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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[Flash Back] A Beautiful letter from Africa

 "Not much new news about our beloved BYJ lately, so I just wanted to post some an old post. This post is about a very touching long letter, was written by a fan of BYJ from Africa. Translated by baesister happiebb. And has been re-post by baesister dam-su in soompi.  
Thank you very much for sharing!! ^__^


Repost : dam-su/soompi
Original in Chinese: South African Swallow [nan-fei-xiao-yan] /
Translated into English: happiebb / www.loveyongjoon.com

Bae Yong Joon The Most Beautiful Time Difference

If knowing Bae Yong Joon is a destiny,
then, this destiny seems a tad late.

This is a small country in Africa.
I left my homeland and migrated here
some years before Yong Joon even started work on Winter Sonata.
As compared to North America, Australia, NZ and others, there ain’t that many Chinese here.
What we call Chinatown is but a not-too-busy street with maybe thirty or so small shops.
The newspapers here don’t even report much about news from my home country,
let alone entertainment news from Korea.
When Winter Sonata created waves after waves in the various places in Asia,
I knew nothing about him; I was just like a hermit residing in the deepest of forests.
But, that fated day that day I was supposed to get to know this man
it was late last year.
A friend from Hong Kong lent me this touching TV drama.
You can imagine what happened next. I embarked on my very own bae-fan journey,
a journey that most Bae sisters have long started out on.

Many people described Yong Joon as the Prince Charming of fans.
But it’s not totally appropriate in my case.
My feelings for him It’s not the admiration or adoration of a fan towards an idol.
Although I did get to know him through the TV screen,
and yes, I do like Jun Sahng, Min Hyung, Jaeho, Dong Hyuk
But my love is reserved for that complete and very real person, Bae Yong Joon.
Not just the part of him that’s an actor,
and definitely not any of those fictitious characters he’s played.

Of course I do not know much about the man outside of his role and identity as an actor.
What I do know is from indirect sharing.
But that’s the most incredible and amazing part of it all.
I feel he’s not a stranger, he’s not alien or unfamiliar to me at all.
Instead, he’s like a good friend I’ve know for years,
or even a family member whom I love and am so close to.
He just feels so familiar, so close.
This is not quite the sort of infatuation or obsession between a man and a woman either.
Although he does have the characteristics that can mesmerize women,
he’s not my dream lover’.
I’ve long past the stage of a young girl weaving lovey-dovey daydreams.
Come one day when he falls in love with a special someone, when he gets married,
I will feel immensely happy for him.
And I will give him my warmest and most sincere of wishes and blessings.

Towards him
I’ve only got the feeling of admiration between a human being and another,
very pure and very simple.
This appreciation for him transcends all racial, geographical, gender and even age borders.
Not only am I convinced by his wonderful acting,
I’m swept away by how a person can be this outstanding, this special.
His gentleness and elegance, his steadfastness and wisdom,
his sincerity and earnestness, his perseverance and determination,
his unique independence and unwillingness to be bond by any precedence
The more one knows about him, the more attracted and drawn to him one will be.
Unconsciously, unwillingly, and very naturally.
He’s like the fire in the winter nights, bringing warmth and light to the people,
letting us feel the beauty of life.
I thought I saw the smile of an angel on him.

Critics would always say his perfectness’ is just something
that’s been artificially designed, created and managed.
To this, I just smile.
My heart is not drawn to him because he’s perfect.
The truth is, I don’t believe there are perfect beings in this world at all.
Feelings, desires and urges are within each and every one of us.
When faced with the troubles, distractions, temptations and stress of the world,
all of us will have our weak moments, or we will feel lost sometimes.
There will be a dark side that we hide away from others.
I think this is just being human.
And Yong Joon as a human being,
with all his vulnerability and weak moments,
makes him more real to us, and it makes him all the more closer to us.

I’m not in love with a God;
the person I love is a human being, made of flesh and blood.
What I admire most about him is
how he would pull himself together when he’s down and out,
how he rises to the challenge, how he overcomes obstacles,
and how, knowing his own imperfections, he betters and improves himself.

Our existence, the reason why the family is here, is not to idolise or worship him.
But to give him endless care and love, to give him support and encouragement,
and to hope that each day, he will do even better than the day before,
and take baby steps towards perfection.
Because there’s love, we are tolerant and understanding,
and we can accept imperfection.

Like a sunflower always seeking the sun,
my eyes have been following him since last year.
From Korea, to Japan, Taiwan, China
I would feel the urge to just drop everything to follow him.
No, not to see him,
I just wanted to show how much I miss him and love him.
But, my elderly mother needs me at home,
there’re endless chores at home,
and there’s work to consider too.
And of course, I have to consider the financial aspect
of just dropping everything to fly here, there, everywhere.
There’re always burdens and responsibilities in life, aren’t there?
There’re always things to worry about.
It’s really difficult to break away from the daily life and patterns that have been set for so long.

When I see the other family members crossing miles, overcoming distance to go to him,
I admire and envy them.
I wonder If I really do see him,
would I forget myself and jump and scream just like the others?
Would I also cry and laugh at the same time like a mad woman?
But I’ve already crossed forty years of age,
I’ve long trained myself to be matured, steady, calm, collected and sensible.
Maybe, whatever reasons I have that stop me from pursuing him
are just excuses to hold myself back.
I do not want to be a star-chaser, and I’m even more afraid of being a fanatic.
It takes passion to chase a star, and it takes courage to become so fanatical.
And these two things seem to have slipped away the time when I lost my youth.
Should I be happy or sad?
Is this a good thing, or not, having lost both passion and courage?

The family in Korea
How I envy you for being able to live with him in the same country,
to be able to speak the same language, and to look up at the same blue skies.

The family in Asia
How I envy you for having his attention,
and can get to know his news in the first instance,
and also get to watch his new works and can even look forward to his visits.

As for me, living in this little place,
a place that’s never screened a Korean movie nor played a Korean TV drama
The Korean Current seems miles and miles away.
Even if I ‘oe chul’, the distance is really much too far,
it’s not somewhere I can just take off and land in.
There’re no fan meetings here,
and I can’t find any news about him in the newspapers and magazines,
I can’t find any merchandise that’s even remotely related to him.
It’s not easy to watch his works.
Not easy at all.

I’m just like an orphan in a foreign place;
I feel as though I’m chasing a lonely dream every night,
and I can’t find a place out at all.
So, I started to wander around in different websites.
It is only on the Internet that I can find families who admire and love him just like I do.
I thank all these families who hail from different countries.
Although we come from all over the world,
our hearts get to beat together because of the same man.
We share the same focus, the same joy, the same anticipation and dream.

Through your eyes, I see his tall and handsome silhouette.
Through your ears, I hear his greetings and wishes for his family.
Through your hands, I feel the warmth that emanated from him when you shook hands.

Finally, I no longer envy you.
I only feel grace and thankfulness in my heart now.

Thank you, Yong Joon.
Even though there’s a huge gap between us,
a gap and distance that seems almost uncrossable.
But to be able to live in the very same era as him,
to be able to know such an outstanding and special person in my lifetime,
I already feel happy and contented enough.

Whenever I think of him,
it’s like having found a place to come home to in my heart.
It’s like I’ve found a sacred garden where my heart can take a rest when I feel so tired in life.
I’m not sure when,
but his every word and every word have become a source of energy and motivation
that propels me to go on when I face difficulties in life.

Thank you, Yong Joon.
It’s him who has taught me that
there’s still love no matter how many years have gone by,
and no matter how much I’ve experienced in life.

Thank you, family.
It’s your selfless contribution and effort that has built this bridge,
this rainbow that allows me to fly across the miles to be close to him.

Thank you, family.
Your passionate pursuit is a wonderful substitute
for my cowardice in expressing our support and love for him.

Thank you, family.
It’s your widespread wings that have made me open up my heart
to finally find someone I can confide in and share with.
Although I seem to belong to the silent majority online,
although I appear like a calm and collected bystander,
my heart is in fact fired up and raging on with passion.
Because of you, I’m no longer a lone figure,
I’m no longer someone abandoned on no man’s land.

The sun will only rise over at my side when it has set over at your side.
This is the time difference between Yong Joon and I,
something that cannot be changed.
However, this is also the most beautiful time difference.
For me, waiting has already become a habit.
Just like waiting for the ripples from the aftermath of the Bae-whirlwind,
waiting for the ripple effects to reach me from places so faraway.
But what’s different is that when it finally reaches me,
its power to touch my heart is still intact.
The core of the whirlwind is still the name that sparkles and shines
– Bae Yong Joon.

For a person this special, for a piece of work this good,
all the waiting in the world will be worth it.
And all the standing by and waiting patiently is also sweet and nice.
Although he will not know there’s me,
although he will not hear my voice echoing from so faraway,
all these are not important.

I believe.
At this time, in the many different places all over the world,
there will be quite many family members just like me.
Even though we will never, ever see him in our entire lives,
we will still hold the love serenely in our hearts.
And we would continue to give our love too, and not ask for anything in return.
And we don’t need him to know either.
So long as he’s still trying to live his life earnestly over at the other side of the world,
so long as his days are rich and fruitful, so long as he’s happy,
that’s all we ask for.
That will be our greatest reward.

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