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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

[Flash Back] Pricilla's Searching For Yong Joon - "A Sunny Places of the Young "THRIVING UNDER PRESSURE" (Part 5)

source: soompi/dam-su/ Pricilla's blog (thankss!!) ^_^

He looked at his watch. He was ten minutes early. He went inside the cafe and took a seat at an isolated corner, telling the waiter he is waiting for someone else. He turned and saw his reflection through a mirror behind the bar. However, the face that was looking at him is a stranger. He had lost 13 kg during the past most incredible months. Even though he is 1.8m tall, he is presently at 64 kg. He sighed. He hadn't realized how tensed he had been all this time. But he could not relax. He still has to work on some final shootings. He thought of that and he took out a bunch of wrinkled papers, scrabbled all-over, and started reading.

"Studying again? You're really unstoppable, Yongjun."
YJ: (Standing up) You came, Jeon PD.
Gisang: (Seated and signalled for him to seat down) Have you ordered yet? 

After ordering, Jeon Gisang PD handed the young man a small folder. "Here, read this." While YJ looked through it, he continued, "It's a weekend drama. My friend Jeon San is directing it." He gave a short summary, and added, "There's a love triangle between Ha Heera, Lee Jongwon and Park SangAh. You are SangAh's twin brother and heir to the largest perfume brand in Korea. Park Geunhyeong is your father. How do you like it?" The young man kept reading. "OK, read it first and tell me." 

"Sir, I will do it... I was just awestruck thinking what it would be like to work with Ha Heera and Lee Jongwon sunbaes..."
Jeon PD smiled, "Are you scared?"
"Just a little nervous."
"Don't worry about it. You thrive under pressure. Always remember that." 

"Excuse me..." Two teenage girls had walked towards them. The shorter of the two asked, "Aren't you Yongjun Oppa, from Love Greeting?" The young man looked surprised and blushed. The same girl whispered excitedly, "I told you! It's him!" The other added, "Would you give us your autograph? Please?!!!"
Jeon PD watched, and looked amused. He nodded his head to his protege, "Go ahead." Having dealt with many stars before, he is used to this kind of incidents. But this kid in front of him is special. There is a rare innocence that is rarely found in the entertainment business. That, combined with a stubborn determination, has made him like a dynamite that is ready to explode any time soon.

"So how does it feel to be recognized?", asked the mentor, after the girls left.
"I'm not sure... Everything is happening so fast I have no time to think about that."
"Let me see your eye-glasses." He examined it and gave it back. "So you can't see anything without it. How many pairs of these you have?"
"Just two. At home, I wear my old pair."
"The taller girl is wearing the same style of eye-glasses. You just started a new trend. Don't forget who suggested this, OK?"

"Yes, of course I won't."
"Haa haa haaaa!!!! There you go my boy! Just don't take things too seriously. Learn to relax."
"Yes, sir." 

On the way home, he is thinking how on earth he could relax now. He has been waiting for "Love Greeting" to end, wanting desperately to get away from everything. He has always enjoyed being in a farm where he would become one with nature. Instead, he has been bombarded by too many watchful eyes, under the magnifying glasses of numerous cameras, with his every movement being scrutinized. He feels that he could never get used to that. But he also knew he had no choice... this is the world he has chosen, the world of show business. 

Lately, his manager is getting excited, maybe a bit too much. Many times, he has to restrain Tackki from accepting offers that came their way. He needed a break for Heaven's sake!!! But a break is out of the question now, and this is just the beginning. Besides, he trusted and respected Jeon PD, so he his words are commands for him. 

He took out the small folder and started reading it again. Already he felt his stomach grumbled whenever he thought of the his new drama. Ha Heera. She could be considered the #1 actress in Korea! And many others were famous veterans. After reading the script, he tried to picture himself there. His part is relatively small, seemingly easy... So far, so good. He didn't want to go through another 5 hours for a 5 minute scene experience again. Already he felt out of place, fearing he might make some foolish mistakes affecting the entire cast. He reminded himself of his mentor's words, "Remember that you thrive under pressure." He wanted to believe that. He is going to believe it! 

He would miss the "Love Greeting" team. In spite of the poor beginning, he has grown attached to them, and they are really great kids. Ohjoong has been right about them all along. Strangely enough, he has grown to respect and admire, even the severe Yoon Sukho PD. This man really knows his craft. Regarding Jeon Gisang PD, he had been his shelter and he always feels safe when the old man is around. Such a man has put himself in the line by granting him this new role. And soon, this mentor is not going to be with him any longer. Soon, he will be all by himself. 

No, he could not relax. But no matter what it takes, he is determined not to disappoint himself nor his mentor. Since he has already practiced for the next day shooting, he started to imagine what it would be like to be Ha Sukjoo instead: a rich guy, obedient to parents, friendly and warm Ha Sukjoo...
More than a year ago, Jeon San PD has worked together with Jeon Gisang and others, launching the hit drama "Tomorrow, Love." This year, he is preparing for a weekend drama entitled "A Sunny Place of the Young." He was finished with most of its preparation. He opened his portfolio, and started to examine the profiles of the cast.*** 

The heroine Im Chayi is going to be played by Ha Heera. The actress is born in 1969 (from a Chinese mother), started acting since 1981, and she has managed to stay at the top for many years already. Not too long ago, she starred at "Sarangyee Mogeelrae" (What's Love), which became the highest rated drama ever (63.5%). She has married the superstar Choi Soojung and they are considered a model of Star-couple. The producer is thinking that she is perfect for the role as the angelic Chayi. 

Park Inbom would be played by Lee Jongwon, who started acting since 1988 through a CF commercial, is 1.83 m tall, and is handsome enough to be noticed. Though he is of the same age as Ha Heera, he became better known only more recently, especially after the super hit "The Last Match" where he came out with Jang DongGun and Shim Eunha. Since then, he is considered one of the fast rising stars.

Ha Suknan, Park Inbom's rich and spoiled new girl, would be played by Park SangAh. Born in 1972, she was 1991 Miss Korea and this year's winner of Super Talent Contest. Jeon PD smiled. He knew well enough how much the audiences looked after their "stars" and he is confident that he had enough of them to keep them happy. Thus, he went down the list.

The role of Im Chayi's younger sister, Im Jongyi, is given to Jeon Doyeon, 21 years old (born on 1973). She started acting only since 1992, but she has done many CF modeling before. By the time she came out in "Wooridulrae Chungook" (Our Paradise), Jang DongGun's debut drama, Miss Jeon has shown great potential already. 

Park Inho, Inbom's younger brother, is going to be played by the 24 year old Park Sangmin. He started acting in 1989 and won the Rooky Acting Award a year later. Though he wouldn't be called handsome, his acting attracted the audiences. He would make a good "troublemaker". 

The character of Ha Sukjoo, Suknan's twin brother, will go to Bae Yongjun, 22 years old, and a real newbie... He only came out in one mini-series so far, "Love Greeting," which hasn't ended yet. Jeon PD isn't too thrilled about his acting, but his friend Gisang is right. This young novice has some kind of aristocratic air that makes him very attractive. He shrugged his shoulders and continued analyzing his other cast, happy that this new kid is going to have only a very small part in the drama.

Lee Jieun is going to act as the twin's unknown half sister. Born in 1971, she too is a newbie, but she has come out at "Newkim" (Feelings) which has been extremely popular.

The father of the twins is going to be played by Park Geunhyung, a prominent father figure in Korea.
The 18 years old Hong Kyungyin will play the mentally handicapped youngest sibling of the Im family. Although he is one of the youngest among the cast, he is a good actor, having started since 1988.
The 30 year old Ho Joonho will be Park Inbom's childhood friend and Chayi's unconditional lover. Having come from a family of performers, he is a natural actor. 

Being a huge production, there will be many other characters, including children, which the producer has examined carefully. He closed the binder with a smile of satisfaction. He is pretty sure that with this cast alone, he already has a hit drama. 

Lee Jongwon immersed himself into his new character Park Inbom. Ha Heera is a great partner and knows how to make him feel at ease. Park Geunhyung sunbae is the kind and caring man he is known to be, instructing and guiding the younger performers whenever possible. The old man is a real father figure, and Jongwon thought how wonderful it would be to grow old and wise as Park sunbae. He feels that it is only a wishful thinking though, since he is known to have a fiery temper. But what do people know anyway? People has thought that he wouldn't go far initally, pointing at his bad acting. But his determination brought him this far. 

Right now, he is the undisputed main character in this long drama, which is becoming quite popular already. His only complaint, if any, is that his character is not getting the attention due. But that is understandable; for he knew from the start he is going to play a social climber, who would betray his childhood sweetheart for material possessions; not a very likable character indeed. Nevertheless, he didn't mind it so much. He wanted to be an actor and not a star. He feels he would be on the right track. 

He looked around and saw his "inside-the-drama" new best friend: Bae Yongjun. As usual, this kid was busy reading his script. He went towards him and forcefully hit his back. A startled Bae looked around, a bit annoyed, but when he found out who knocked him, he smiled. "Hyung, I told you I hate when people do that!"
Jongwon looked innocent, "Really, when? Anyway, I just thought you needed to be shaken up a little, otherwise you might have fallen inside those papers. I wonder what you keep on reading. I know you don't have much to memorize. Sometimes, I wish my part would be as easy." 

Yongjun lowered his voice, "Actually, I was reading some other scripts that has been offered me. Suddenly, I'm getting calls from everywhere." 

"Really? That's great! Can I have a look?" He saw some CF commercial offers, TV-movies, shows... "So what are you going to do with all of them?"

"I'm not sure. I'm just planning to follow Jeon Gisang PD's advise and be cautious."
"More cautious than you are right now? Impossible, kid, no way, hee hee!!!!"
"You shouldn't be so quick to talk, since I'm learning to be cautious from you Hyung."

"Yes, you are my role-model, I thought you knew! Your work ethic, and attitude about everything, persevering till the end... and...ahh..."
"... what?"
"... and your frugal ways." He smiled big, "I'm learning what it means to spend money wisely from you."
"Are you calling me 'cheap'?! Who pays every time we go out? I guess I better think twice before I take you with me next time..."
"You know there is a big difference between being cheap and being frugal. But yes, I think next time I should be the one paying for the drinks."
"Forget it! How can you treat your sunbae like that?" He hit Yongjun on his head again, trying to get on the younger man's nerves. Took the scripts away, he said, "Come on, let's have another drink tonight."

Yongjun thought of getting even, but he bit his lips instead. He could never be really upset at Jongwon hyung, no matter what he did. How could he, when this sunbae was always going out of his way to help him and encourage him? Thinking about it, he felt this hyung was like an older brother to him, just like Jeon Gisang PD had been like a father at Love Greeting. "Wait for me!" And he ran after his older friend. 

Almost half-way through the drama, they were shooting a scene where the twins were vacationing with Inbom and some other friend. A yacht was going at full speed in the middle of the sea, then it stopped running. Whether it was the food he ate or the little sleep he had, he wasn't sure, but he felt seasick. The producer gave the cue, and Jongwon hyung jumped inside the waters, calling him. Yongjun is a natural swimmer, but today, the Sea looked dark and uninviting. He felt like throwing up. Since he has no other choice, he jumped, ignoring the pain in his back. The camera rolled, so they both played in the waters, swimming closer to each other. "Cut!" The camera stopped running. Suddenly, Yongjun felt the chilling waters sucking him, suffocating. His muscles were cramming... he started to panic and he signaled the staff for help. Someone threw something back at him. Forcing himself to swim, he searched for the little something, but to his amazement, he found it was a webfoot. Not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, he struggled back to the yacht, trying not to think of the pain on his chest. One... two... there he is... finally on safe ground. He came out of the waters, panting, shaking and coughing. People clapped, amused. 

Jeon San PD had fun too. He secretly padded himself for having listened to Gisang regarding this young actor. Even though he only played a small part in the drama, he was drawing the attention of the audiences by the mass, especially female audiences. It is this mixture of toughness with innocence that attracted the viewers. He saw him screaming to the staff member, "What are you thinking via throwing a webfoot at me? Didn't you notice I was drowning?"

The producer echoed everyone's laughter. And he thought to himself that no, even if there was a heavy current going against them, this kid isn't going to drown so easily... he is here to stay. 

Jeon Doyeon is not a natural beauty. She is cute, though. Her sparkling personality is making her pretty popular. More towards the end of the soap opera, she has been linked with the new Rising Star, Bae Yongjun, as his love interest. Audiences loved the prospect of seeing them together. So much so that Jeon Gisang PD decided to make a one hour TV special "Six Steps Towards Breaking Up" with them as a couple. However, people's imaginations would not stop there, as rumors spread that they are dating. This has started when someone spotted them together while they are discussing their roles.

In 1998, Korea is still very conservative. A love scandal wrongly handled could easily ruin someone's career. But Miss Jeon is not worried, and most people didn't believe it anyways. She looked at herself in the mirror, trying to picture her supposed lover next to her. She contained a playful laughter. They looked cute together, and they surely got along pretty well, but she has to admit that their personalities are completely the opposite. Yongjun is as serious as she is playful. 

"Doyeon ssi, are you ready to go?" There he is, she thought... polite as always. They have just finished filming their TV special and since they are both going to the same place, Yongjun has offered her a ride. Isn't he afraid of what people might think? Regardless, this drama would end soon, and the rumors would automatically die. It would be foolish thing to go separate ways and avoid each other just for fear of this rumors. So she followed him, in order to continue working with their drama... a very special one in her heart. And she was quite sure that "A Sunny Place of the Young" would be quite special for her partner also, since he became a Super Star through this. 

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The above is a combination of many different articles I've read plus my own interpretation =) I tried to be as factual as possible and I didn't "invent" any names I wasn't aware of. I would like everyone to contribute and help me in this quest. If you know of anything I wrote that contradicted the truth, do feel free to post it or e-mail me at lovepriscillausa@aol.com. (If you have the source, that would be even better. Sometimes, I couldn't remember the source either...) One thing I didn't include is his love life. I feel that's too personal (might just mention the little incidents he himself talked about). Thank you to all, and hope you enjoy it!!!

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