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Sunday, September 30, 2012

[News] The One makes history on ‘I Am a Singer 2′

"Remember the news that BYJ sent text message for The One?? and now....  The World-Class Korean singer was born!!! Congratulations...!! Join  KeyEast please... hehehe" (^__^)v
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source: allkpop

Artist and singer The One broke a record on ‘I Am a Singer 2‘ by becoming the fastest-ever singer to ‘graduate’ from the program.

The show revolves around top-tier singers competing against each other to win first place. Once an artist wins a certain number of times, that artist is granted the honor of ‘graduation’ from ‘I Am a Singer 2′.

After belting out a beautiful rendition of Jo Sung Mo‘s “Do You Know“, he found himself competing for first place with Lee Young Hun. The winner was revealed to be The One, cementing his claim to fame as the singer to have the shortest amount of time between entrance and graduation on the program.

With a record-breaking three consecutive first-place wins under his belt, The One took his leave from the program with an honorable graduation.

Check out his jaw-dropping performance below.

 Original source Newsen via Nate

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