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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[News] “Rose d’Or” global television festival in Switzerland

source: lovebaeyongjoon

As i have posted an article from The Korean Herald on 1 March 2012, “Dream High” is nominated in the youth category of Rose d’Or, a global television festival in Switzerland.
(click HERE to read the article.)

Rose d’Or Festival takes place from 7 to 10 May 2012, and here are nominees for YOUTH category;

Leonardo. Wing and a Prayer
Kindle Entertainment for BBC

United Kingdom
An action-packed mystery and drama series for the whole family, Leonardo features a teenage Leonardo da Vinci and his friends and is set against the breath-taking backdrop of 15th century Florence. In Wing and a Prayer, Leonardo’s latest invention is ready for testing: a flying machine. It’s not just Leo putting himself in danger; Mac has double-crossed a shady merchant, Rizzo, who wants revenge. When Leo’s test flight fails and he crashes to the ground, Rizzo gives him an ultimatum. Leo’s got two days to deliver a working set of wings, or Mac will be the one to pay.

You’re Not a Werewolf
tvision GmbH for Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)

In this episode hosts Christine Henning and Ralph Caspers take a relaxed approach to the «longest full moon in life» – adolescence – and give special advice to teens: What to do if you desperately want a tattoo but your mother won’t allow it? Problem solver Wolfman has some unusual ideas. Like for 15 year old Anna who should, as a self-experiment, speak up for poor people and thereby get some crazy ideas of her own.

Dream High Korean Broadcasting System
South Korea
This show is about superstar hopefuls who enter into the fierce competition of the entertainment industry to get to the top. They all have flaws but draw on their talent and drive to overcome their shortcomings. While they receive the cold shoulder in the beginning, they work hard and turn naysayers into devoted supporters. The growth and rise of these «losers» will resonate with many young people and inspire hope. Following her father’s business failure, up-and-coming classical vocalist heroine ends up entering Kirin Arts High School after many twists and turns to discover the true world of music and dance.

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