"Who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor and money... "
"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[MV] BYJ - Happy Birthday 29/8/2012

"Hello everyone,  I just came back from my short vacation to Bali.. ^__^
 And now I would like to dedicate this video to our wonderful star BYJ on his 40th birthday. Though maybe this is just a simple gift, but I made ​​it with all my heart... ^__^. Please enjoy it. Thanks for watching! ^__^
 source: YouTube/shinara17

On your birthday i wish you only smiles and joy.. ^__^
I want all of your wishes to come true
May there be new beginnings...
May this year be full of memories and wonderful moments!
May each minutes and second be filled with happiness
and may this birthday be perfect for you!!

I wish you good health and happiness in life today and always..!!

Happy Birthday dear BYJssi!!!!! We love you so much!! ^__^

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