to write. "What kind of story should I start with?"

I look in the mirror, and there are so many thoughts coming up suddenly. In the mirror, a pitiable appearance with a plaster cast on my right leg wearing knee trousers and undershirt is reflected. A sigh, "Puyu", comes out. Unexpectedly, I feel itches coming from my hip to my back. Damn the heat rashes!! The resentment against myself happens hundreds of times like the resentment against the heat rashes. If I ever achieve what I want to do, it is enough, and I should stop. However, it is too late to say anything now.

Let's start from the story why I got the heavy plaster cast on my leg. It was on July 18th. I practiced the baseball with my manager, Choi Young-Chan, in the Han riverside in the morning. I was interested in the baseball and thinking about making an amateur baseball club since I was fascinated by Park Chan-Ho, the star in Major Leagues. And I went to the martial arts training center like the previous day. In the training center, the performers of martial arts who worked with me in the drama
were practicing already. When I practiced with the performers of martial arts, I learned a lot from them.

The accident happened after I had almost finished practicing. All of a sudden, I wanted to turn a somersault that is still unskilled after finishing practicing. "Hey, Mr. Young Chan~ take a look of my somersault, will you?", 

I did a jump with a turn in the air and came down on my feet nicely after I called Young-Chan. Everything seemed to be fine. People around were complimenting by saying "you are quite good" and applauding.

The feeling of getting the praise from specialists who have played the martial arts for 20 years was wonderful. "One more time?" Young-Chan tried to stop my impulse but I thought I could do better this time. With high spirit, I did a nice turn but I heard a sound, "Bak". The pain that I had never experienced before hit me really hard. My mouth was open but not even a small sound came out of it. Because of the pain, I was rolling on the ground, and Seo Dae-hyun came running to me. "Mr. YJ, please bear with the pain." I didn't know how Dae-hyun did it. I heard the setting bone sound twice.

After finishing a first-aid treatment, I was taken into a hospital. Both X-ray and CT photographing showed that my right foot was broken and came out of the joint. The doctor asked, "Who fixed you up so skillfully? If you did not have the treatment in time, we had no choice but had an operation on your foot." After the swell of my feet went away, and it was about one week, I wore a cast. The above-mentioned is the whole story of the accident, and now I can stay in my room only in the hottest day of the mid-summer.

Hmm~ Later, I recall there were premonitions indicating this accident ...It was a very ominous dream and lasted for a week. In the dream, no one told me that I was dead but I just knew it myself. On the first day, I didn't pay attention to the nightmare after I awoke from it. On the next day, I had the same nightmare again and felt a shiver running through my limb.

I didn't want to be troubled all alone from the 3rd day. I didn't tell my parents about it since they would worry about me but I disclosed the truth to my managers, Dae-ok and Young-Chan. I spoke it as a joke so those two took it as joke, too. " What if I die, Dae-ok?" "Jun, write down your last will and remember to leave me something." However, the teasingly mood vanished when I rode in a car. 'Slowly down and drive carefully' often came out from them. Strangely, I had the same nightmare for a week and it disappeared after the accident.

Whenever I ruminated the terrible dream and looked at my right leg with the plaster cast, I felt rather comfort. I think perhaps that the nightmare and accident are as the revelation to have me to take a hard look of myself, who makes more efforts to train the body than to fulfill the mental need. Recently, the most important matter is to read a book and to watch video in my daily work. Among all videos, what impresses me most is , which describes the formation, activity and process of Beatles. Also, I'm reading a book called that Tae-woo, who acted the role of my senior in the drama , brought it for me when he visited me in the hospital.

Speaking of Tae-Woo, I would like to tell you about First Love  

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[Photo] BYJ Mobile Photo - Calendar 2013

source: lovejoon's blog / soompi/dam-su (thankss!!)
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[Old Vod] BYJ - Autograph Session 2002

 "I was very impressed with the way he gave the autograph to his fans back then. He's not only gave an autograph, but he also did not mind to have a short conversation with them. Wow!!! This man is so adorable!!!!" \(^__^)/ *loveee*
source: YouTube/sulhee suh (thanks)


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[VOD] KBS2 drama - 'School 5' Teaser

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School 5

Revised romanization: Hakgyo 5
Hangul: 학교5
Director: Lee Min-Hong, Lee Eung-Bok
Writer: Lee Hyun-Joo, Ko Jung-Won
Network: KBS2
Release Date: December 3, 2012 --
Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


"School 5" takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Ohlala Couple".

Related titles:
School 1 | Hakgyo 1 (KBS2 / 1999)
School 2 | Hakgyo 2 (KBS2 / 1999-2000)
School 3 | Hakgyo 3 (KBS2 / 2000-2001)
School 4 | Hakgyo 4 (KBS2 / 2001-2002)
School 5 | Hakgyo 5 (KBS2 / 2012-2013)


Jang Na-Ra - Jung In-Jae (teacher)
Daniel Choi - Kang Se-Chan (teacher)
Lee Jong-Suk - Ko Nam-Soon (student)
Park Se-Young - Song Ha-Gyung (student)
Kim Woo-Bin - Park Heung-Soo (student)
Ryu Hyo-Young - Lee Gang-Joo (student)
Jung Yeon-Joo - (student)