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Sunday, April 1, 2012

[Flash Back] What makes a good fan?

"I guess every fan has their interpretations about how to be a good fan. And I respect all of any differences interpretations(^__^)v....  But what I want to share this time is the interpretations which expressed by 'joonsfamily', and has been repost by baesister bb on her blog on December 24th, 2005. This is one of my favorite interpretations about how to be a good fan. Thanks for sharing!". ^__^ 

Source: bb's blog
link  http://happiebb.blogspot.com/2005/12/putting-him-on-pedestal.html

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so, what makes a fan?
what makes a good fan?

i don't have the answer. i suspect this is one of those questions that do not have model answers. it means different things to different people, and different people will have their own interpretations of what a good fan is. but whatever it is, i do know comparing him to god, and putting him on pedestal are not it.

what's a good fan to me?
joonsfamily sums it up pretty neatly for me:


To laugh with him, to cry with him.
To protect him but give him the space to grow.
To give him a push when he needs a lift
but offers a safe shelter if he needs a rest.
To offer him suggestions
but respect his final decision.
To give him support and love him.
We may not be there for him.
He may not know each and everyone of us
but he will be able to draw strength and comfort from us…
For we are his family.

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