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Friday, March 21, 2014

[Interview] Kim Soo Hyun Talks about his Big Boss Bae Yong Joon

Source: soompi/damsu (thankss!!) ^__^v
Translation Credit: Sia3

Q: Interactions with BYJ
A: He says that when he has time he will visit BYJ or go to his house. BYJ has many hobbies like he's into coffee or pottery so sometimes he'd join BYJ in doing pottery. He'd become focus on it and feels that he learns a lot. He also says BYJ gives out the impression of a professor so it inspired & helped him when he was interpreting DMJ.

When he choose a script, he'll look at the characters and see if he can digest it and whether or not he thinks he can portray it. Once he knows, he will then choose. After choosing he'll start to interpret and think about this character's personality and then eventually he'll be able to play the character he wanted.

Q: Will his boss with such big fame give him pressure?
A: The pressure is that everyone (both) wants to do better and better... i.e. 1st project is good and next one wants to be better and better... etc.

Q: When BYJ talks to you, will he spin the ring?
A: *LOL*

Mickey apologizes he's joking and explains he's too into the drama but if BYJ does, he tells Soo Hyun better be careful

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