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Thursday, April 24, 2014

[INFO] Link to watching "Take You to the Stars" Live

"Oh really?? we can watch this program live?? But if this program air tomorrow at 11:00pm KST?? it means 9:00pm WIB (indonesian time)??  OH NO!! why this program have to airing at the same time with KSH Fan meeting in Indonesia?? Eotteogheyo??..TTTT
source: lovebaeyongjoon (thankkss!!!!) ^__^

JiangSu TV’s program, “Take You to the Stars” (original title”带你看星星”) will air from 25 April at 10:00pm local time (11:00pm KST)

program is 70 minutes in 5 episodes.
check out these two sites for more info. (only in Chinese)
http://www.jstv.com/ and

if you are considering of watching the program live, this url maybe useful, please try it out.

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