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Friday, January 25, 2013

[JOB news] Gorilla in the Cafe open commemorative tour

Source: lovebaeyongjoon

original source: JOB

Hello, everyone.
Cold days continue, how are you doing?

Thank you for waiting!
We are bringing you news on the tour that we have received so many requests.

I am sure many of you already know that “Gorilla in the Cafe” has opened in Hawaii.

This time we have decided to organize “Gorilla in the Cafe open commemorative tour” to commemorate it’s opening!

■ tour schedule
A course: Sunday 24 February 2013 – Friday 1 March (6days/4nights) by IACE travel
B course: Monday 25 February 2013 – Saturday 2 March (6days/4nights) by KNT

■ event dates
Monday 25 February, Tuesday 26 February

■ tour points
1) Coffee brewed by Bae Yong Joon himself will be offered to everyone at “Gorilla in the Cafe” at Hawaii
2) gift of “Gorilla in the Cafe” original coffee tumblers
3) gift of Bae Yong Joon original goods

[applying period]
18:00 Tuesday 22 January 2013 – 18:00 Thursday 24 January 2013
[tour details + how to apply]

1) IACE (A course) details here
2) KNT (B course) details here

==== omit details on two travel agents ====

★ apart from this “Gorilla in the Cafe open commemorative tour,” there will be other package tours (5days/3nights, 6days/4nights, 7days/5nights) in February and March, which will take you to Gorilla in the Cafe.

We wait for your participation.
tour will be organized by IACE travel details here

tomato99: to be honest, this was not the kind of news i was hoping to hear from BYJ.
Ah, it seems we still need to be MORE patient till we can hear any news of BYJ as an actor.

while we wait, let’s pray that lucky 400 fans who will be attending this tour have a great time with BYJ and that bits of information will be shared to all other fans who will be staying home turning green with envy.

Oh, i wish i can have a cup of coffee brewed by BYJ!

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