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Saturday, April 26, 2014

[Photo & VOD] KSH - 1st Memories in Indonesia

There are some of our dear Baesister who asked me to share my experience when I was in Kim Soo Hyun Fan Meeting.  So now, I would love to share it  to all of you. ^__^

Last night when most of BYJ family watched BYJ first ​​appearance in China, I was on another planet to meet the "alien"… hihih… And before I went into that event, I was thinking, maybe I'll regret my decision to attend this fan meeting, because it means I will passed my chance to see BYJ live on China TV, my idol who i’ve been waiting for a long time to see his appearance .

But I was wrong, because it turned out I really enjoyed  every moment being in KSH fan meeting, because everything was so beautiful. So i really had a wonderful memories in there. ^__^

KSH looks very relaxed, cheerful and also seemed he's really enjoy being himself .. heheh^^ ...  And he often makes a jokes, which made ​​everyone laugh, so that made that event becomes more fun and not boring at all

I know that KSH is one of the most popular Korean Star, but when he was on stage, I felt like I saw a friend rather than a Star (in a positive way). Because he is so friendly with his fans.  And also very humble. He is such a nice person.


Ah! one more thing, before i attend KSH Fan Meeting in Indonesia, I've seen on YT a several VOD when KSH sang live on fan meeting before he came to Indonesia, And for me when he sang  last night in Indonesian Fan Meeting, that was one of his best performances. I was amazed to see how quickly he improved his ability to sing. Because I am sure that was not easy to singing live, even for a singer. So I believe he worked very hard to improve his singing skill. Well Done!!^^

And here below are the footage when KSH sang during a fan meeting in Indonesia. But i did not make this video public on YT, so these are only for you all BYJ Family and all the visitors of MY BYJ.  Please enjoy! (sorry for the quality of the video)

Well, more success for KSHssi in the future. And congratulations for BYJnim and Keyeast. You have made a great star who shining beautifully!! ^__^

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