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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Monday, March 24, 2014

[misc] Back to KSH^^

Next month KSH Fan Meeting will be held in my country. And i can't believe that the ticket is already in my hand right now.... hihih ^__^v. That means this will be my first experience of attending a fan meeting...heheh.. (^__^)v. Ohh! Look what you have done to me Boss???? hahaha... although maybe this one ticket doesn't mean anything for him, but yeah it means a lot to me... ^__^v. Because this is also one thing that i can do to support him & KE through this event in my country. So who's next Keyeast artists who will come to Jakarta Boss??? I will watch all of them for youuuuu!! hahaha=)) 
But of course, I still acknowledge that KSH is one of the best Korean actor. I also watched some of his dramas. And I liked it very much, especially his latest drama "You Who Came from the Star".  Daebak!!^^v. So yes, I am also happy to get this  ticket. YEAY!! \^__^/

And now, i was wondering what should I talking about if i'm doing chat with KSH fans in there?? hihihi^^...  Should I introduce myself like this; "Hi, I'm Shinara and I am here because of Bae Yong Joon. Nice to meet you !!" hahaha=))) Although it's true but isn't that going to be a weird introduction for them??... hahaha=)) *michin*.... And hopefully i will shout the right name "DO MIN JOONNNN!!!!" instead of "BAE YONG JOONNNN!!!!!" hahaha=))


So I imagine, if the conversation is going to be like this below? hihihi^__^v

But before you read it. Once again this [misc] post just for fun!!..  Enjoy!! hehehe...^__^v 

(Note:  "Y" for KSH's Fans & "S" for Shinara) ^^

Y: Hi! What's your name?
S: Shinara

Y: How old are you?
S: 17th
Y: Pardon??? (+_+)
S: Se-ven-teen..!! Why? Is it weird?

Y: m(~,~:)m... Anyway, where are you come from?
S: I came from "another star"

Y: (*_*).. Another star?? What are you talking about?
S: My star!

Y: Who??
S: Bae Yong Joon.

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Y: Ah! Bae Yong Joon. I know him. (^^;)
S: Thanks!

Y: So, back to KSH... When did you see him for the first time?
S : on Dream high

Y: Ah! So i guess you watch Dream High because of him?
S: hmm... i don't think so.

Y: Then because of who?? (+_+)
S: Bae Yong Joon.

Y: Oh! (~_~;) And now back to KSH... What KSH movie that you watched? 
S:  "Secretly Greatly"

Y: How did you know about this movie?
S: Because Bae Yong Joon attended his movie premiere

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Y: OMO!! Bae Yong Joon Again!! (@.@;) NOW BACK TO KSH!! JEBAL!!! m(~.~;)m. Do you know that KSH also can sing?
S: Of courseee!

Y: What his song that you like the most?
S: “The One and Only You“ taken from the OST "The Moon That Embraces The Sun”

Y: AH! I like that song too. But why you like it?
S: Because i dedicated that song for Bae Yong Joon. Since for me he is the sun, the moon and the star. So, he is the one and only for me.

Y: JINJJA!!! Not him again!!(ㅠ.ㅠ). Now back to KSH!!!  If you said that Bae Yong Joon is your sun, moon and the star. Then what's KSH for you?
S:  Alien?

Y: Alien???
S: Yeah, alien. Ah! by the way.....  can alien fly??? *whispering*

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Y:  Fly???? *sigh* m(~,~;)m; * So now, if all about Bae Yong Joon, then why you still buy a ticket on VVIP seat. Is not that too much for you????
S: Yah!

Y: Then why? (@_@;)
S: First. Because i don't have a telescope to see the alien from a far distance.

S: Second. Because i hope if i seat close to him, so i can give him this love letter.

Y: Aww!! REALLY?? Finally!! That was so sweettttt!!!  A love letter???? \(*^.^*)/
S: Yeah, a love letter.

Y: Could you please read it for us now??
S: Oh sure!
"Dear KSH, please tell your Boss that i love him...!!!"<33

Y: Boss??! Who's the boss??
S: BAE YONG JOON!!!!!! (^_~)v

Y : JIAHHHHHH…!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!! m(><;)m

S:  oopss!! SAWRRY!!!


hahahah=))) Well, that's the awkward conversation between "alien" i guess...  hahaha=)) But of course i'm not going to be like that.... Sawrry!! hahaha=))) Of course I also appreciate KSH & his fans.^^v.  This post it's just for fun. Hope you enjoy this...!! heheh...^__^v

Ah! one more thing, there is one more person who I also want to see in there. Someone who always protect our man. What's his name?? SP Shin?? Don't you think this man really deserve to get the "lifetime achievement award" for his dedication?? ^__^v... or should i give him a flower too... hehehe^^v... But seriously I am very thankful to him who has been protecting our man all of this time, and now he's protecting his juniors as well. WOW!! "SP Shin, dohwajusyeoseo gamsahamnida!!" \^__^/

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  1. Shinara,

    That was HILARIOUS. You made me laugh out loud. I am very envious that you get to go see KSH. Can you post pictures of the events if possible. Gamsahamnida, deep bow. :)

    1. heheh.. it's my pleasure. I am glad if you enjoyed this post.. ^__^v And about the picture.. hmm... as far as i know, the organizers did not allow us to bring a camera inside. But will see. Well, Thank you for leaving a comment b9849824-b36c-11e3-a9ac......e... omo! is that a UFO secret code?? hahaha=)) Anyway, Gamsahamnidaaa!! deep bow ^__^

  2. Shinara,

    You are so clever, your dialogue made me laugh out loud. It's amazing to me that you are only 17 years old and love Bae Yong Joon. Anyway, enjoy meeting KSH, you are so lucky. I don't think any Kdrama stars will be coming to US for fan meeting. Please post pictures after the event if you have a chance. Gamsahamnida, deep bow. :)

    1. Hi again, heheh.. thank you!^^. But no no no... I'm not 17yrs old... hahaha=))) I was just inspired by 'Choi Song Yi', when there was a scene where she's trying to look like a teenager, when in fact she is not, and I think it's very funny... hehehe^^v Maybe if I lived in Korea, KSH should call me Noona... because i'm older than him... heheh^^v. But i still much younger than BYJ, so I can still call him, BYJoppa.... heheh^^v. Well, i hope someday Kdrama Stars will be coming to US as well^^. Fighting!! v\^__^/v

  3. Sorry for the double postings. I had problems doing comments so I thought none of them posted. hahaha...UFO secret code....I have no clue what that number is...love that you included some OST from You Who Came From the Stars. And That Man by The One..... DAEBAK!!!! Forgot to tell you, I was in Waikiki last year and I stalked Gorilla in the Cafe just in case BYJ was there but unfortunately he was not. All I got was an overpriced Gorilla t-shirt and some yummy coffees. But I was actually in the same space that he was in....enough for me for this life time. kekeke Shinara, keep up the great blog... Fighting!!!!

    1. Hi Joanie, glad to know your name^^. Oh, no problem with the double posting. I understand, sometimes it can happen^^. And, I am glad to hear you enjoyed that songs. Thank you!^^
      Oh, really?? You went to Gorilla in the Cafe last year?? Now I envy you... heheh^^v. That's one of my dreams too, to go there^^. And yes! you're right at least you were in the same space that he was in.. and that's enough^^. I'm happy for you! ^__^v. Well, thank you very much dear Joanie for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it. Glad to know you! ^__^