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Monday, July 22, 2013

[Info] You Tube Banner For The New YouTube 2013 Layout - CS6

 source: YouTube

Hello everyone!! There was Bae-Sister who asked me, how to make a YouTube Banner? And if there anyone of you who have the same question as her. For reference, you can click the link below to view the video tutorial which helped me alot.. heheh^__^  
And I've also put the link to download your YouTube template banner. But this can only be used for those who use the program  'Adobe Photoshop CS6'. So i apologized for those who use other programs.
But I also have made some banner for you all...hihihi^^ ... if you like it you can try to use it on your channel. And if you want to add your names on the bannerfeel free!^^ 
And hopefully i will make more in the future... ^__^v. Enjoy!!

Please click the link below (tutorial)


For You! Enjoy! ^___^

Note: The image that will appear on your channel only the central part of the image. So that's the best place if you want to add your channel's name. You can see on the example below (this is my new You Tube banner... )  hehehe ^__^v. But of course you can create your own style....  Well, enjoy! Hope it helps. Good luck! ^__^

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