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Monday, November 19, 2012

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 2/8 - I felt so much repentance for the drama, First Love

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original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

[2] I felt so much repentance for the drama, First Love

The rating of the program was unprecedented and the popularity I gained was more than I should deserve. Nevertheless, this drama also generated so much regret to me, actor BYJ.

During those 8 months for shooting 66 episodes of First Love, I experienced a great frustration from my lack of acting ability. After finishing the filming, although all the staffs and other performers had left the shooting spots, I still often sit alone absentmindedly at the scenes. "Why didn't I perform well just like this for those scenes..." "I could perform better under those circumstances if..... "

I always spent one or two hours to recall the scenes that had already done. Then I would feel regretful because I could do better and then blamed myself for not performing better. Luckily, there was not only remorse left. When I recollect the passion I put into , I can smile now. Coming out safely from the breathtaking event has become a pleasant memory now.

The first day shooting was in Chun-chon. It was the scene that I was on a motorcycle to outrun a jeep but I fell down when I tried to avoid a head-on crash with a truck. Right at the moment, I came running after the jeep and was ready to fall down, I found I was too close to the central line of the highway. The truck ran without putting a stop. If I fell down as I supposed to, the truck would have run over my head directly without a pause.

With all my strength, I slowed down my motorcycle and fell down as I should be. I felt that there was only a scant distance at that time. The running sound of the truck wheels brushed against me as a blast of wind and then I was thrown on the road. When I got up on my feet, I felt the pain from my left wrist, and the surroundings were noisy. People were frightened out of their wits and came running to me from opposite direction. Also, Lee Yeung-Jin PD shouted "Stop filming". They thought I must have got hit. Luckily, the camera man had caught that scene at the critical moment which he was astonished by it with himself.

Accidents didn't come to an end because of this incidence. It happened again on the next day..... After the accident happened on the previous day, I was rather calm. However, according to the fluster of the surrounding people, I recalled the situation and felt nothing but dizzy. 'What would happen if I fell down a little bit early', the thought made me feel a chill creep along my spine and gave me goose bumps. However, giving me the goose bumps was not problem. The ligament of my left wrist had not been itself since the accident.

There were still many motorcycle scenes left but my whole strength wouldn't come out through my wrist when my hands hold the handles of the motorcycle. With anxious feeling, I went for the next shooting. This time, I had to ride the motorcycle and go up the stairs in the scenes. Although I could ask for a stunt man, PD would like me to do it but also I wanted to accomplish it myself. With the bandage, I tightened my left wrist fully and then rode on the motorcycle. I kept telling myself, "I can do it", and received the "Cue" sign as well. With a roaring sound, the motorcycle rose quickly...it was about in the mid-air. It might be the possibility of my left wrist could not function normally that I dropped the handle all of a sudden. It seemed that the front wheel of the motorcycle went up to the sky, and on the other hand I felt I was thrown with enervation down to the ground.

Suddenly, Someone grabbed the back of my neck with his hands. And then my body was already rolled onto the lawn beside the stairs. Thanks to the PD of martial arts who had suspected about my condition in advance and thus kept a very close eye on me. As a result, he could catch and throw me into the lawn the minute he saw I fell backward. With this always in mind, I thanked for what he had done for me and his marvelous skills till now.

Then, I challenged again. There was no need for self-inspiration this time. The pride within was far more than enough. The insufferable feeling against my left wrist, stairs and motorcycle inspired me to make it this time. The price for the success was numerous remaining of JuJuBa (Korean ice cream-it's not soft ice cream but frozen ice cream). The best treatment for sprain of the wrist ligament is to apply an ice-pack. Because of continuous filming, I did not have the chance to receive proper treatment and what I needed most back then was ice. However, how could we obtain ice at the filming spot? Therefore, we came with the alternative, Jujuba. My managers, Young-chan and Dae-ok, bought the Jujuba from a local store again and again. Repeatedly, the Jujuba melted, and someone would eat it till no one wanted to eat it ever again, and there were about 40 ~ 50 vinyl bags of Jujuba left.

I got injured again during my filming of but it was too feeble to compare with previous 2 occasions. The scene would be taken place in a warehouse, and I would come across a lynching of the gang. Actually, all action scenes including dodging and striking had been pre-arranged according to the script. Nevertheless, a fist was coming toward me unexpectedly. ‘Puck' was definitely not a sound effect but a burst came from my lips. The sting shuddered an instant spasm throughout my body. As we have known, a boxer would feel like hell when he got a punch in the abdomen and feel like heaven when he got hit on the face. I had never understood the refreshment like it until I was given a punch on my face.

When I wiped the blood off, I found an awfully sorry face in front of me. It belonged to Mr. Yun Jin-ho. Although I explained to Mr. Jinho many times that there was nothing to feel sorry about, I still could not wipe out his sorry look throughout the all filming. Because my lips got torn and swollen up, I had to postpone my scheduled CF photographing as a result. From the next day, it became my turn to feel sorry. I withheld for his intention to take extra care of me but he still bought me this and that, and made me feel nothing but awe-struck. To make the matter worse, the protested phone calls against Mr. Jinho from my fans flooded in after my injury news was reported on the newspapers. I was so embarrassed that I wished to hide in a rathole.

This drama had taught me one thing, tears, as being a performer. As I had lived, I did not cry particularly. However, this drama taught the method about how to cry. There was the scene that Mr. Kim In-Moon, who played the role as my father, screamed "there is no need for everything" toward me as he laid in a sickbed due to lynching. I was supposed to tear and run out from the sickroom. I suspected "Can I really succeed?" before the filming. However, the instant I ran out from the sickroom, my tears waited impatiently and came down from my eyes. After finishing the scene, I took a rest in my VAN, and my tears were still running as before. Because of joy, my mouth was having a smile but my eyes were still full of tears. After Young-Chan, who was in the Van beforehand, saw me in such way, he felt puzzled but couldn't help himself from laughing. Anyway, I didn't care. I'm still wondering how I got those tears.

It's probably because of the previous experience, I could be tearing freely without getting nervous when I saw Choi Su-Jong, my elder brother in the drama, lying down in a ward due to a traffic accident. I could not understand that I, who was never a cry baby, could cry just for performance. After lots of thinking, I drew a conclusion that I was influenced by the surrounding people, Mr. Kim In-Moon, Mr. Choi Su-Jong and Miss Song Che-Hwan, my elder sister in the drama. They treated me as one of the family not only in the real life but also in the filming which helped me to devote myself into the role smoothly.

At that time, Mr. Kim In-Moon and I were always the first to arrive at the shooting spot on every filming day. When I greeted Mr. Kim in the waiting room while no one else was there, he would always give me a hug and a pat on my hip. Such way of greeting had became the beginning of our daily task since then. In addition, I changed the addressing from 'Sir' to 'Father'. To me, Mr. Kim was really a father rather than a senior performer. Chan-Woo's family in coordinated with the reality. During the meal time, other team would eat individually but our family always ate together. Mr. Kim used to take out the previously prepared medicine from his pocket if someone looked tired due to the filming. Mr. Su-Jong gave me clothes, shoes, etc. and treated me as his younger-brother. Moreover, Miss. Chae-Hwan always served us warm coffee that was made by herself.

Team were having the first dining get-together. It was normal to have many toasts but Mr.Kim, who was not at good health, had a hard time to refuse younger men's toasts. As Mr. Su-Jong and I sat beside Mr. Kim's, we announced, "Father, accept all. we'll handle", and Mr. Kim received all toasts without hesitation. Of course, it was us brothers to get drunk.

Lee Yeung-Jin PD had taught me a great lesson that I would never forget. Once I wore trousers that should be tied up at the ankle. In order to be more dandy, I didn't tie them up as I was supposed, and Lee PD called me by name. He pointed at the ankle of my trousers and scolded "what you say and what you wear are the models among all teenagers. Fans view the performers as their teachers. How can you appear in such way? ". The scold was so unexpected. At that time, I was so embarrassed that my face turned red. I am still keeping the lesson in my mind, 'Performer is a public person'.

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