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Sunday, December 22, 2013

[news] Yonsama in love

 "whoaaa... i'm happy for him!! I hope they love each other, support each other and taking care of each other ...BYJnim Fighting!!!" ^__^v

source: lovebaeyongjoon/tomato

Yonsama has someone special
A romance for smiling prince

It has been revealed on 22th, Korean actor, Bae Yong Joon (age 41) is in serious relationship with a 27 years old Korean non-celeb woman.
They met through meal with acquaintances several months ago and started to go steady.
10years since the big hit drama “Winter Sonata.” Superstar called, “smiling prince” has finally found his loved one.

Bae Yong Joon has made his official visit to Japan in October and attended Hallyu 10th year anniversary event. However, he has visited Japan several times in private this year. He had visited Japan on 28 November, and accompanied the said woman.
Main purpose of the visit was to attend wedding reception for Yonsama’s café in Hawaii’s manager. He attended the reception on 1 December at Saitama city.
During his stay in Japan, he was with other personnel but the couple has been spotted enjoying shopping and dining together in Tokyo and other suburb area.
Upon leaving Japan on 4 December, the two were wearing pair black cap.
His managing company has admitted their relationship.

Korean personnel close to the two have revealed that she is a daughter of owner of a big-name company. A slim beauty with height about 170cm, a great couple with 180cm Yonsama. She is now living in Seoul, but has lived in US for long time and fluent in English.
Some people say she is intelligent, cheerful and pleasant personality.

sorry, I will skip the translation for the rest of the article,,,, I have to run
Quick memo: BYJ’s current boom is coffee, the he owns roasting machine at home and he may be giving her his special roasted coffee.
Also, BYJ is always known as Mr. Stoic, he is very careful and stoic in business.

full article is scaned by arayo on DAUM BYJ Gallery go visit and check!

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