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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

[Old Trans] Bae Yong Joon as a man who I watched - by conductor of the 'April Snow' Concert

"Not much news about BYJ lately. Therefore, for now I just wanted to post an old article. Maybe some of you have read this article before.  And for me, it is very interesting to read people's opinions about BYJMoreover, this opinion was written by a man  (conductor of Tokyo Phil Orchestra). Even a man can also be amazed by him^^.. And i think, now, the juniors are also very fortunate to have a senior like BYJ, they better take this opportunity to learn a lot of positive things from him... " ^__^v


written by: 金聖響(KIM SEIKYO), a conductor of Tokyo Phil. Orchestra
source: http://blog.eplus.co.jp/seikyo/2005-09-01
translated in Korean by: Vivari Junni
translated in English by: Soil

Bae Yong Joon as a Man

Participants in yesterday's event were about 30,000
which I've never experienced in a performance before.
Orchestra plays without help of PA, so to speak, it is a live music.
So the maxium size of a hall can hold up to 3,000 people,
however, this time the place took in 30,000,
because of Bae Yong Joon, the man of towntalk.
I could take an advantage of my seat to watch him closely .
(The place where I was as a conductor was a VIP seat to observe him
and I could look at him just in front of me
and observe what were his charms. )
(vivari Junni: you could refer to his homepage if you want to know
the contents of the event in detail.)

I'd like to say my private thoughts.

When I met him in person, I could recognize
dignity, intelligence and tenderness in his manner of speaking and behavior,
and sort of continetal sized broad-mindedness.
He was always sincere, frank, considerate under any circumstances,
and kept smiling. I think that it is not simply easy to do so.
That day I arrived at the site earlier,
and found a lot of staff there. (imagine how big the event was)
I felt a sort of strange atmosphere in back side. (?)
When I saw staff paying attention on security closely,
I just felt overwhelmed.
Anyone couldn't be admitted anywhere without a pass.

Even under such circumstances Bae YongJoon kept smiling.
Wherever he went, 20-30 staff or SP followed him
like a scene in a movie.
We couldn't have rehearsed before the concert,
although we could have a meeting in the midst of crowded people.
I am a bit uneasy, but I felt that there seemed to be
a spirit that the concert would succeed;
anyhow-we-can-make-it spirit!!!
What is a Korean Way?
The Korean Way is that they are not adently attached to small things,
and they can make it any way.
How can I put it into word?
It might be summarized into an ability to react instantly
and an ability to concentrate.

Just before the concert, I met him.
We had a time to exchange greeting each other only one time,
but he told me "I ask you a favor that you would do your best"
(soil: It's tough to translate it. It's a idiomatic greeting.)
Wow, he was quite laid-back anywhere and under any situation.

There are a lot of things which I can learn from him.
How he lead people around him!!!
He was simply "wonderful".
I thought I had to learn him in that aspect.
I can't believe that he is only 33 years;
he is incredibly great.
That attitude should apply to conductors, too.
I examined myself...
When I watched him calling the 30,000 audience a "family",
I strongly felt his word real. His conversation with the family
came from the bottom of his heart.
He deserved to be called a real star.

And one more thing I want to comment.
All this happens right now, and I have to say
it was impossible even to imagine 10 years or 5-6 years ago.
And this makes our Korean residents in Japan "really fortunate" .
Now Japanese people have an interest in Korea, and think
this Korean star is "great".
If my grandmother is still alive and see this,
she must be very happy and proud of him.

I sensed with all my body the supporting voice from the fans,
and was firmly determined that we, in the classic music field,
should also do our best.
Yes, We already became lighthearted.
We also should do properly!!!!
To appoach more closely to more people,
we have to hammer out a wisdom.
Music is one of the assets of the world.
It is a wonderful legacy. Music is great.
I wish that more people get to know and feel this merit...

Thanks a lot, YongJoon-ssi, in many meanings.
Thank you, really.
And I also feel grateful to all staffs who gave me this opportunity.

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