"Who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor and money... "
"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

[MV] BYJ To Where You Are

"Love this song & MV. So beautiful and touching. Thanks for sharing sis!!" ^__^
source: youtube/rinarief7 (thankss!!) ^__^

Please click the link below:

"Fly me up
To where you are
Beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight
To see you smile
If only for awhile
To know you're there
A breath away's not far
To where you are.."

Thursday, April 10, 2014

[Photo] BYJ Mobile Photo - April#3

source: FB/ 우리보스 BYJ (thankss!!) ^__^

[Info] BYJ Drama & Movie Link with English Subtitles

Just for your information. On the right side of this page, now i have added several links of BYJ Drama and Movie with english subtitles. So, for those of you who would  like to watch BYJ's drama  or movie over and over again (just like me).. heheh^^v, please select the link on the right side.

Hopefully one day he will come back with new works...Fighting!! v\^__^/v

Enjoy watching!! ^__^

- A Sunny Place of the Youth (No English Subtitles)
- Barefooted Youth (Only episodes 1-5)


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

[Old Pics] BYJ - Horse Riding

"I really liked seeing him riding a horse. SUPER COOL!!!!!!!" ^__^v
 source: sayaka's blog (thankss!!) ^__^