"Who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor and money... "
"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Friday, September 7, 2012

[Flash Back] Pricilla's Searching For Yong Joon - Love Greeting 1: Take Charge of Your Destiny (part 1)

" I do not know how I convey my gratitude to dear sister dam-su, for her remarkable posting. If somehow you are reading this, I want to say to you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart (as a Bae Yong Joon fan) ... thank youuu so muchhh sis!! ^__^

I often visit soompi (Bae Yong Joon Thread) although I do not post anything there, but I definitely read every post from the fans. And for me, she is one of the best in finding the news
(^,^)v. So, if somehow you read this. Please consider to making a blog, I would be love to be your first follower... hehehe^__^v

I've never read this post before, then I think I still included a new fan of him.. hehehe^^.... I became a  fan of him just since 2010, so it's definitely a lot of things that I did not know about him. And of course as a fan, I would like to know more about my idol. Therefore I am glad if can find any post about the life story of a person that I really love and  admire as an idol.  The one and only Star in my heart, Bae Yong Joon - nim. \^__^/

Well, happy reading everyone!! ^_^

Note: Dear Sis dam-su.. I'm waiting for the continuation of this post .. hehehe.. Once again, thank you so much. Very much appreciate it! ^__^  Sincerly, -Shinara-

source: soompi / dam-su (thankssss!!!!) ^__^

(dam-su : "...not much news on our precious taewang today. so while waiting, i will repost one of my most favorite Bae Yong Joon stories. this is the story im not getting tired of reading many many times. perhaps many of our baesisters are very familiar with this especially the sisters who have been a fan since 2002 or even before the hallyu boom. but for the newer ones, i hope you will enjoy reading it. this was taken from pricilla's old blog (can no longer access her site). she collated different BYJ news and articles and formed it into a story. THIS IS QUITE LONG...  here it is:..." 

Priscilla... Searching for Yong Jun

Who is this man... BYJ? 
He doesn't want a FAN CLUB. He doesn't have a Fan Club. Regardless of that, his sites are one of the most visited in the HINET society of Korea. His agency, following his reserved and elusive style, is said to be as reserved and quiet. Not many press releases... they don't promote him much. However, just like the way my pen-pal wrote, "BYJ doesn't need to be promoted, his fans can do that for free...he...he...he..." She was actually telling me her own experience with another of her "Korean idols" and how quiet BYJ's agency is, in comparison.

His fans are said to be different too, to the extent that many fans call themselves the fans of "BYJ's fans". In a way, I believe in this since my present condition has been brought upon by the "free promotional activities" done by "them". Following this tradition, I am now continuing the trend...
While YJ walks forward, let me bring you some steps back to examine his footsteps. This is the only way to know anything about this most elusive man: Bae Yong Jun.

After watching 99% of BYJ's works, I had ranked them in order of quality, starting from the poorest, all the way to the best.
9). Love Greeting (a.k.a. Salute D'Amore)
8). TV Specials:
-Tae Poong (Sea Wind)
-Six steps towards breaking up
7). Papa
6). A Sunny Place of the Young
5). Barefooted Youth
4). The First Love
3). Hotelier
2). Winter Love Song
1). Have We Really Loved?

It was pretty hard to rank the top 3 since each of them are top quality dramas. But I finally decided... and I shall explain myself later.
Let me now list them in chronological order now:
1994. Love Greeting
1995. A Sunny Place of the Young
1994-95: TV Specials:
-Tae Poong (Sea Wind)
-Six steps towards breaking up
1996. Papa
1997. The First Love
1998. Barefooted Youth
1999. HWRL?
2001. Hotelier
2002. Winter Love Song

Can you see a pattern? Except for a few setbacks, the quality of his dramas improved as time goes by. One reason is obvious: his acting skills has improved. The other reason could be : he chooses his projects carefully. While "raising the bar" each time, "the raised bar" is only high enough for him to jump, without falling. 

In this waiting window for the release of his debut movie "SCANDAL", some are wondering if he has over-challenged himself. Looking at his past though, I would think he is aware of his own shortcomings, and that he knows what he's doing. Instead, I wonder, "Does he know what he was doing when he was cast as the main character for <<Love Greeting>>? Does he have any idea how much his life would change after that?"

Love Greeting 1: Take Charge of Your Destiny

A word from the author:
The following is the combination the numerous articles I've read plus my own interpretation =) I have tried to be as factual as possible. Thus, I didn't "invent" any names I weren't aware of. I would like everyone to contribute and help me in this quest. If you know of anything I have written that contradicts with the truth, please feel free to post it or e-mail to me at lovepriscillausa@aol.com. (If you know the source, that would be even better. Sometimes, I couldn't remember the source either...) One thing I didn't include was his love life. I feel that's too personal (might just mention it but on passing only). Thank you to all, and hope you enjoy it!!!
 It was the year 1993, in front of Walker Hill Hotel. Many cameras and flash lights were set. People were walking in a hurry, some were even running. It looked like they were filming a movie: "A woman I want to love vs. a woman I want to marry." A young man just walked in, carrying a heavy amplifier, a little excited and anxious. He is tall and slender, with a clean-cut appearance. He seemed to be observing the place very carefully, and deep in thought. "Maybe today would be his lucky day."

He has been working at this joint-movie-company for many months, hoping to learn all he could about the process of movie-making... in order to become an actor. But all this time, he has been busy at the office, doing paper-work and other menial tasks. Today though, he was sent to the filming-site and he was ready to grab the opportunity.

"Hey you, boy! Come over here!" The head of staff was calling him. "Go down the street and make sure cars don't come in when we start shooting." So this was it. Another day would go by without him getting any closer to his goal. With a sigh, he walked away.

Who was he fooling anyway? Even though many people had suggested he should go into show business, he hadn't thought about it, at least not until last year. But when all other things failed him, he decided to give it a try. His mother wasn't too happy with the decision, telling him that he didn't have the personality for it. He is well aware of that, but he couldn't just sit there and rum about his inabilities. At least people told him he has the looks to succeed. The rest, he could make up for by sheer hard work. His father is a fighter, and he himself has fought enough to know nothing comes easily in life. On the other hand, if one tries hard, good may come out. It is a very good thing that his father hasn't opposed his decision, "It's your life ... Take charge of your own destiny." Maybe his father just know him too well, that he wouldn't change his mind easily. Besides, what else could he do, since he has flunk the college entrance exam? That is better than becoming a bum...

That day, as he was blocking the road making sure cars didn't go in, he felt like a bum. He isn't a teenager anymore, and his father is aging quickly. As the older child and the only son, he felt the responsibility of taking care of his family. When will he be able to do that? As for now, he couldn't even afford a cup of coffee.

Suddenly, he realized that that day was over, and the setup crew was dismantling the place. He started to walk, looking at the place, looking at the movie poster, picturing in his mind what it'll be like to be the face in that poster. As he was doing so, he caught sight of Son Chang Min. He was the main character in the movie. He also remembered watching him since he was a boy... and he was walking towards him!

"Herm herm... pardon sir, how are you doing?" Mr. Son stopped to look at him, "Hi, are you one of the staff?" To that, he replied, "Yes, and I'm going to be an actor." "I see. Do your best!" Not knowing what else to say, he just smiled. Maybe, today isn't a bad day after all.

Winter 1994. They were still filming "A woman I want to love vs. a woman I want to marry." Lately, he has been spending most of his time at the filming site, but he isn't that excited anymore. From time to time, he worked with the camera. That was fun! But most of the time, he was too busy running errands he couldn't learn anything interesting. It was freezing cold. Everyone seemed to be coughing and getting sick. "Hey boy!" It was the head of staff. Couldn't the man remember his name? He isn't a boy! Come on, he is 21!... "Bring coffee for everyone!" Oh dear, how on earth was he supposed to bring coffee for all of these people? He hasn't received his salary yet. And that man didn't look like the generous type either.

After crossing out different possibilities, he figured the only thing he could do was to knock at the doors of the residents and ask for some. He is shy and proud and would rather die than do that. But what else could he do? Besides, older women usually like him, especially when he smiles, that bright tender smile.

By the end of the day, after having passed the coffee around, he washed the pot and the coffee mug, containing a laughter as he remembered the surprised look of the housewife over such a crazy request. He couldn't believe he has just done that! What a kind lady, isn't she?

It was really late when he was done with everything, but he didn't feel like going home. That had been a strange day, and he felt he had learnt a good lesson about pride, but his pocket was still empty and he didn't seem to be getting anywhere closer to his goal. He ran towards a pay phone and called his friend. No one picked up. He looked at his watch. It was closed to mid-night. Well, he knew his friend was home, so he must be sleeping. He smiled cunningly. After ringing a dozen times, someone finally picked up: "He...llow... " It was the sleepy voice of Kwon Ohjoong. "Are you sleeping? It's me, I'm done for the day." "... ... !!" "OK, then, go back to sleep."

The next day, he went inside the empty performing arts studio and changed. Someone hit him from his back. He turned around, startled. It was Kwon Ohjoong, wearing his Karate uniform, ready to pay him back for the good night greeting. But he wasn't going to just stand in there. He too, knows martial arts. Thus stumbling and screaming, they both threw more than their fists on each other, exchanging extravagant words that could not be spoken to anyone else without raising one's blood. It went on like that for like an hour, and they both fell flat on the floor, panting.

"Ohjoong... Why are we doing this for?"

"Oh no, there you go again! Why do you have to analyze everything? We both want to be performers, our kind sunbae* found this academy that would give us acting lessons for free. Although the school closed down, we should be thankful we can still use this place to practice."
His friend was right, as usual. He always has a positive attitude. That's why he could talk about everything with Ohjoong, from cars to girls, work and study. He never know such a friend before.
"What are you thinking of? Move your butt up and let's practice... for our bright future!" Yes, he thought to himself, "for our bright future..." Surely such day would come. But why do he still have that lingering doubt? 

Later the same year, he tried his luck in another film-company, but things didn't look more promising than before. Actually, this one seemed to be financially shaken. They were in the process of making a movie called "Pilgu," which seemed to be a never ending project. At least he was glad he has learnt how to play around with the camera. Besides, he was asked by the director to play as an extra, a friend of the main character, Lee Min Woo. In a way, he realized they were trying to cut the production cost, which meant he would not be paid. But that was the least of his worries for he has appeared at other movies before, as a no name figure. Anything was fine, as long as he could get more exposure. Then, it seemed that he might not even get his monthly salary. His family has been patient enough with him. But he has bills to pay: a manager who kept insisting on being by his side, a new acting school he attended ... and what of his Ellantra car? Should he sell it? His manager has insisted he needed a car, but now he would rather give up his manager than his car! The only thing that kept his hopes up was what the instructor told him: that he has potential. His manager Shin Tackki said that too-- too many times! -- but it was different hearing that from his acting coach.

"For heaven's sake, stop thinking!" Ohjoong had parked his "Aquiles" car on the side walk, and was signaling for him to hop in. His good and faithful manager was there too. But why wasn't he too happy to see him? "Where were you? I've been looking for you everywhere." Mr. Shin explained that there was a new KBS drama that would start soon and they were looking for new faces. "The audition is tomorrow." He went on explaining that it was a mini-series about college students. And the producers were none other than Jeon Gisang P.D. and Yoon Sukho P.D. Really? Tomorrow? That meant they only had one day to prepare! He wasn't ready... "Calm down," he thought to himself. "It's just an audition." He'd been disappointed before, so he wanted to take it easy. It was a good thing that Ohjoong would go with him. They still have the entire day to practice and Ohjoong was amazing at improvising. Besides, their motto has always been, "If it doesn't happen, make it happen." 

When he entered KBS Studio the next day, there were not many people at the hall since he was there early. People slowly started to come in. Kwon Ohjoong came running, nervous and excited at the same time. "I couldn't sleep all night," he complained. "It's alright. Let's just try our best, the way we always do." He said that out-loud, more to assure himself than to anyone else. The hall grew silent. The producers and others in charge were entered. He recognized one of them from an article he had recently read: Jeon Gisang P.D.

Ohjoong auditioned first. Watching at his friend, he couldn't help but laugh... Ohjoong had this gift of making people laugh. He himself went on stage much later. After 8 hours of long waiting, the names of the cast were finally called out. "Kwon Ohjoong..." Wow, he was really happy for his friend! Actually, he had known Ohjoong would make it. More names were being called. He was losing hope that he himself would be cast, the chances getting slimmer. Only the main character's name wasn't called out yet, "Bae Yongjun..." 

At first, it didn't hit him. He wasn't sure if he had heard right. Jeon P.D. was calling him, giving him some further instructions, smiling at him and congratulating him. It was only outside that he realized what had just happened. His father has told him, "Take charge of your destiny." Then, at that moment, he feels confident, he could really do that. At once, he screamed and jumped with joy!

to be continued..... 

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