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Thursday, May 24, 2012

[News] Kim Soo Hyun Will be Staying with Key East; FA Rumors Not True


Kim Soo Hyun plans to stay with his current agency, Key East, at least until his enlistment.

Recent rumors stated that Kim Soo Hyun’s contract with Key East would expire early next year, making him a free agent (FA), but a rep from Key East explained, “We’ve signed a five year contract with Kim Soo Hyun. We still have a lot of time left in his contract.”

The rep said, “We signed an exclusive contract in January 2010 after seeing his impressive acting in the dramas Will It Snow for Christmas? and Giant, and he continued to grow with the company through Dream High and The Sun and the Moon. Such rumors that say he signed a three year contract or that he receives 50 million won per episode are all not true. We believe his fame is bringing on such rumors. We’ll continue to support Kim Soo Hyun so that he can grow to become a bigger actor.”

Kim Soo Hyun won the Excellent Acting Award in television at the Paeksang Art Awards held in April.

At the ceremony, he showed his attachment to his company, saying, “I miss Bae Yong Jun.” Kim Soo Hyun continues to boast ties with Bae Yong Jun as he came to work with Bae Yong Jun’s manager, director Shin Hyo Jung, making it more improbable that he may be leaving his agency.

Kim Soo Hyun is currently active as the model of 16 different products and is also planning to sign two or three more modeling contracts, meaning he’ll be busy for the time being.

The agency rep added, “He has a schedule full of ad shoots until June. From July he’ll start promoting for the film The Professionals and will enter schedules for his next film Be Covert, Be Great. He’s recently becoming more popular in China due to The Sun and the Moon, so he may be promoting overseas also.”

Reporter : Lee, InKyung (judysmall@cj.net)

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