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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[News] Choi Ji Woo and Bae Yong Jun Meet Again?

source : http://www.enewsworld.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=2401&idxType=News#
by CJ E&M enewsWorld Ko Hong Ju

Choi Ji Woo opened up on an accidental encounter with Bae Yong Jun on the December 26 broadcast of SBS’ Healing Camp.

When asked what she does when she has free time, she said without hesitation, “I go to a nice café (where hot guys hang out) with friends.”

It was a café where she saw Bae Yong Jun by chance. Choi recollected, “At the moment when my friend said ‘Doesn’t Bae Yong Jun usually come to this kind of place?’ somebody was passing in front of us, and that was Bae Yong Jun.”

The reason that the episode attracted attention is the two were tied up in dating rumors in the past. Choi shared the episode without reserve, making viewers speculate they have been maintaining their friendship.

Choi said “I was so surprised and happy to see him, I called him loudly, ‘Oppa(older brother/guy)’ and Bae Yong Jun was also surprised.” She continued, “We talked to each other for a while. I asked, ‘Do you come to this kind of place?’ and he answered, ‘It hasn′t been that long since I started to visit this place, but I do come.”

Choi said, “When I go to a café, I always take a seat in a closed place even though I want to sit in an open place. But Bae Yong Jun sat by the window with his friend.”

When asked how he looked, she said, “He didn’t wear sunglasses, but anyone could notice him at a glimpse. He looked so young and awesome.”

Meanwhile, Choi also opened up about her difficulties in maintaining her mysterious image as an actress and candidly revealed how she debuted in the showbiz industry.

Photo credit: SBS

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