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Sunday, December 22, 2013

[News] Bae Yong Jun Confirmed to Be Dating Woman 14 Years Younger than Him

"BYJ family let's support this couple with a sincere heart  and wishing their happiness now and then.. Congratulationsss BYJnim..!! " ^__^v
source: Enewsworld
The hallyu star Bae Yong Jun confirmed that he is dating a woman 14 years younger than him.

A rep from KeyEast Entertainment, Bae Yong Jun’s agency, told enews on December 23, “She is a 27 year old non-celebrity and they are currently dating. They met each other at a dinner with mutual friends and have been together for about three months.”

“It has only been three months, so nothing can be said about the future, but they are taking each other seriously,” said the agency rep.

The Japanese press had reported earlier on the morning of December 23 that “Bae Yong Jun, who made it big through the drama Winter Sonata has finally found his love. The girlfriend is reported to be a non-celebrity who has spent many years in America and is a daughter of a well-known business owner in Korea.”

The actor’s agency rep also said, “Since she is not a celebrity, we cannot reveal much about her. They are just starting up, but please show your support for this new couple.”

Photo credit: KeyEast Entertainment

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