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Monday, November 19, 2012

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 6/8 - 'Greeting of love' and 'A sunny place of the Youth'

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original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

[6] 'Greeting of love' and 'A sunny place of the Youth'

All actors and actresses won't forget their first filming, so do I. I'm sure they must remember it vividly than any others

My first filming was at Hongik Univ. in the rain, I was supposed to wait for Seong Hyeon-A, and, when she showed up, awkwardly give a CD. It wasn't rainy so two fire engine trucks were waiting to spout out. At the beginning of 'A greeting of love', two directors, Jeon Gi-Sang and Yoon Seok-Ho (actors call PD as a director) filmed in turns, Director Yoon was in charge on that day. After receiving a playbook, I learned by heart as possible as I could, but my heart continuously beat quick and words seemed like a new one Finally, a 'Q' sign was given. I did my best. I really eagerly memorized the words. Actually, I just memorized not to be wrong. I had worked at the movie industry, but I didn't recognize that such plenty of NGs can be made at one scene by then.

Director Yoon hurled words of thunder at me, saying "I don't believe, who did pick you up? Are you going to screw up this soaper?" I was so embarrassed that I wished the earth would swallow me up. Seeing surrounding people that was watching me with pity or vexation, I accused myself, "You, idiot. How could you be an actor, even though you were not ready?" Finally, spouting up water in two trucks and taking 5 hours, we could complete the filming. Trembling 5 hours in the rain in November was nothing. I took granted that many people blamed me. The matter was 'the best'. I was too nervous to do my best on that day. That kind of nervousness, it had not to do with my performance. The first filming on that worked as an important stimulant throughout my performance.

After finishing the first filming of 'Greeting of love', I couldn't put playbooks down, eating, smoking, sleeping or going to a bathroom, no matter where I am, playbooks became a part of mime. I was not only trying to learn by heart, but also to load up my emotion on each situation.

When I was taking my third filming, director Yoon, who'd blamed me, allowed that my performance was developed, saying, "Are you attending an performance school?" At that time, I recognized that "if do my best, I can make it out." After that, 'eagerly' and 'do my best' became my favorite mottos through my performance as well as my life. In all of cases, if I bet a penny on something, it means value just as a penny to me but bet millions of dollars on something, it means millions of values to me, without no matter how tiny it is. During making the film, 'Greeting of love', I was nearly drowned to death. It was at the end of February, when Park June-Hui threw shoes to the river then I, was supposed to pick those up with pawing the air to get out of the water for fun.

How strong she was, she threw the shoes to the middle of the river. I was good at swimming, so I jumped into the river. But the river in February was not a joke. Moreover I was in blue jeans. I could approach the shoes. However after grapping the shoes, I was very depressed. In the playbook, I was supposed to paw the air to get out of the water but I was almost dead at that time. The camera was still rolling. I was picked up to a boat, after drinking a couple of drafts of water. I, after having coughs, got exhausted then I told director Jeon that "I was almost dead" And he said, "Yes, you were, anyway it was great." I couldn't help smiling instead of laughing out loud, because I was too tired.

I was within an inch of being drowned during making 'Greeting of love', but another drowning danger was reserved for me on 'A sunny place of the Youth', my second soap drama. It was a sailboat scene in Chungmu with Lee Jong-Won and Park Sang-A. The sailboat moved to the middle of the sea; I and Lee were supposed to jump into the sea, however I felt unwell on that day. Despite I had learned swimming in the sea, but it gave me strange fear. By the way, I was supposed to jump into, so I didn't have any other choices. But my sixth sense didn't fail me; I was hard to float on the sea. To film necessary scenes, I should stay in the sea a long time, by doing so, I faced my limitation. Even I could hardly say a word, but I sent a signal to ask staffs on the sailboat for survival equipment. One of them quickly threw a web-fingered hand. It was ridiculous. What was I supposed to do with it? Finally I could get off the boat alive, I was stupefied. But it is remained in my memory as a very interesting story.

Let me talk about 'A sunny place of the Youth'. When I finished 'Greeting of love', I weighted 64kg. Actually I'd weighted 77kg before casting, which means that I lost 14kg. Apart from results, I did my best on my first soap drama. Guess 1m90 with 64kg ; I was a mere skeleton with care. Anyway I was cast in 'A sunny place of the Youth', before ending 'Greeting of love'. Then I was physically and mentally exhausted. Moreover this soap drama was totally different with 'Greeting of love' that had largely cast new face actors. Including me, most of 'Greeting of love's main characters were new faces. Director Jeon was very kind; therefore he devoted to teach us by filming and filming to make us true actors.

'A sunny place of the Youth', however, was completely different. I was the only new face, and most of performers were veterans with fully ripened performance experiences. I should have too many things on my hands. If I made a mistake, it would affect galaxy seniors. I was nervous from the beginning. Director Jeon was famous for his minute and very careful dramaturgy, so I should newly make my mind. Just at that time, I met Lee Jong-Won, older than me. Even we were friends in the soap drama, but he taught me performance like my real elder brother. He is very reasonable and hot-tempered. I really hate that someone touches my head but I can allow Lee to do that at any time. Actually, someone hit my heat then I turn around with an angry cast of countenance, there is most likely Lee with smiling.

Lee is very frugal. Nowadays, I often smile to watch the MBC TV weekend soap drama, 'Yesterday'. Because he is still wearing the clothes that he also wore in 'A sunny place of the Youth', both of us were cast. He was my shelter from the wind and supporter as well. I could learn not only performance but the attitude as an actor. Because I don't have real elder brothers, I follow him like a real one. Even I, following him, used to attend drinking parties with someone whom I'd never met before, being entertained with beers and pork hocks. I might be irksome to him at that time.

I can remember that I was got in a big trouble. When in the midst of 'A sunny place of the Youth', I held a ceremony to sign my name for my fans at Tongdo Temple somewhere. Just at that time, I had a desire to urinate due to tight schedule but I decided to hold and we passed a resting place. I thought there would be a bathroom in an event hall. When I got the event hall, there were a lot of fans, most of them were students. I could penetrate those crowds with much effort.

I suddenly asked the persons concerned in the event about the location of a bathroom. He said 'there wasn't.' I tried to get out off the event hall, but the crowed was getting lager, actually the police were dispatched to control. One of the persons concerned in the event gave me a basket with recommending passing water in a corner somewhere. But, considering that even a corner was partially disclosed to the crowd, I decided to put up with. As time went by, my desire to urinate became larger, after passing 30 minutes from the beginning of the ceremony, it turned to pain like needling. I had to make sings and take to them. Moreover, the most painful thing was the fact that I should smile. It was such a terrible situation.

The ceremony was lasted about 2 hours. When I was trying to stand up, I wasn't able to unfold my waist. Being helped, I moved a step ahead, and then I felt like I was walking on the firing coal. On getting in the car, we drove away suddenly. Five minutes driving took us a hillock. When I chose a beautiful tree, my party followed me. And they lighted a cigarette, when I started passing water. I could finish my job after they finished their smoking.

Since then I got a new habit. I must go to a bathroom before attending an event. It probably will take a couple of minutes, but it doesn't matters. At the same time, on getting an event hall, I secure a location of a bathroom. Positively it is true that the more pain, the more maturity.

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