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Saturday, April 26, 2014

[trans] the biggest ever star in my heart is BYJ!

"Thank you so much to sis BB & sis tomato for sharing this. I really liked seeing how this Woman interviewing BYJ. Both look very comfortable, very relaxed, and fun atmosphere. It's not surprisingly, if this woman fascinated with BYJ. He is the star who always shine in everyone's heart !!"  hehehe..^^v

source: lovebaeyongjoon  (thanksssss!!!) ^__^

tomato99: MC of the “Take You to the Stars” had left her account of meeting YJ on her weibo.
bb has made the trans for us, thank you, thank you!!

 Chinese to English trans by bb;

Zhang Chun-hua Brings you to the Stars #Bae Yong Joon
2.3 billion! This is the keyword in my mind when I think of Bae Yong Joon, that he had brought about an economic effect of 2.3 billion worth to the Korean market. It is no wonder that before the scheduled interview with Bae Yong Joon, all the usually charismatic honchos went to change clothes, freshen up and straighten their ties, and even these high-ranking senior officials were waiting for him with perspiration beads forming on their palms. I was in the waiting area of the interview venue, and suddenly, everyone from the outside all the way to the inside stood up hurriedly. From afar, I could feel a rather unusual aura; it’s not so overwhelmingly strong that it suffocating, it’s gentle! It’s a very strong and powerful gentleness! He’s here!

He exchanged greeting with me, and also with the staff; I could see gentle humility in his eyes. I was originally seated on the left, Boss Bae made one round and was getting his microphone wired up after that round. Then I saw all six cameramen standing up and changing positions at the cafe (where the interview was held), ahhh… so Boss Bae preferred his left profile!

After wiring up the microphone, he stood before me. He doesn’t understand Mandarin, so he was just standing in front of me, meeting my eyes all the time. Some 60 seconds later, he asked faintly, “May I sit down?” Oh my gosh, so cute I could die!!

We had already gone through the script (with his agency) before the interview, and the agency asked repeatedly that we adhered strictly to the script that all had agreed upon. But the atmosphere during the recording was good and I could not help myself and asked a few more questions. The staff had intended to cut me short, but he said, “It’s all right, relax; can I trouble the translator seonsaeng-sim to help translate this question for me?” It was then that I heaved a breath of relief.

I wanna say, the biggest ever star in my heart is undoubtedly and definitely Bae Yong Joon!

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