"Who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor and money... "
"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[Info|MV] "MY BYJ 3rd Anniversary"|Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You!

Dear Everyone,

Annyeong Haseyo?! 

Today, March 12th 2014 is the 3rd anniversary of this blog "MY BYJ".. ^__^v.  I've been a fan of him since 2010 but I created this blog one year later, on March 2011.

And on this occasion I would like to thank Bae Yong Joon-Nim who has successfully brought the "BYJ tsunami" in my heart.. heheh ^__^v Thank you so much!!^__^

I've once read a quote that says "Follow your heart but take your brain with you" hihihi .... but unfortunately
since i became a fan of BYJ my brain had been swept away by the effect of "tsunami" ... hahaha...  eotteogheyo?? hahaha =))

And after I became a fan of BYJ, I also learned many valuable things that can only be understood by the heart (sorry brain!) hahaha=)) And one of them is when i realized that one of the most happiest moments in life is when we share love and happiness to others..!! ^__^v

Therefore this blog - "MY BYJ" is one of my way to share my love to my idol Bae Yong Joon to other fans. ^__^v

Actually I started this blog not with the ability to write a blog, but I started this blog only with the love i have in my heart to my favorite actor Bae Yong Joon...  And at that time, my brain told me that I did not have any ability to fill this blog. But thanks to my heart who has told me to fill this blog simply with love... ^__^v

Well, I do not know until when I became a fan of Bae Yong Joon, but one thing I know for sure is to this day "Nothing's gonna change my love for him"^^... And I believe only heaven can stop the "BYJ tsunami" in my heart.. hehehe ^__^  

So if Heaven is still giving me a chance to love him (as my idol), I would remain here to continue to love and support him with all my heart. And of course, I would not ask anything from him. Since loving someone as wonderful as him in my life was enough to make me feel like heaven on earth. So what else should I ask for??

Well, thank you Lord for everything.
Thank you MY BYJ to stay alive, and thank you BYJ Family and all of you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate that..!!

And to celebrate the third anniversary of "MY BYJ", I made a MV which I dedicate to all of you. Hope you enjoy it!! ^__^
Once again thank you for everything!!!  ^__^v
Annyeonghi Gyeseyo ^__^




  1. Forgive me, please, that I came late. As we say in Russia , " valuable spoon for dinner ." In thinking that prized thing or action is given or the perfect time. But we also say: " Better late than never. " Accept our warm and sincere congratulations with a small but important anniversary of your blog ! We are always interested and sincere empathy read your posts . We are very grateful to you for your loyalty to favorite actor and wonderful person , for your sincerity and warmth of the soul and the desire to share all that you know about Bae . We wish long life to your creative blog ! This is a warm friendly place where pleasant to come . And I'm in good envy Bae , because it can attract such wonderful people like you, darling! ! Good luck and lots of good news about Bae that we can Delsjön read the pages of your wonderful blog ! Hurray! ! I took off on a mail arts )))) And thank you for the wonderful video ! I took it to the group !

    1. Dear Sis Galina, ohhhh.... thankkkkk youuuuu sooooo muchhhhh for your warm words and for your wonderful wishes. I really really appreciate that. It really touched my heart. But as you can see, I did not do this alone sis. Many other Baesisters who kindly enough to share information with us. This all can happen because of them. So thanks to them as well. And of course thanks to you and other families who have visited here. Without all of you who visit this blog, all of this effort will be meaningless. So actually I who should thank you to all of you^^. So once again, from the bottom of my heart i sincerely thank you for everything. ^__^
      And let us continue to support and love our wonderful man Bae Yong Joon. I felt so blessed for the day i "met" Bae Yong Joon and to be part of BYJ family, because in his family i met many of wonderful people. And you're one of them. Gamsahamnida!! ^__^ *bow*

  2. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=258405304330297&set=a.109371812566981.17592.100004824882517&type=1&theater This is another little gift for you! I hope you will be pleased!)))

    1. Ohhhh WOW!! What a pleasant surprise!!! *tears* TTTT. I don't think that i deserve to take all the compliment from you and other sisters for my own. So all of your compliment & wonderful wishes i dedicate to all members, visitors and all of the sources of "MY BYJ"... This is for you all!! Thank you very muchll!! <3333
      And sis Galina, once again... thank you! thank you! and thankkkk youuu!!!!^^ -With Love, Shinara-

  3. Congrats my dear Shinara.I wish you many years from now to be all on this blog.Many thanks and respect for all your work.We love and appreciate you very much !!!

    1. oohhh.... thank you so much dear sis Gaby for your warm words. I really appreciate that. And I love, respect and appreciate you and all BYJ family as well. Once again, thank you very much!! <333

  4. I'm glad that I could bring you some pleasant moments . You deserve it completely . Do you have a certain reputation , which is not a given. Modesty , of course , good quality, but in this case , please , honey , hide it in a short time in the distant drawer and just accept the warm words that are said in your address for granted !))) ))) ))) )))) ) Ahah )))) Sometimes it is necessary to be able to just say "thank you , I know I'm good ! " Ahah ))) We all its people and we understand the humor of the situation )))) But seriously , you're right, of course . Information about Bae is so small that if one did not share it , then we would know nothing about it. Of course , we must thank all those who make the news, who divided them , who read them , and who rejoice and grieve together with us all the events that occur in the life of Bae and those close to him .... We were told that "thank you" all these people in your face )))) THANK YOU! !

  5. Oh! Do you think i should say so?? eotteogheyo?? hahaha=))) Well okay then, i will say it now to you, "Thank you! i know i'm good in "C,P,E"" hahaha=))) ... And sis Galina, thank you so much for saying 'thank you' to them in front of me... I'm happy to hear that. And i really appreciate that. It's so nice of you!! ^__^