"Who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor and money... "
"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Saturday, March 15, 2014

[artwork|message] Thank you very much for sis Galina & Russian Bae Sister & BYJ Family ^__^

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Thank you so much sis myoce & Indonesian Baefamily ^__^

Ohhh ...what a pleasant surprise!!!!!! *tears*TTT...  Thank you so much to sis Galina on behalf of the Russian Baesisters & sis Blueberrylady Ching & sis Anna Daugherty who wrote a comment in there... I really appreciate that! *tears* TTTT.  Sorry I can not wrote my thank you message in Facebook. Because I do not exist on facebook... hehehe^^v. So i will write in here:

Do i really deserve this????  As you all can see, i didn't do this blog by myself and I cannot do this alone... It all could happen because of many of other Baesisters who kindly enough to share information with us. So thanks to them as well. ^__^

And actually my speciality is only letters "C" + "P" +" E" means "Copy" + "Paste" then press "ENTER"... hahahaha=)))  So, I really don't deserve to take all the compliments for my own. Therefore i dedicate all of your wonderful words, wishes and comment to all of the sources of "MY BYJ" and to all the members, families, friends and visitor of "MY BYJ". This is for you all! And actually i'm the one who should thank you to all of you. It's been an honor for me to be part of BYJ family and share all of this wonderful journey in BYJ's world with a wonderful people like you all. GAMSAHAMNIDA!! *bow* ^__^

And let us continue to love and support our wonderful man Bae Yong Joon. He is the one who gathers us here, and because of our love for him that unites us as a family. ^__^



  1. Dearest Shinara,

    Congratulations !!

    I for one know how hard it is to constantly post and take care of a blog...it's so hard because we have so many other things in our lives to take care of. So I appreciate your dedication and effort in this blog ...a great place where Baefamily can get info about Yong Joon ssi.

    My own blog is now shamefully neglected, and for the BYJ Indofam blog, we need more writers...so I'm grateful to you for your love and efforts there too....you help keep the blog alive :)

    May this blog exist and flourish for a long time,
    delighting many Baefamlies !

    Much love from me,


    1. Dearest sis myoce,

      Thank you so muchhhhhhh sis myoce for your kind words and for your wonderful wishes. I really appreciate that. Iam soooo happy to get a comment from you here!^^

      You know If we are live in Korea I should call you "Myoce Sunbaenim". heheh^^v. .. But although i do not call you like that in Indonesia^^ but I hope you know how much I respect you as my senior in Baefamily. ^__^v
      And you know how much I admire your writing. So please teach me how to write sis... heheh.. ^__^v

      Oh! Yes! you are right sis, it is not easy to consistently fill the blog. But somehow love makes it easier^^v. So i think for me now it becomes a pleasant habit... heheh ^__^v

      Ah! one more thing I also sincerely thank you for the beautiful artwork from BYJINDOFAM. I really appreciate that. And i will try to do my best in the future to fill BYJINDOFAM blog as welll. And just fyi! Sebenarnya saya sudah mempersiapkan tulisan untuk diposting disana, tapi masih belum PD nih sis untuk mempublikasikannya. Mohon bersabar ya sis... heheh(^,^)v

      And now, please let me add more words on your wish... May your blog-'Dazed by Life' and our blog 'BYJINDOFAM' blog and together with my blog "MY BYJ" exist and flourish for a long time, and delighting many Baefamlies! FIGHTING! v\^__^/v

      With love,

  2. Shinara,can I ask you to give me a link to blog myoce? I tried to follow the link, which is listed on the photo with the compliments, but the link did not work.)))) Thank you in advance, dear!

    1. Here's the link: http://dazedbylife.blogspot.com/
      Please visit there if you have time^^. She's really a good writer. Well, you're welcome dear sis Galina. ^__^

  3. thank you very much, dear! So few blogs devoted Bae, where you can meet really interesting people and nteresno information. Anyway, here in Russia many blogs simply not translated automatically due to the characteristics of their design. Hence the language barrier ... Fortunately, your blog is not like that!)))) Thanks again)))