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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

[Flash Back] My younger brother's thoughts in seeing YJ

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originally posted by Loquita on JOB on 03.07.2005
japanese to english translation by mclara on BYJ's Quilt in 2005
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mclara : One of my friends forwarded me a posting from Loquita, one of Japan family on Japan OB. I just want to share this with you all. Hoping you enjoy...

I don’t want to be too personal, but my brother is a TV news writer and he reported YJ at the airport and press conference when he visited Japan last time.

He knows that his older sister, me, has a huge crush on YJ, even after I got married and gave a birth to my baby.

He told me that YJ was his very first man to make him think, “Really unbelievable,” as he was reporting, though he has much experience of reporting show business. Especially he found it fantastic that YJ has his own secret strength and makes enormous efforts toward his work; Yong Joon is strict to himself while he is tender to others around him. More than anything, he holds his attitude to treasure his fans, calling that they are his ‘family.’

Through his career on coverage, he has seen that most stars both from overseas and domestic often tell reporters, “I won’t answer to questions other than the targeted movie,” or they tend to brush off questions from reporters. Many of them even handle their fans so roughly. However, this man Bae Yong Joon responds faithfully and honestly to every one of the questions. Even though his staff tried to stop him, he said that some reporters seemed to ask more questions and he extended the inquiring time.

My brother says, “Then I found why BYJ has been loved by everyone. This gentleman was polite and sincere to us all the time, though his fans and reporters might have been truly annoying him—especially we, the reporters tend to be treated like nuisance anywhere."

After that, his coworkers of reporters (they are men!) became his ‘family’ one after another. On the day YJ was leaving this country, my brother completely forgot he was on his reporting and shouted out to YJ, “Yong Joon ssi, Saran heyo!” while he wanted to say, “Yong Joon ssi, Kamsa hamnida!” Of course, his microphone was on, and when he and his staff edited the scene, he found that his shout was recorded. In order to edit the whole news for the evening news program, the part was cut (good heavens, it was ‘man’s voice’ saying, ‘saran heyo.’)

Later, my brother told me that he felt that he was completely drawn into the man at that time.

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