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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[News] Actor Bae Yong-joon hits jackpot on protege's success

"Congratulations Bossss!! More success and blessing for you & KE in the future!! This is your year!! " ^__^v
source: koreatimes
By Park Si-soo

Bae Yong Joon                           Kim Soo Hyun

Bae Yong-joon earned not only fame but wealth when his television drama “Winter Sonata” (2009) went explosive in Japan.

Bae’s protege Kim Soo-hyun, star of “My Love from the Stars” (2014) is taking it further. China’s avid response to the drama has sent the stock price of actor Kim’s management agency to an all time high.

Kim played the leading role opposite actress Jun Ji-hyun in the 21-episode drama, which ended Feb. 27.

KEYEAST, the agency whose biggest shareholder is Bae with 31.7 percent, saw its stock price close at 2,655 won ($2.48) Tuesday, a 14.94 percent jump from the previous day.

The agency said its stock price had increased a combined 84 percent, while the romantic series was on the air. Bae is said to have earned a staggering 32.5 billion won.

Its stock price is forecast to stay bullish.

“Kim appeared on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s entertainment show Super Brain last week. He was reportedly paid nearly 500 million for the one-off appearance on the program. This reflects how popular the drama is in China,” an observer said.

“There are many Chinese companies trying to hire Kim for their advertisements. All of this brightens the outlook for the agency’s profitability.”

Chinese news media reported the audience at the show’s recording site were asked to wear name tags, while no cameras or drinks were allowed.

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