"Who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor and money... "
"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Thursday, April 2, 2015

[Artworks] BYJ inspired | Paper Cutting of The Legend, April Snow, Gorilla in the Cafe

"BYJ has inspired many people in many ways. And this post below has written by one of Bae sister, Nancy from USA. I remember she once told me that she wanted to send a gift to BYJ, and she sent me some of these pictures of a beautiful and unique artworks. WOW!!
Therefore I asked her whether she wanted to share them with us, BYJ Family. And how happy I am, because it turns out she agrees to share them with us, through this blog "MY BYJ". Thank you very much dear Nancy. Very much appreciated!! <333
Written by Nancy 
(Posted by Shinara in 'MY BYJ')

I discovered Bae Yong Joon (and Kdrama) approximately three years ago, which makes me a newbie among the BYJ family.  I saw a clip in a multifandom vid of Winter Sonata and it made me want to see the drama...which I did.  And, of course, just like millions of others, I was captivated by BYJ's performance.  This led me to watch all of BYJ's work that I could find available with english subtitles.  I also read everything I could find about him, including his amazing book, "A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty".  The more I knew of him, the more my admiration of him grew.  I have such respect for the way he handled the intense notoriety that followed "Winter Sonata" and the way he has chosen to maintain control over his career choices.  He is an impressive individual.  

Because of my love and admiration for BYJ, I wanted to devise a way to surround myself in my home work space with artwork that is BYJ inspired. A friend of mine who is an artist began creating paper cuttings and I commissioned her to create a series of four paper cuttings for this purpose.
The first two are from my favorite drama, The Legend.  One is a Dragon and the other is a Pheonix.   The Dragon represents the King, Damdeok. (I chose the Dragon because it symbolizes Power and Strength.)  

Photo 1. "Dragon" (credit Nancy/DalesioArt)

The Pheonix respresents Sujini (The Mistress of the Pheonix). I love this drama for the story as legend, for the sheer scale and scope of this epic drama, and most of all for BYJ's phenomenal, physical performance which had me mesmerized throughout. I thought it was brilliant!

Photo 2. "Phoenix" (Credit Nancy/DalesioArt)

The third paper cutting represents my favorite Korean movie, "April Snow". BYJ, as InSu, just stole my heart once again.  His performance in this movie is so beautiful and so touching.  So, I asked my friend to create a "Cherry Blossom" paper cutting to represent "April Snow".

Photo 3. "April Snow" (Credit Nancy/DalesioArt)

The fourth paper cutting represents BYJ's entrepreneurial pursuits, namely Gorilla in the Cafe.  I asked my friend to create a Gorilla paper cutting.  I love that BYJ takes those things that interest him, that he loves, and studies them intensely until he has a deep understanding of them.  Then he brings that interest and knowledge to life as a new business venture. Wonderful!!
Photo 4. "Gorilla" (Credit Nancy/DalesioArt)

Because BYJ is constantly changing and coming to us in new ways... so i have recently received my fifth, and newest, paper cutting.  It is a Dragonfly.  I chose this because the Dragonfly symbolizes "change in the perspective of self realization and the kind of change that has it's source in emotional maturity and the understanding of a deeper meaning of life."  BYJ is continually searching for ways to grow and evolve himself and his business and that is so inspiring...that was the inspiration for this choice.
Photo 5. "Dragon Fly" (Credit Nancy/DalesioArt)

So, the first four hang over my desk in my home office space.  This is where I spend my computer time.  I call it "My Happy Place".  Of course, I am happy wherever I am, so perhaps I should call this "My Happiest Place" ^__^


  1. Dear shinara and Nancy,

    It has been a long time since a Bae-sister has expressed in such an inspiring -- and inspired -- way.

    Thank you both for sharing!


    1. Dear gosijo, my pleasure!^^ Thank you very much for visiting this blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!! ^__^