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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

[trans] Yonsama ‘singing debut’

source: lovebaeyongjoon

Original Source: JoseiJishin
25 December 2012
Japanese to English: tomato99@LoveBaeYongJoon

Bae Yong Joon will make his debut as a singer with “Animation Winter Sonata Memorial Album” which will be on sale on 20 March 2013. This album will include 13 songs. One of the song will be that “From The Beginning Until Now” in Korean sang by Yonsama. Ju Ji Hoon will also participate in the album.

“Recording was done in autumn in Seoul. DVD with Yongjoon-san’s music video ‘From The Beginning Until Now’ and recording scenes will be added as bonus.” (music related party)

Yonsama always said he is ‘poor at singing’ but ‘change’ occurred in 2012.
“Year 2012 was a major milestone for Yongjoon-san as he had turned to his forties and 10th anniversary for airing of drama ‘Winter Sonata.’ Also, it is second death anniversary for Park Yong Ha, actor who co-stared in ‘Winter Sonata.’ Yongjoon-san must have decided on his ‘singing debut’ to show his gratitude to his family who still love ‘Winter Sonata.’” (previously mentioned party)

In 2005, at an interview for movie “April Snow,” he talked to Korean media about his ‘mission.’
“I am not a politician. I am an actor to exchange culture and work to link people’s heart to heart. We have to create ‘Asian wave.’”

In 2012, Japan-Korean relationship deteriorated because of Takeshima (Dokdo in Korea) issue.
“Under current situation, he has passion to ‘unite Asia as one!’ and work to bridge between Japan-Korea. Full-scale come back may be promising in 2013.” (previously mentioned party)
There may be announcement on long-awaited next project in the new year!?

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