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Monday, November 19, 2012

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 8/8 (End) - My dream is to produce the movies

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original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

 [8] My dream is to produce the movies

I'm very interested in the movies. Being an actor is also fascinated me, but my ultimate goal is to produce my movie with undertaking the charge of a film director. This temper is already inherent in my introvert character. Expressing me through another media suits my taste than expressing my body. This is why I participated in a movie company with an obscure idea.

When I entered a joint movie company, I should stay at the office about 2 months, contracting my expectations. Finally, I gained an opportunity, while spending an idle life without filming. I got an order, which was carrying a radio. To see a shooting place made my hear beat; moreover I could carry a nice radio. It served a double purpose. At that time, the movie was in 'A woman who want to love, a woman who want to marry'', starred by Son Chang-Min and Shim Hye-Jin. The shooting place was at the office tel dense area neighboring the Walker Hill Hotel. In conclusion I couldn't see performance scenes at all.

What I got to do was traffic control at the front site 100m of the shooting place. When 'Shot' was given, I was controlling traffic, although I was still full of hope. People at the shooting place were in commotion. It seemed to that a scene was finished. Reminding 'An opportunity is a chance', I ran to the shooting place in order to see by any means. While running with being out of my senses, suddenly 'shoot' was given from my left hand. 'Oops!' I run to my post but traffic was out of control.

Of course it was NG and impetuous order. What was a meaningful event that day is that I could introduce myself to Son Chang-Min. "How are you doing?" "Fine, are you one of staffs?" "Yes, I'm trying to be an actor" "OK, do your best." I still think my last dialog was too ridiculous. The experiences that come from the producing dept. of a movie company are still very useful to me. Because I have new ways of thinking such as the military expressions 'If it doesn't work, make it out' and Napoleon's proverb 'There is no the word 'impossible' in my dictionary'

One of episodes at that time. It was also happened during taking the soap drama, 'A woman who want to love, a woman who want to marry'. Filming in winter annoys both staffs and actors. Someone said 'a cop of hot coffee', and then everyone became eager for coffee. But there were no vending machines around. It was beyond my capacity. Anyway, I had to make coffee I had no choices. I run into a neighboring house near the shooting place. "Excuse me, I came from the shooting place, can I have some coffee, please?" The lady didn't fortunately turn down my solicitation. I could borrow cups and a kettle of coffee. I couldn't image, if I were my former self. Through those experiences, I could get over parts of my introvert and negative characters.

Staffs in a movie company used to be picked up as extras. Lately, people remarkably asked me 'whether I was cast before or not. When I first got that kind of questions, I felt confused. After finding out the inside of the matter, it was because my face was on the poster, starred by Lee Min-Woo and Lee Se-Chang, among numerous ones those who were in a row based on Lee Min-Woo. I can't remember when I took that poster. But I appeared on the screen a couple time as one of Lee Min-Woo's friends among 1, 2, 3. As I said before, I was a picked-up extra so I didn't appear on the screen as an actor. It may be worrying unnecessarily; I make that clear herein for the people who are wondering about the poster.

My favorite director is Martin Scorsese. In terms of actors, I respect Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, and especially the most impressive movie is Once upon a time in America, directed by director Sergio Leone. In the last May, I went to the U.S to take Hite Beer CF. I could get this film, the running time is 3 hours and 45 minutes, and I watched this three times so far. This film is against the Brooklyn in the economic panic, in the 1920s. Even the story of this film is gloomy; we can find humor and wit in various parts of the film, this is why I am fascinated with it.

When I meet that kind of excellent movies, I am enviable and dream of making an excellent movie with undertaking the charge of a film director. Therefore I ask PDs including director Jeon many questions about the movies that I watched. This is because I want their feedback as experts. This is the way of my studying. Actually I planned to find my way into the screen after finishing ' First love'. I received several scenarios and I liked one of them very much. But I concluded that it was untimely, so I gave it up. I will remove the case in the end of October, and then participate in a mini-series soap drama. In the next year I will find my way into the movie and concentrate my efforts on the screen activities, from now on.

I cleared up my future plans, so this is all I got. Because not only my life is not long but my experiences are short, I'm worrying about whether readers are uncomfortable with this article, although I brought up my story. Thank I lgan Sports devoted readers for your reading this uninteresting story, and I, form now on, make a promise to pay your encouragements with better performance.

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  1. I have enjoying reading these articles, It's too bad, he didn't mentioned his short love life, it's seems that has been very busy learning about his job.
    I love him and I always want to know about him.
    Thanks you so much for sharing. Best regards,