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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[News] The late Kim Jong-Hak director's funeral, actors Bae Yong-Jun, Jo In-Sung paying respects to him

source: soompi/damsu (thankss!)
Original Source: Innolife

Stars went to the funeral for the director Kim Jong-Hak who suddenly died. At the funeral of Kim Jong-Hak directer who suddenly died on 23rd morning, there were funeral guests who worked with him, such as Bae Yong-Jun, Jo In-Sung, Go Hyun-Jung, Park Sang-Won, Chae Shi-Ra, Choi Min-Soo, and Lee Ji-Ah. At Cha hospital in Bundang, Gyunggi-do, Go Hyun-Jung and Park Sang-Won who worked with Kim Jong-Hak for 'Sandglass', 'Eyes of Dawn', visited and cried for farewell.

At Asan hospital in Pungnapdong, Seoul, there were funeral parade also. Choi Min-Sik and Chae Shi-Ra who worked with him for 'Sandglass', 'Eyes of Dawn', go to pay their respects to the deceased, and Jo In-Sung appeared at 'Great Ambition' in his early age, cried saying "I hope he would be happy in heaven." Bae Yong-Jun who joined with him for 'The Legent' also visited the funeral. Bae Yong-Jun was there for long time, receiving condolers.

Meanwhile the director Kim Jong-Hak was found at a building in Bundang, Gyunggi-do. Police is assuming that he killed himself.

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