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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

[Info|Campaign] 'Hallyu News app [Smart Asia]' was OPEN!

"Good luck!!" ^__^v
source: ojaku's blog (thanks!)^^

For more info please click the link below: (japanese)





 スマートフォン対応「韓流ニュースアプリ【Smart Asia】がOPENしました!


 この【Smart Asia】のOPENを記念して、BYJモバイルサイトの会員の方を対象に「抽選で3名様!ペ・ヨンジュンから年賀状が届く!キャンペーンが決定!









rough translation
(google translated)

★ BYJ communication [extra New Year arrives! Campaign! ] ☆

Hi, this is Bae Yong Joon official site.

To everyone of BYJ mobile members, This is to inform you of the New Year arrives! Campaign from Yong Joon .

Smartphone corresponding "Hallyu News app [Smart Asia]" was OPEN!
The latest Korean Entertainment News, Yong's news of course, is can be checked at smartphone site.

This is to commemorate the OPEN of [Smart Asia], "3 people in the lottery! New Year's card arrives from Bae Yong Joon!" The target
towards to the members of BYJ mobile campaign decision ! !

Autograph of Yong Joon! Please apply by all means a large chance that New Year's card arrives.

Your application method is here ↓↓

[Application period]
January 12, 2015 (Monday) until 12:00 noon

Those of BYJ mobile member

mobile phone (not a smartphone BYJ mobile members like), please apply from your computer
Access to here!

★ BYJ smartphone
Access from smartphone to here!

We will wait for a lot of your application! !
* - * ☆ * - * ☆ *
★ BYJ official site
* - * ☆ * - * ☆ *

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