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Friday, March 7, 2014

[Info] Bae Yong Joon joins Mobile Game Industry!

"After Content-K, and now Content-N. Congratulations BYJnim!! ^__^v.... More success for you in the future..!! Ah! this game looks so interesting. Although I have rarely played a game, but because of BYJ, then I want to try it... heheh...And will see, whether this game can make me become addicted as I am addicted to watching his drama?? hehehe.. ^__^v or hopefully they will make "TWSSG" for game version..." heheh ^__^v
source: soompi /damsu (thanksss!!) ^__^v

Bae Yong  Joon's Content N launched its mobile game "Sushi Master" on the 4th (March).

According to sources, Content N, a subsidiary mobile game company which was established May last year by Keyeast where Bae Yong Joon is a major shareholder, recently launched their first Tycoon Action Game/Mobile Social Network Game (SNG) "Sushi Master" through Kakao Talk platform. As the name implies, it's a game that has something to do with sushi making. The rule of the game is that the users must have to make and serve sushi with drinks to customers as fast as they could at a given time period (from what I've read from another site, it's one minute) and earn as much money as possible. The users can set up and upgrade their sushi restaurant using the money they earned from their sales. They can also expand their sushi business in 15 countries. In addition, the users can also compete with other friends' sushi restaurant and view their ranking.

"Sushi Master" could be enjoyed by people of all ages but the game's main target are women ages 10-40, sub-user target are men ages 10-40 and men/women ages 50-60. On the 4th, the game was distributed on Android and Apple for free and it seems there will also be a Japanese and a Chinese version to be released as well which is attracting a lot of interest too.

Here are sneak previews of the game.

Demo Video:

Here are the links where you could purchase and download the application:
Source: Hankooki.comChosun.com, Keyeastofficial, Content N

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