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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

[info/pics] BYJ in the cafe!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!  

I just came back from my short vacation. Ohhh how I missed Bae's world so much... ^__^   
And although it was only a short vacation, but it seems I've already missed a lot of BYJ's news.. hihihi... Thanks to Bae-sisters who are very kindly for keep updating the news about our wonderful man BYJ. Thank you so much. Very much appreciate it! ^__^v

I went to Bali for vacation. So, I did not follow him to Hawaii... hehehe..... although I wish that my plane will land in Honolulu instead of Bali... heheh.. But unfortunately it did not happen... hehehe ^__^v

Well, I guess I do not have to re-post the news that I've already missed because i'm sure that most of you have read that news, such as;

- 'Gorilla in the Kitchen' in seoul has been closed... uuuuu TT. Sad to hear that. Actually I'd love to visit, but unfortunately I have not visited yet... (><);;


- And another news, surely you've also seen the video when he was in the Honolulu airport, where there was a reporter who's waiting for him. I just felt, that was unnecessary for the reporter to touched his shoulder like that. Because  if he did not want to give any comment, the reporter should have just let him go.
So maybe, for safety reasons, next time he better off  not to travel far alone. So no one can touch him ​​like that again. (^__^)v



And for today's post.....

Source: lovebaeyongjoon 

reposting from Gorilla in the Cafe FB

Big Boss roasting today.

Big Boss playing with a new dripper.

Mini coffee lab

The big boss in the cafe!!!!

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