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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

[Photos|info] BYJ Official Site | Staff blog (2015/02/03) - with English Translations

"Since this is a good news, so I tried to translate this info to everyone of you, but because I did not understand Japanese language at all..hihih...  so I use the Google translator to help me translate it into Korean first, then after that I tried to translate it  into English, so if you find any mistake in this translations, I apologize, and feel free to corrections. This is just a rough translation. Well, thank you very much for sharing this valuable photos and information to us. Very much appreciated!" ^__^ *HAPPY*

 source: usamama's blog (thankss!!)^^









Rough translation
(By Shinara)

Staff Blog


Pictures of Mr. Yong Joon's signing gifts has arrived

Long time no see you, everyone. This is staff I !

So happy today to know that pictures from Mr. Yong Joon has arrived.

On the last New Year's gift's plan, many applications has been received. And the calendar for those lucky people has arrived.

Actually, I'd like to deliver to all of you but... Mr. Yong Joon's hands will be numb (~~:)

Will be called! !

Well,  i'm trying to give you all a written report about the pictures of Mr. Yong Joon's signing gifts!  

To all BYJ's mobile member only. Here i send you the pictures!

Take a look!






Rough translation 
(By Shinara)

I'm so happy to see Mr. Yong Joon's earnest expression and dignified appearance... *tears

And  about  this plan of Mr. Yong Joon's suggestion is "For the members who send a birthday card in 2014, the surprise gift has arrived!" 
Special planning of the mobile site has been realized.  

Mr. Yong Joon also cherish to give a sign in a book of "A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty" to the selected person with the name of the person in Korean.





Rough translation 
(By Shinara)

The concern is to give a surprises to everyone  
In the future we strive to realising the planning of the connecting between Mr. Yong Joon and his family.

So once again our staff now provided a surprise of a valuable photo!

See you again

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