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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Monday, March 12, 2012

[Info/VOD] 'MY BYJ' 1st ANNIVERSARY - Thank You

Dear All,

Today, March 12th is the 1st anniversary of this blog 'MY BYJ'... ^__^  Therefore I would like to thank those who have become a members of 'MY BYJ': 
Irina-Lia, Ocet78, zerema, Mayra Rodriguez, Marwa, NorAin Zakaria, amabel bae, Normastikaidayu, rosely0n7_angeles, princess syaf, nagymama, Doina Florea, LazerKim, Llliya, EUZA, JeeSun, UapSian, jennifer_lo80. 
Thank you so much!! Very much appreciate it!! ^__^

And thank you also for those visitors of  'MY BYJ' from Poland, United States, Phillipines, Vietnam, Romania, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and so on... 
Although I do not know you one by one, but I am very pleased to meet you all even only virtually. Thank you so much for visiting 'MY BYJ', I really appreciate it. ^__^
And I also would like to thank the source of this blog, byjgallery, Bae' sister blog, yasai's blog, dearyongjoon, lovebaeyongjoon, soompi, hancinema, allkpop,KOB.... and many more which I can not mention it one by one. Thank you very much. Without you all, it was impossible I could fill this blog.
I believe we all gather here for only one reason, that is our love to 'Bae Yong Joon'.  So that, it's probably not right if I called this blog as 'MY BYJ' because since when BYJ became mine only????? .... hahhahaha ... =))) But please do not misunderstand with the title, because actually I just want each of us, feel closer to him every time you call ...'MY BYJ'. ^___^

Well, I apologize if this blog is still a lot of shortcomings, since this is my first experience to create a blog and became a fan of someone...hehehe.... but I will try to make it better in the future! (^__^)v

And last but not least, of course, my greatest gratitude is for 'Bae Yong Joon Nim', thank you so much to born into this world, and to stay alive. Thank you for choosing to become a star so i can get to know you. Although i can not see you but i know that you were there somewhere. Because you're a star who always shine in my heart.... Keep shinning my wonderful star... MY BYJ!! Thank you so much for being as wonderful as you!! ^___^

And finally, for the first anniversary of 'MY BYJ',  I've made a special video for you all, the members and visitors of 'MY BYJ' who I love very much. Please enjoy it!

Well, Let us continue to love and support our wonderful star 'Bae Yong Joon'.... !!
Stay happy and healthy always everyone.... ^___^

With Love

(note: If you like to watch the video full screen, please click the 'full screen' button at the bottom right corner on the video. Thank you!)


  1. Thank you dear for this pleasant present! ^_^
    I really glad to be one of your blog members!

    1. Dear Llliya, it's my pleasure.. Thank you so much for becoming a member. I'm glad to virtually meet you! ^__^