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Monday, November 19, 2012

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 5/8 - My friend, Kwon Oh-Jung

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original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

 [5] My friend, Kwon Oh-Jung

When I applied a university at first, I chose the department of Architecture in Hanyang Univ. But, I failed because I wasted too much time. As such, I just loaded around all day in Gnagwon-do, selling mung-bean pancakes. After wandering a couple of months, I entered the Jinwi Temple, located in middle of Ohsan and Pyeongtack, in order to study. I tried to study hard, reminding what I used to study in my middle school-days. At that time, I met a senior, preparing the judicial examination; he helped me out to study. Then I applied a law department. But, I flunked in that examination again.

So I made my mind that way was not mine. I should find another way. I used to be heard, 'why don't you be an actor?' I, at that time, thought it was my destiny. When I decided to be an actor, my mother kept me back from being an actor but my father supported me, saying 'your life is on you, you must assume the responsibility. What was popped into my head was a movie. First of all, I thought I needed to know what was going on the cinema quarters at that time.

To accumulate my experiences, I entered a joint movie company. After that I did all sorts of jobs, including planning, directing and producing departments. In those days, I participated in , starred by Son Chang-Min and Shim Hye-Jin. But my ultimate goal was an actor, so I decided to quit the job in order to being an actor. And then I joined a Management Y, but it didn't last a long time. I heard someone whom I used to know when I was wandering is going to open a performer training school at CineHouse 8th floor, Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. Because of those persons' help, I could attend a training school, even I paid about one millions won. There was another 'free-charged trainee' he is Kwon Oh-Jung, playing as cartoonist at the MBCTV weekend soap opera,

Although the school didn't go a long time, a practice room was still empty so I and Kwon used to go to the performance school about two months. Kwon was good at Kung fu, so we practiced the martial arts as well as evaluated our impromptu performance. We also used to videotape our performance and analyzed it. As such, I am still on friendly terms with him indeed. In those days, my favorite motto was 'Be a person like a convenient store', I was trying to ready to respond with no matter what a director needs to.

Let me take about my friend, Kwon Oh-Jung. He is the only one whom I can use abusive language without affectation. Namely, even we are always trying to get into an altercation but we can part good friends in the last. When a night filming is finished, I often call Kwon's house. When the bell rings over dozen times, I'm getting excited. How is he trying not to pick up the phone? OK. Try it. I got plenty of times. Finally, when I can hear his voice, I'm saying, "You're sleeping? Yes, you are, I just got off a filming. OK, good night." and he often do the same way I do. His weakness is a car. He is still driving an Elantra, and he, if circumstance permitting, is trying to buy a new one.

"Hey man, you can get a Sonata at 9.1 millions won"
"Are you sure?"
"Of course, but you got a tiny option."
"What's that?"
"Not that important, it's only for a taxi"

I knew that the friendship between men can be warm-heartedly through Kwon. From my point of view, Kwon has an all-around capability. He is very good at sports, including Fung fu, and dancing, moreover ridiculously he is also good at writing. Especially, when he chants an impromptu poem, gently closing his big bright eyes, I feel a chill to my marrow of my bones.

The gooseflesh herein is kind of complex, first of all, it means 'unmatchable' and it is also due to the lyric and beautiful poem. He is famous for his writing, so he participated in the scenario work of , directed by Bae Chang-Ho. At a likely time, our debut on a screen was . , it is deeply moved by me. At that time, I was trying to learn anything and everything so as to be a qualified actor. When I saw the audition notification of The Young Man , I thought I wasn't ready but made up my mind with 'let's do it first!'

On the audition day, I parked my Elantra at a roadside parking lot in front of KBS, and then I moved to the audition place. After the audition for 8 hours, when PD Jeon Gi-Sang told me that I made it, I was too impressed to be surprised. I was the last successful candidate. PD Jeon gave me a rough map, saying 'tonight, we're going to have a rally to strengthen a unity in Gangwon-do Donenae somewhere, so be concentrated at the Log cabin.' I moved to get my car with a state of apathy, the parking rates was totally 28 thousands won. On my way home, I shouted for joy in my car.

I used to stay up all night without making money; my mother was always irritated against that. When I entered home, I said, "Mother, I became an actor." my mother said, "It's really great!" "I'm the hero" then my mother shouted for joy too. I moved to Dunnae with a couple of clothes. Because I often moved around all over Gangwon-do, selling mung-bean pancakes, when I was preparing myself for the college entrance exams for the next chance, I could easily find the Log cabin. PD Jeon was surprised of my early appearance. When I got there, a drinking party was already held; they asked me a song without allowing for taking breath.

No sooner had finished my song than everybody laughed. is too ridiculous to sing to a 22 years-old young man like me.

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