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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Thursday, February 19, 2015

[misc] Should i do this??^^

"This post is just for fun.. ^__^v.  Have you watch drama "Kill Me, Heal Me"?? I know about this drama from Keyeast page. And one of the Keyeast artist also play in this drama.

But, why do I bring this drama to this blog now? Because today I read some of a rude comments about BYJ's break-up news from some people (which is i believe they are non fans). And as his fan, it really hurts to read that- yeah!! straight to the heart...BANG!!! TTTT 

Therefore, i thought about what I should do then, and somehow some of these scenes appeared in my mind... hihihi ^__^v

1. Should i do this to those who are talking rude about you??

2.   yeah, it hurts... *sigh*

3. So should i yell like this to them??

4. Or should i say like this??

5. Or simply just ignore it ... like this??

So...which one should i do then?? hahaha... =))  

Well, although this post is just for fun... But I am serious when I say it really hurts for me as his fan when I read those rude comments about him. I just hope BYJ did not read those comment... 안돼요!!  제발!! But don't worry, we're fans will always protect you with our love and prayers! ^__^


  1. Shinara, you are such a sweetheart! You do so much to protect him through your blog and videos, maybe more than your share. But remember, as we say here in the USA--HATERS GONNA HATE. Maybe they say that everywhere.

    Though they are educated they remain witless, mannerless and unredeemable. I say, use every weapon listed in your GIFs! They can't overcome their betters!! We will overcome. Take the fight to them. Keep bloggin' girl.

  2. Dear TBeste, glad to hear from you. Thank you very much for your comment. Very much appreciated^^. Well, actually, one of my reason to opened this blog is to spread more love than hate. Therefore, it is very painful for me as his fan, if I read a rude comment about him, but I do not know what i should do for him.

    And as you can see, although i was sad and angry to those who wrote a rude comment about him, I was not able to do the same thing as they did to him to them. So how can I fight to them??
    I may not have the ability to change peoples's heart, but I know what I should do with my heart. Therefore for me the only way I can do to protect him, is not to fight with the haters, but simply protect him with my love and my prayers for him. Because I always believe in the power of love and prayers will be able to conquer all. ^__^.
    Well, have a wonderful weekend!^^