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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

[News] Bae Yong Joon caddies for Bae Sang Moon and hangs with Kevin Na at The Masters Par 3 Contest

source: Allkpop

Korean actor Bae Yong Joon is in the United States at the world famous Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

It's Masters Week for golf fans and it appears Korean golfer Bae Sang Moon invited the famous actor to Augusta to caddie for him for The Masters Par 3 Contest. Fellow Korean golfer Kevin Na also posted a photo with Bae Yong Joon. Bae Sang Moon is currently 11th on the PGA Money list as he has won $1,863,411 out of 11 events in 2015 while Kevin Na is ranked 22nd as he won $1,262,022 out of 12 events in 2015.

A Key East representative stated that Bae Yong Joon is good friends with Bae Sang Moon and the actor accepted the golfers invitation to caddie at The Masters Par 3 contest.

Kevin Na hashtagged Bae Yong Joon in an Instagram post earlier today.

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