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Friday, September 28, 2012

[VOD/ VietSub] Dream High Premier in Japan 4.9.2011 (Part 1 - 8)

" It was quite surprised me when i found someone who was so kind to upload the whole 'Dream High' premium event in Japan 2011 on YT.  (Thanks to you! ) And I just thought, maybe there are some of BYJ family who did not attend the event, and might be interested to see this vod. Please enjoy it!^__^

There are 3 languages ​​in this video, Japanese, Korean and Vietnam. And none of them that I can understand... hahaha-))....  but because of BYJ I still watched this VOD... heheh^^ ... And when I saw BYJ laughed, I laughed too, although I did not understand why he laughed .... hahaha ... what is wrong with me??? heheh(^__^)v

 But I knew there were BYJ Family from Vietnam, Japan and Korea who sometimes visit my blog. Therefore, i hope for those of you can enjoy it! ^__^

And for those who do not understand one of these languages​​, I hope you guys still can enjoy it as much as i do! ^__^ *cheersss!!*

*Part 4 - 8 :  The part where BYJ appears*

(Note:  I'm not sure for how long this video will be allowed on YT. So please enjoy  it while it can.^^)

source: YouTube / Kim Soo Hyun FC (thankss!!) ^__^

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