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Monday, November 19, 2012

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 4/8 - The memorries of my childhood and first love

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original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

[4]The memorries of my childhood and first love.

I was born and grew up in Seoul, but I have ever had an experience of a country in my childhood. It has been my good memory till now. When I was in the 3rd grade at Pung-il elementary school, my dad began to run a ranch after leaving his company. At that time, my dad bred pigs and cattle with three laborers. I remember that was run on a pretty large scale. My dad was in Chun-An, my sister and me used to visit there with my mom on weekend or vacation. We looked calves and litters were bred, and ate a sparrow with roasting.

Above all, I had fun with gun. My dad taught me how to shoot a air gun, who was quite openhearted at that time. I was really interested at shooting gun. Since I was seemed to have a quite talent for shooting, my dad once had a plan to bring me up a gunshot player. Every time I visited my dad's ranch, I have spent all day long in visiting here and there with a gun and shovel though I was a small boy. After finishing firing all shots my dad gave me, my interests moved a shovel. I imagined that a great treasure might be hidden somewhere in our ranch, so I had a thrill and fun with digging up the ground in order to search for a treasure, because I was especially fascinated by < A treasure island > & <15 boys drifts on the island> among the 50-volumes of fairy tale series published by Kemongsa.

My happy life in the ranch should end in a short time. I had no confidential facts, my dad failed in the running of the ranch. Maybe he had much trouble that time. Finally, we had to move to Myungil-dong after selling our house in Yongdu-dong I thought it was only one in the world. Naturally, I transferred to Myung-il elementary school and in addition I would be more shrunk cause of my introspective nature. According to my dad's opinion "Man should be strong", I had begun to learn Tae-kwon-do & Ju-do since 6 years old. I could wear a high belt in Tae-kwon-do when I was in the 2nd grade at elementary school. It was never my own will to go to training center for Tae-kwon-do at that time. It would be my taste to read books in the room more than to exercise at the training center. Though I began to exercise at an early age, but my introspective nature hasn't changed.

After transferring to the Myung-il elementary school, I really felt actually that they lorded it over a newcomer. After a few days since I transferred, a girl spoke to me. I had a good time with her. But, after finishing the class, three boys in my class called me to have something to do. I guessed one of them had a good feeling with the girl who spoke to me. I sensed that it wasn't the matter to fall simply. I thought that I could not encounter one-sidedly since I had the high belt in Tae-Kwon-do worthy of the name. I kicked a neck of one boy who walked up to me with clenching his fists. Though he tumbled, but it brought to their anger instead. Beating from them. That was a kind of moving-in notification ceremony.

I got into Bae-jae middle school after graduating the elementary school as still new comer. My greatest concern was the study in the middle school days. But I did not study for any goal. That was a kind of game. I felt the numerous questions in exam books were like the fabricated toys I was absorbed in my childhood. I wrestled with the exam books in the spirit as I did paint a bond in the attic without knowing sunset. I stayed all night several times solving the problem which didn't solve. That time I was recognized nicely about study as my teacher put his clothes over sleeping me during a class.

When I was in the 3rd-grade in my middle school, I lost the interests in study since I fell in one-side love for the first time. She has a long hair. I didn't know her full name as lyrics of a song. The first time I saw her, she wore deep blue sportswear in my memory. We went to same reading room in the neighborhood. Because of my introspective & bashful personality, I only looked at her in the distance. Her image kept flitting around my mind instead of words of a text book in school and my eyes always followed her radius in the reading room. Although I always planed to do "Tomorrow I will..." on my way, but I should regret I still hung around her even though tomorrow came

While I wrote a love letter alone, the monster 'Fancy' which has been familiar with me from my childhood, appeared bit by bit and made her the actress of movie One-side love for some monthes. She disappeared. She did not come to the reading room any more which was the only root I could meet her. Then I was troubled enough with my own feeling of incompetence, I came to realize 'Study is not the whole of my life. I should be strong and manliness'.

While my first love passed like a fever, I already went into Han-young high school. I tried to make my introspective nature to extrovert like 'Hypocrisy' consciously. I enjoyed soccer with friends than read books and began to exercise in my friend's house which run a hap-ki-do training center just in time. It differed from the Tae-kwon-do I learned from my father's forcible demand.

To exercise with friends & to travel in vacation, and so on. It was my schooldays that they could assume me as a trouble maker in older's sight. Although some people fixed their eyes on me with anxiety, but I thought that I acted on the basic and direction of my own way during 3 years in high school. I thought it was not only way that we walked 'Good way' which older people showed according to their experience and there is no change in such thinking till now. I began to live with the ideas 'I decide and take the responsibility by myself' since the short stray of my adolescence. Nowadays, I would be often surprised at myself because I confirmed that my sense of values came to resemble those of older generation which taught me a mode of life.

Because of such experiences, I want to talk very much with teenagers. That was why I planed most members would not be co-actors, but teenagers when I thought about making an amateur baseball club since I was fascinated by Chan-Ho Park, the star in USA Major Leagues. Although it has been delayed due to bandage the plaster cast in my foot, but as soon as I get well, I'll go on with an amateur baseball club again

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