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Saturday, April 26, 2014

[misc] KSH Fan Meeting in Indonesia | Unforgettable Moment

Although I did not win the lucky draw for a fan signing, or go on stage and take a photos with KSH. But one of the most unforgettable moment for me while in there, was when I met this wonderful Taiwanese lady. And here the story goes.

But for privacy reasons I will not mention her name in here. I just use the initial T” on this conversation below. And if in my previous post I talk about my imaginary conversations between me and KSH fans.. hihih…. But this time, I will post  the real conversation that happened on that day^^. I probably can not remember word by word. But more or less is just like this below.
---I walked slowly, looking for my seat number. And finally I found it-----

S : Excuse me. (I talked to a woman who sitting next to my seat)

T: (She looked at me and asked.) Is this your seat?

S :  Yes. (I nodded)

T: Oh, sorry.. (then she quickly moved her bag from my seat)

S: Thank you^^  (then I seat)

T:  Hi, what's your name? My name is “T”. I live in Jakarta, but I came from Taiwan. I understand a little bit of “Bahasa” But I can not speakBahasa” (Indonesian). I only speak english and Mandarin. How about you? Can you speak English or Mandarin?

S:  Hi, I’m Shinara. I'm sorry, I can not speak Mandarin. But yes, I can speak english a little^^. By the way, nice to meet you.^^

T: Nice to meet you too. Oh! no problem. So could you please help me to translate what they are (KSH & MC) saying?

S: Oh, okay. I will try the best I can do.

T: Thank you very much. ^__^

(But then, I was thinking WOW!! she bought a ticket even though she already knew that in this event, KSH speaks Korean and surely it will be translated into ‘Bahasa. And she even did not understand any of them?? But she still bought the ticket. WOW!! That was so remarkable!!)

---While waiting for the show to get started we talked to each other----

S: Are you a fan of KSH? (what a questions … hihihi)

T: hmm.. I may be too old if I called myself as a fan of KSH. Because I guess KSH has the same age as my kids. I came here, because i loved his drama, “You Who Came From The Star”.  And  since I also have a house in Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai. So I know KSH is also very famous in there. But when I was in Taiwan, I did not have a time to came to his show. And by chance when I was in Jakarta, this event was also held in Jakarta. And I was quite surprised, because it turns out he's pretty well-known in Indonesia as well.

S: Oh I see. 

T:  Ah! I read in one of the Chinese news, that Bae Yong Joon, KSH’s boss, will appear on chinese TV. But I don’t remember what TV station. Do you know Bae Yong Joon?

S: Bae Yong Joon??  Yes, I know him^^.  He will be appearing on Jiangsu TV tonight….. (*I talk to myself* Thank you for reminding me…T.T) 
T: Oh! Jiangsu TV. Yes, the show will be airing tonight at 10pm in China.  But unfortunately we are still here now. So we may not be able to see it.

S: yeah.. (*i talk to myself* THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME AGAIN!! Shall we go home now??  Hahaha..)

T: But, how did you know that??

S:  Actually i’m a fan of Bae Yong Joon..  ^__^v.

T: OH, you are a friend of Bae Yong Joon.


I’m  not his friend, but I’m his FAN.. FANS!!

T: Yeah Friend!!

S: omo! hahahaha….. 

(*i talk to my self*.. did I say something wrong? How to say FANS, in mandarin anyway …. Hahahah)

T : Bae Yong Joon also very popular in China 

S: Yes he is 

--And not long after that, the event was going to start--

And when the show start to begin, i just realized that most of the activities in the fan meeting was a talk show. *Eottheogheyo??*  

But promise is a promise .. so yes, I translated almost the wholeee  showfrom the beginning until the end and goodbye!!”  hahaha.... (except when KSH singing) ... hahaha=)) 

So that's my first experience of attending KSH fan meeting, I became a "translator"…. aigooo!! hahaha..=))))

Maybe if BYJ who come to Indonesia. I should wear a shirt that said, “I ONLY SPEAK BAHASA!!” hahaha… Because if BYJ who standing in front of me, the only word I can translate is I LOVE YOU!!” hehehe…. ^__^v

And when the event was over, we exchanged the phone numbers. And she said to me .
T: Since we first met in the KSH Fan Meeting, therefore I will save your name on my mobile phone as “Shinara KSH”.

S:  Shinara KSH?? Ohh okay (^^,!) (*talk to myself* Shinara KSH?? ...aigoooo!!!...  hahaha)

T: And you know how much I thank you for your help. So I would like to give you something….  (she took something purple from her bag. I was about to stand up from my seat. But she hold my hand. And give this cute gift to me) … This is for you. Thank you very much!! ^__^

S:  aww!! (I was very surprised. I return that gift to her. But she refused it). You do not have to give me anything. Really. It was my pleasure. So here, just keep it for you!! ^__^

T:  Please just accept my gift.

S: Ohhh, if that's really what you want. I will keep it for you. Thank you very much!! *bow*


So that's the unforgettable moment for me. I received a wonderful gift from someone who I've just met for the first time.

Well, Dear Mrs. “T” from Taiwan, thank you very much for your gift. I really appreciate it. Till we meet again…!!” 


-SHINARA KSH-… heheh..^__^v
(I came because of BYJ, and I came back with the last name “KSH”… aigoooo!!...hahaha… )

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