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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[News] Key East Entertainment to venture into the Chinese market

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Source: Star N News / koreaboo  

On July 30th, Key East Entertainment took its first major step into the Chinese market by signing a contract with Chinese entertainment agency Star Lake Agency. Through the contract, Key East Entertainment will be able to allow its stars to promote actively in China with the assistance of Star Lake Agency.

Key East houses many large names including actor Bae Yongjoon, singer and actor Kim Hyunjoong, actress Lim Soojung, actor Joo Jihoon, actor Kim Soohyun, and actress Choi Kanghee. Thus, the contract with Star Lake Agency will significantly further the popularity of Key East’s stars in China.

Regarding the contract, Key East stated, “Artists in our company, such as Joo Jihoon, Kim Soohyun, and Kim Hyunjoong, barely have any opportunities to promote in China, but we discovered through SNS that they are extremely popular there. For example, Kim Hyunjoong, who opened a Weibo this past June, has over 230,000 followers. This number was way beyond our expectations. Therefore, we are really excited to see what will happen once we begin working with Star Lake Agency.”

Key East will be working with Star Lake Agency to promote their stars through websites, cell phone texts, and other digital means.

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