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Monday, November 19, 2012

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 7/8 - Scenes of Dangerous Incidents

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original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

 [7] Scenes of Dangerous Incidents

I have a pain in my heart when I see air incidents such as the KAL tragic incident in Guam and Vietnam Air plane crash. It would be more painful for me, because I have a similar experience. In July, last year, I went to Canada for taking CF, Nasan Maypole and it was a trip of five days and four nights. After finishing picture-taking, we moved to Detroit and take Northwest Airlines for Seoul. 20~30 minutes might pass, I stated playing a card game with Dae-Eok. About 10 minutes passed, the plane was heavily shaking. It dramatically wend down and was shaking to left and right, I had no idea how other passengers felt rather than I and Dae-Eok was exited.

A crew wanted us to stay in calm, but I suddenly heard that the plane would be brought back. I realized 'it wasn't a joke.' for the first time. However I, until then, didn't think in connection with an air crash. What I worried was the CF schedule. Because I was supposed to take Maypole CF on the next day of arriving in Seoul, I thought that we had to go back Detroit; we probably got in a big trouble.

And finally the plane arrived at Detroit Airport. The arriving procedure was more dynamic than a normal one. At least, I thought that until getting out off the plane. After getting out off the plane, I was like 'oh, my god!' because the front of the cockpit was gone. For the first time, I felt a cold chill pass through me. While I was laughing and making a noise with playing a card game, I had been the edge of dead. I have another experience the same as that kind of, it was not a plane but a car. During taking the soap drama, 'A greeting of love', I was in accidents twice times, and I had to pay for that. But it was not that horrible.

And the 3rd accident. When I was participated in 'A sunny place of the Youth', I changed my old Elantra to a Grandeur. After finishing picture-taking, on my way home, I was on the edge of the Olympic Road. Seok Kwang-Ryeol had been died in an accident there. Perhaps I had a snatch of sleep at the wheel. When I opened my eyes, the rear side of a taxi was running to me. I reflexively cut the steering wheel to the right. My car was scratched a guardrail with flying half of its body, with metallic sound 'Grrr' My car slid to the car that was stopped to watch what was going on. When my car was spinning to the rear, it suddenly moved out forward.

After spinning several times, my car was stopped the spot where the taxi was. I reflectively turned around, and fortunately there were no cars. Only hazy smoke covered my sight with rubber-burned smell. I had my life shortened by ten years. When I stared at the front, the taxi driver was showed up. I got to say something. I opened the window and made an apology with saying "I'm so sorry" and then ran away suddenly.

From the present standpoint, it was an incoherent idea. I didn't have any room for solving the problem logically. A battle fought in pursuit at midnight for 5 minutes. I would pursuit someone who makes me to be shocked and ran away. I had to stop the car. Fortunately the taxi driver couldn't recognize me. "You're driving while intoxicated, aren't you?. I had better call the police." I persuaded him that I wasn't. "What kind of young man you are? Driving father's car. Tut, tut!" Although I gave 70 thousands won, that were all I got, to him, however I make an apology again.

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