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Thursday, March 13, 2014

[Photo] BYJ Mobile Photo - Happy White Day 2014

*ugh, so envy with that dog*...ghrrr.... wooff wooff ... AUUUU!!!" hahaha=)))
Oh! Now I already know what 'White Day' is... ^__^.. what a sweet day!! Thank you for sharing information.  So I guess today, not just that dog who are lucky... hihihi... Happy "white day" BYJssi & Partner!!!!  hip... hip.. hooray!!^__^v
But how about us fans?? what day is today?? OMO!! why your face look so "green" today?? hahah.... Happy "GREEEEN DAYYYY" everyoneee!!! hahahah=)) *nongdam" ^__^v

source: byjgallery/arayo (thanksss!!!) ^^

"White day" is Japanese custom. It is the day that a man who has received a gift from a woman on Valentine's Day gives her a gift in return
Source: FB/우리보스 BY

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