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Monday, November 19, 2012

[Flash Back] Bae Yong Joon Storys Part 3/8 - I was full of curiosity in my childhood.

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original source: The Dailysports Newspaper (1997. 8. 20 ~ 9. 20) --English translated by Hyeon 

[3] I was full of curiosity in my childhood.

I tell you about my childhood. I was born in Back Hospital in Seoul on August 29th, 1972. At that time I had lived the traditional Korean-style in Yongdu-dong near the East Gate in Seoul until fifth-grade in my elementary school.

I made the older people very tiredly when I was a child. Although most children have a surprising curious in those time, I seemed to be excess. Beginning to talk, those were my most using words 'what is that?' 'Why?'. Whether I had prosperous curiosity such that, every toy did not resist in my hand for a day. Having played only for one or two hours, I was curious about the operation principle of the toy

Next, I took the toys to pieces. The attic was my workroom. Since I entered the attic with a screwdriver and hammer never knowing the method of using, I attempted to lose myself. When I went out of her sight, my mother always opened the door of attic. And there were always same scenes, same words. The toys she generously bought me lay scattered in here and there, I asked to my mom awkwardly "Mom, why does it move to be so?" with holding the driver and hammer

Since I lost interest in disjointing of toy, I began to be interested in assembling and naturally looked away my eyes to set up toys such as tank or airplane. Instead of driver, there were a bond and an assembling drawing newly in my hands. As I was so, I grew up without playing with earth or glass bead differently with most children. Playing alone, I could not help being introspective. If I had liked to play together, I might not have been excess the curiosity which filled up my infancy. However, it was natural for me to be happened unexpected doings as I was curious and liked to know by myself

There were some remembered episodes. I had much curiosity and experiment mind when I was 6-years-old, especially then I made unexpected troubles. One day, beans were put in the floor. My younger sister was playing in the courtyard. Beans and my younger sister. Suddenly, I was curious how many the beans could be put in her nose. I tempted her. I put a bean nut in her nose. She complained of suffocation. I was worried about her pain than my curiosity. Though I tried to extract it, but it went into inside her nose more and more. Then I heard my parent's voice. "I will let it go out of your nose tomorrow, please never tell papa or mom about it." I asked her not to say earnestly and there was no anything until I fell asleep. The big trouble occurred in the next morning. When I waked by my sister's crying and my parent's confused voice, her nose was swollen plumply. Finally, the bean was out of her nose in the hospital. Every time she slanders against me, she has never omitted this story till now

I did watch TV hard at that time. By the way, in some dramas, people usually spoke a word "It is a credit" after buying the goods and they went out without any trouble. As I watched it constantly, I thought the words "It is a credit" meant like a treasure chest. There was a small store in front of my house. After picking up my favorite cookies, I exultingly shouted to the master of the store "It is a credit" and came home. Nothing happened until my mom came back from a market It may be sure that he told my mom about the whole story because of shocking too much. I should understand the lesson with tears if we follow the TV entirely, we could fire on our palm.

I have a shameful criminal memory even if I think now. That time also I was six years old. I said before, I would be absorbed in fabricated toys at that time. There was a toy catching my eyes in a stationery. But, my parents did not buy it for me. One day I passed the stationery, the very toy was exhibited out of the shop. For a moment, I was in discord myself. I came home simply after picking up it. Suddenly some idea was occurred to me in front of my house's gate. 'If I come in like this way, I'll burn my mom's fingers surely'. Therefore, I should made some scenario. A good idea was occurred to me. First, I left the toy in front of the gate and entered my house. After confirming to mom that I came in with empty hands, as if a visitor came the gate, I went out with saying " Who is it?", then I entered in with picking up it. If she asked me about it, I was trying to explain that I went out and I found a toy someone left. However, she just glared at me with a terrible expression without any words. Her strict voice to shrinking me. "How did you get that?" My first scenario I made difficultly was useless like bubble. After telling the truth, I was whipped.

My mom made honeyed water frequently. It was very tasty. I thought it was sugared water. When my mom wasn't at home, I got into kitchen quietly. I put much and stirred the thing which was similar with sugar into a cup of water. After swallowing spittle, I drank it with a high spirit. But it tasted awful... I vomited losing control of myself. That is the reason I don't like a synthetic flavoring matter. After that, whenever I took sugar with any drink, I'm looking at sugar particles or not. Since I grew up, that experience became my lesson 'Be careful with everything'

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