"Who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor and money... "
"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Saturday, March 8, 2014

[misc] My Top #4 letters in the alphabet^^

Around a month ago I wrote about "My top #3 Actresses". And I was quite surprised, because it turned out that post has the highest views number for that month (february) among the other post on the same month. But because you can not see that view number, so maybe i just lied to you now ... hahaha=)) But NO! I am telling  you the truth... heheh (^__^)v....  Therefore, I am so thankful to those who read it, regardless of whether you're agree or not with that post ... hehehe... I really appreciate that!!^__^

And now, another (misc) post^^. Once again this (misc) post it's just for fun.. hihih^,^. And, this time i would like to talk about my top #4 letters in the alphabet"... heheh ^__^v

As you all know after the 'Content-K' for drama production, now there are 'Content-N' for gaming industry. And there are still another 24 letters in the alphabet, from A to Z (minus K & N).... heheh... So if he likes to use all that letters for businesses. I will definitely support it all... heheh^^v

But I just hope that he will never forget that the first letter of the alphabet will always be the letter "A". And you know what "A" means to him? "A" means "Actor".. heheh^__^v
And for the second letter on the alphabet is "B". And i believe, you know what "B" means for him "B" means "Bae Yong Joon".. ^__^v

And for the third letter on the alphabet is "C". And "C" means "Come Back"... heheh^__^v

And for the fourth letter on the alphabet is "D". And "D"  means "DAEBAK"... ^__^v (That word is taken from the Korean language means awesome!!)^^

But unfortunately after "D" is "E".. and you know what "E" means. "E" means "Eotteoghe??" hahah=)))) The word is taken from the Korean language means "What should i do?"... hahah=))

But don't worry, because after "E" you wil find the letter "F"... And you know what "F" means, right?? Yes!! You are right, "F" means "FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!" v\^___^/v... heheh

Therefore, my top 4 letters in the alphabet are "ABCD" = Actor Bae Yong Joon Come Back, Daebak!! hehehe ^__^v (although i don't know when it will happen... hihih)

Ah! one more thing, although the letter "S", is very far from the letter "B". ... but the letter "S" will always support the letter "B".. whenever people want to say "BO...SSSS" ....hahahah =))

 Well, thanks for reading BOSSS... hahaha=)) Hope you enjoy this!! ^__^ v


  1. Ahahahahahah)))) had a good laugh over sweet "reading" of the alphabet!))) I can offer Russian reading of the letter "M" - МАМОЧКИ!!! This means OMO! Ahah)))

    1. OMO!! hahaha=)) Glad if you enjoyed this post!!^__^v... So now I have to say the letter "G" to you. GAMSAHAMNIDA!!!!! Hahahah=)))

  2. you leave me no choice! Should answer the polite!)))) On which there is the letter we?... H - Happiness, I - Insurance, J - Joy, K - Kindness, L - Love and M - Magic we wish all who are waiting for new works of BOSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Ahahahahah))))